Wrestle Angels Special: Mō Hitori no Top Eventer Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
The wrestlers look... err... different
Main menu
Exhibition mode
Getting started
One of the most basic moves
Here you have a choice how to break this grip
She is proud of her actions
A fist straight in the face
Executing a high kick
Just stay there... I'll be right back
Some dialogue between matches
This move can be executed only after building up power
Complex acrobatics
Some wrestlers wear weird masks
She won, and is affected by the victory
Now that's pretty cool

PC-98 version

Title screen
Ahh, the beauties...
Character stats
Get ready!
The tournament begins
Let's go!
My hair! Let go of my hair!!
Complicated positions...
Ow, that was rude!
The winner
In your face!
This wrestler looks silly when she wins
Brutal attack
The moves get more and more brutal
I'm really scared...