The Worm in Paradise Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title and instructions
Found a locked door
In the dome
Walking aimlessly through the tunnels
A one-armed bandit

Commodore 64 version

First screen
I don't like the look on the face of that squirrel.
A tree
It was all just a dream!
So many ways to go...
In a tunnel
At a temple
Beside the hospital. Lots of people here.

MSX version

Loading screen
start of game
going east
Further east. Looks very similar
Hmm an exit? But locked.
A tree, with an apple out of reach

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Game start
Another field
The long and winding road
Watch the behemoth
Ravine I'm ravine
Where is the worm leading us?
It was all a dream
This stops the police pursuing you
Looks like the Spinal Tap model of Stonehenge
Going underground
Welcome to the pleasure dome
The city centre
Hospital entrance
One way to make money
Everything in the garden looks rosy
Better flag him down then
Walking up the stairs of life, knowing that I'm trapped
Happy people pass my way
In the forest
That looks a bit rundown
World War 3
The code to get to your habihome
Inside the Habihome
Another important code
On the balcony
My possessions
Subliminal messaging from the TV
Keep watching the TV to get all the codes
That isn't good
An underground lair of sorts
Watch the manhole cover
'Didgusting Junction' sounds like a 3-chord punk-pop band