Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
A beautiful panoramic intro showing the sights of the valley
Lord British tells you to analyze the stone. Hey, why don't you do it yourself if you are so smart?..
Character generation is done by a shaman this time!
Talking to a woman from the local tribe. Conversations are lively and often humorous
The village where the game starts. Displaying the first person who joins you on your quest. Now who does he remind you of?..
Fighting a bear early in the game! Wait till you see the scarier beasts...
It's night... The Avatar and Triolo are sleeping. Just look at those cute blankets!.. Aww...
Such huts are everywhere. And there is always something to find. You can pick up almost everything - the amount of items is staggering
Well, that didn't seem to work...
Dr. Rafkin has joined you! Carefully crossing the river. You can display the portrait of any companion instead of the party list at any time
There are roads in this world, it's not all complete wilderness. Colorful flowers, beautiful birds are flying...
You've discovered a plate with teleporters. One of them doesn't seem to work, though. Hmm...
Lava area. Displaying the Avatar's inventory. Take a look at the variety of items
Oh my, if this isn't an all-you-can-eat buffet!.. You can take whatever you want from this seemingly wealthy tribe - in this Ultima game, no one minds
Such silly humor fits the atmosphere of the game very well
Characters would sometimes address your specific companions
I'm literally having a picnic! Just climbed up those hills, took out a TABLE I was carrying with me, preparing some fruits... I forgot the roast chicken, but at least we have CHOCOLATL!..
Lovely waterfall area
You meet a silverback gorilla!.. It clashes with the clearly Mesoamerican village nearby - and it seems to enjoy that!..
I got four paddles, gave them to my companions, and we begin our journey on a raft! And look whom we found!..
The ant-like Myrmidex are formidable opponents, and they come in swarms. You don't stand a chance against them at this point of the game
You finally discover the lab where it all started!.. Look at Jimmy's inventory, with a rifle and an armor and all
It's a bit dark in the caves. At least you can see what you need to see. One of your companions is wounded...
For the first time in the series: cutscenes! You've rescued Aiela - but that was just the first major quest!..
You engage in a ridiculous conversation with a parrot
You visit a large Mesoamerican city
Oh my, who is this?! Do you recognize the famous video game developer?..
Another cave. Dig the interior design. Nice carpet!..
You'll meet the Sakkhra - an intelligent reptile species
Another day, another cave. Displaying Aiela's portrait now
Funny conversation with a Neanderthal!..
Hmm, I think these totems will come in handy!..
Now look at that... a Tyrannosaurus Rex!
Another cutscene! What's going to happen now?..
Keywords are highlighted in red during conversations. You meet a very strange creature...
Fighting a Robosaurus during the later stages of the game
You are finally able to talk to the Myrmidex... without much result, though!..
Found a room with suspiciously modern-looking devices

PC-98 version

Lord British presents...
...with dinos :)
...Savage Empire...
The story... in Japanese :)
Nice-looking lady!
Character creation
Copy protection! Aarrrrrgh!..

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Main menu
Story, the spirit of Lord British commands you to find out all you can about some stone
Character creation, just answering a couple questions
Copy protection, the questions are the same as in the PC-98 port and very similar to those in the DOS original, only they're in Japanese here, of course
Start of the game, besides the frame around the screen, graphically the X68000 port is identical to the PC-98 version (meaning 16 color palette instead of 256 VGA as in the DOS original)
Main hero
Talking to Dr. Rafkin
Oh, pay no attention, mr. kleptomaniac is just gonna "expand" his inventory