Wrestle War Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
First fight.
He has thrown you to the ropes.
Flying kick.
Punched him.
Kicked him.
Pinned him to the canvas.
He's out of the ring.
High kick.
You've been thrown.
Your turn to throw him.
Titled Match.
Grappling action.
Kick to the head.
Punch to the head.
You punch him back.
Pinned to the canvas.
Fighting out of the ring.
Hit with a block.
Good punch.
Thrown to the canvas.

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
The start of a match
Grappling with the first opponent, Mohawk Kid
Landing a kick on my opponent
Both of us fall to the mat.
Fighting outside the ring
Mohawk Kid lands a flying kick.
Bruce Blade goes for the pin.
Two-player character select. Player 1 must be Bruce Blade and Player 2 picks from any of the opponent characters from the single-player mode.