Worms World Party Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Select a game
Your next mission
On a boat on the sea
A quick game
Aiming your missile
Bye Bye

PlayStation version

Splash Image
Main Menu
Single Player Menu
In Battle, Sudden Death Mode

Windows version

Submarine ahead
Mount Worming
War on Ice
War on Ice 2
All aboard the boat !
Hell Setting
Banana Bomb
Playing the Dark Side: using gridders
Castle Worm - Before
Castle Worm - After
Fear the napalm
Mournblade is an Ex-Worm
Uzi power
Mission editor
Main menu
Setting up a game
Single Player mission
Wormpedia - A built-in encyclopedia all about Worms !
WormNet - the online matchmaking service
WormNet - Usual friendly chatter