Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu
Starting a new game...
Nice looking manager!
My favorite player. Hmm, his name sounds familiar!
No, you won't find Juventus in this screenshot.
Example of a team formation...and not a very good one either!
Team Training - Schedule for players
Team Training - Manage training specialization by your team coaches.
Club Rap Sheet - Manchester United, England.
Club Rap Sheet - Affiliated Clubs Info
Manager status
The assistant manager's preferred line-up, based on my formation
The best of our scouting knowledge
A player's training schedule
A player's preferred tricks and positions, useful for playing against him too
You can see the future plans of older players
Player interaction
If only we had £28m spare
Looking for a new coach
An example piece of media news
No sloppy defending from this Hansen
Player form
Manager snapshot - all the big facts in one place
Go easy if Mike Dean's your referee
Insert 'treatment table' pun here
Media interaction
Dean Ashton, what a sad story
How will the players read these answers?
Pre-match team talk
Setting individual strategies for players
Player instructions, set-pieces highlighted
Goal flash
Making quick tactical changes while the match goes on
Well that's told me
And this'll tell the players
Tips presented while the game is loading; a lot of these are bloody obvious
Making a bid
Goals are sometimes acknowledged with expressive commentary
Feedback on my team talks