WWF Attitude Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

The Main Menu
player selection
The King of the Ring tournament
Kane beating up Xpac
A team no tag battle
some heavy action
a great suplex
The winners
The summary of events
Close up of the DeadMan before the fight
The good old pile driver
HBK Lays Down Some Sweet Chin Music

PlayStation version

Main menu
Wrestler creation
Career mode
European belt
The Rock
Al Snow
Leg twist
Head lock
King of the Ring mode
Stone Cold
Back drop
Throwing the opponent.
Stone Cold cornered.
Pile driver
Bleeding Stone Cold
Jumping from the ropes.
Mankind wins
Owen Hart entrance
Triple H entrance
Lifting and dropping the opponent.
Another throw
Wrestlers hurt
War mode
Four wrestlers fighting.
Too Sexy vs. Trasher
Dropping the opponent on his back.
Punching while the opponent is cornered.
Fight outside the ring
Custom character
Custom character fighting.

Official Screenshots

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