Worms Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Copy protection.
Main menu.
Game options.
Select teams.
Map generation in progress.
Mars landscape.
Blocker is an ex-worm.
Arctic landscape.

Amiga CD32 version

A scene from the intro.
Yep, copy protection on a CD-ROM game!
Generating a random level.
Battling it out on Mars.
Instant replay.
After a while, the landscape becomes cratered.
A worm caught in mid-air.
Incoming airstrike, seek shelter!
Forest terrain.
Arctic level.

DOS version

Ocean logo
Team 17 logo
Intro sequence
Main menu
Snowy place
Hell isn't that a bad place. Is it?
Nice (deadly) beach
Blowing fellow enemies
Worms in the jungle
Martian worlds
Alien lands

Game Boy version

Title screen and main menu
Select what type of match to play.
Playfield: Wormlife
I am using the bazooka and can fire.
BOOM! We were hit.
This is the damage we took after being hit.
Vasquez is out.
Well, at least he gets a tombstone.
Weapon drop
The team Oh No wins this round.
New playfield: Worm Friendly
The team Aliens wins the match.
Game length, the winner and the Worms of the Match.
The game stats.

Genesis version

Main menu
Starting a round
Bazooka? Good idea!
Enemy at work...
Paratroopers are coming to rescue
First title screen
Credits screen
Worms List
Creating a team
League Begins
Flying worm
Bazooka is good weapon
Lone, sad, but safe worm
Like a beatles.
Dropping equipment.
Fast escape - dynamite is dangerous
I have trouble... I can't escape this way!
Time to suicide

Jaguar version

Team17, also known as the Worms guys.
Main Menu
Blowing up worms at the north pole.
Explosions across the Alps
Fighting in the jungle - and that's different from the Alps because of slightly different trees.
An alien planet stage
Worms in the Candyland!
A desert stage
Whenever you leave the stage generation input blank - you are likely to get a garbage stage.
Have you ever seen what kind of worms they have.. IN HELL!
And another alien planet - this time less on the Geiger and more on Buck Rogers.
A round tally screen

PlayStation version

The game's title screen
The game's main menu
There are options for weapons, game configuration, audio and video
The team selection screen. In a single player match the player selects both teams
The game generates the landscape and the player has the option to accept it or generate a new one
A weapons drop
A cluster bomb has just done some damage
The end of a round but a standard match is the best of three such rounds
Especially good shots are shown in replay
This shows a different landscape
The game has cute animated sequences of worms and big guns

SNES version

Main menu
Kill the enemy worms!
Getting ready to throw a cluster bomb
I'm so alone...
Dynamite is always good solution
Tipi as terrain

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