World War I Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu of the game. As you can see, the title has also been localized which doesn't happen very often.
Defense of Rewel mission screen. We must organize defense & withstand the German attack.
Lovely loading screen shouting "Onwards!"
Controls are exactly the same as in Blitzkrieg. Thus every enthusiast will assimilate easily.
Getting crushed by the Germans. Oh well, maybe it's time to switch sides?
Errr, sorry guys, I told you to stand further from the barrage area! Anyway the bridge is not our trouble any more.
This time we play as Entente. Now we're using long range artillery to destroy a wooden bridge, so that the Germans will have to take the other way. Way of pain.
Cavalry RUSH!!! Notice the beautiful 3D realtime rendered light tank - all thanks to Nival Interactive's Enigma engine.
UK release. The game starts with a brief video sequence outlining the cause of the war. Similar sequences preface the Entente, Russian & Central Powers campaigns
UK release. The initial video sequence ends in a screen with a Russian title. Not to worry, everything else is in English
UK release. All menus are displayed over an animated background of two soldiers talking. This shows the menu that accesses additional scenarios, presumably for fan-made missions or expansion packs
UK release. One of the game configuration screens
UK release. The briefing for the Entente campaign's first mission. The game auto-saves at this point as can be seen from by the green writing at the top left. The bottom left icon shows player stats
UK release. Game Over! If at first you don't succeed there's always a restart option.
UK release. This is the screen where the player's performance is recorded and where their medals are kept