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Nintendo 64

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Nintendo 64 12 3.2
PlayStation 12 3.4
Combined User Score 24 3.3

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Overall, I thought that this game was awesome. It is everything that you could ask for in a wrestling game. This game to me is probably one of the best games I have ever played. It never gets boring and all I want to do is just sit at home and play it forever. Acclaim has really done a great job with this game.
Nintendo 64GameGenie
WWF Warzone is a great game. Gameplay is so simple and once you fight with a certain player a few times the moves become second nature. One of the best parts of the game though has to be at the end of each match when a finishing move can be performed. These moves are individual to each wrestler like Steve Austin's "Stunner" or the Undertaker's "Tombstoner" which happens to be my favorite move. The sound and graphics are great in this game. Customized characters are so easy to create in this game and you have so many options to choose from. WWF Warzone is a game you definitely have to have.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
WWF War Zone is not only the best wrestling game on the Playstation, it's one of the most fun fighting games period. As D-Generation X say, "Two words: Buy it!"
Nintendo 64Mega Fun
Acclaim läutet mit WWF Warzone für mich eine neue Generation von Spieletiteln auf dem Nintendo 64 ein. Endlich kommt Software auf Modul heraus, die der Power des N64 gerecht wird. HiRes-Grafiken. gepaart mit Spielgeschwindigkeit und absolut innovativem Gameplay. Ich habe bei einem Wrestlingspiel bisher noch nicht diese Movevielfalt und Genauigkeit gesehen. Realismus pur in der Warzone! Die Moves sind jederzeit gezielt und exakt ausführbar, und das mit einer Einfachheit, bei der manch andere Hersteller sich wirklich einmal eine Scheibe abschneiden könnten, vorausgesetzt man hat sich im Trainingsmodus genau mit allen Einzelheiten vertraut gemacht. Beim Schwierigkeitsgrad muß ich allerdings ein wenig meckern, da die Gegner schon auf der Stufe Easy einem wirklich erst einmal nach Strich und Faden vermöbeln und das anfangs ein wenig frustrierend sein kann.
Nintendo 64Gamezilla
In the end, the N64 version is marginally better than the PSX version. If you own both systems (like any good gamer) and you want to know which one is better and money is no object, get the N64 version. If you are on a tight budget, the PSX version will save you about 20 bucks so these differences may not be worth that much money to you. Personally, any time an N64 is released. I feel compelled to own it just because it is such a rare occurrence. If you are a Nintendo only household, I fully recommend the purchase of this game.
Nintendo 64Game Revolution
Looking for a new game? Well look no further than WWF War Zone. Even if you're not a wrestling fan, you just may become one after playing this game. And that's the bottom line, 'cause Tim said so.
PlayStationGame industry News (GiN)
Warzone is a long time coming, and is sure was worth it! All the traumas of past wrestling games (aside from WCW vs. nWo) are now a thing of the past. Warzone is now available for the Sony PlayStation, and a Nintendo 64 version will be released on August 11th, so look for it.
Nintendo 64GamePro (US)
Fans of N64 wrestling gather around - the best has entered the ring and fight fans looking for some diversionary action should tag along. War Zone provides the thrills and spills of an all-out street fight, but with much better scripting.
Nintendo 64Consoles Plus
Un catch vraiment très plaisant, drôle, efficace et irrésistible en mode 4 joueurs.
If you have not figured it out yet, I really liked this game. I am not a wrestling fan at all and I still really got into the game, so if you really like wrestling, it should blow you away. The tons of features and options will keep you playing for hours, and if not, the create feature alone will. The graphics are great and the game features the best auto camera system around. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys wrestling games or fighting games. All in all, you will be bashing your buddies' crotches until the sun comes up (remember, it is just a game).
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
It was nice to see a wrestling bout won by skill rather than arrangement. Not a great deal more to say apart from that WWF Warzone has finally given Playstation grapple fans something to shout about. This still won't convert me into a wrestling aficionado but you can't help being impressed by the transition.
Nintendo 64Power Unlimited
De N64 scoort een ietsie pietsie beter qua graphics maar verder zijn er geen verschillen. WCW Vs. NWO, eat your hart out!
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Met volop spanning, sensatie en een hoop fun is WWF Warzone een meer dan uitstekende aanvulling op je fightinggame-collectie. Ook al heb je nog nooit van je leven naar Sky Channel (R.I.P.) gekeken.
Nintendo 64Gaming Entertainment Monthly
Overall I think that WWF WARZONE is definitely a contender for the best wrestling game ever but we will have to wait for THQ's newest project to be released which is WCW\NWO Revenge, the sequel to there hit game WCW vs. NWO: World Tour.
While WWF War Zone plays similarly to its predecessors, it presents a package that is completely unmatched in both gameplay and in atmosphere.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany)
WWF Warzone ist vorwiegend auf Langzeitmotivation ausgelegt und besticht vor allem durch die nahezu perfekte Präsentation und Atmosphäre. Wäre die Steuerung etwas unkomplizierter, dann hätte das Spiel eine noch bessere Note verdient. Dennoch sollte jeder WWF-Fan sofort nach einem Exemplar Ausschau halten, der die Disziplin mitbringen kann, die nötig ist, um sich in das Spiel hineinzufinden. Allen anderen Prügelspielfans sei geraten, einen Blick zu riskieren – mehr Action findet Ihr in keinem anderen Wrestling-Spiel.
PlayStationMega Fun
Hut ab! WWF Warzone besticht definitiv durch sein breitgefächertes Repertoire an Schlagkombinationen die dem realen Wrestlinggeschehen entnommen sind. Die Kämpfer, welche aus Polygongittern bestehen, die mit entsprechenden Skins überzogen sind, wirken sehr facettenreich und überzeugen durch ihr realistisches Agieren. Auch bietet der Baukasten, um sich selbst eigene Fighter zu kreieren, eine total neue Perspektive. Man kann quasi unendlich viele verschiedene Kämpfer erzeugen, abspeichern und einsetzen. Würden die Kämpfer etwas schneller agieren und weniger hölzern wirken, wäre hier locker ein Gold Game drin.
Nintendo 64Consoles News
Il faut vraiment être un fan de catch pour apprécier ce titre. Si vous adulez les catcheurs de la WWF et si vous aimez les jeux "bourrins" vous adorerez ce jeu.
Nintendo 64Game Play 64
Contrairement au reste, la maniabilité est bonne. Certes, il faut s'entraîner pendant un bout de temps avant de sortir quelque chose de correct, mais une fois apprises les longues et fastidieuses leçons du mode training, on arrive enfin à s'amuser. Heureusement d'un côté, car mis à part le fun, on ne peut pas dire que Warzone soit une référence.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
The bottom line is that if you're a fan of the World Wrestling Federation or wrestling games in general, WWF War Zone will make an excellent edition to your gaming collection. It's able to set itself aside from other games in the genre and offer players some newer, innovative options.
Nintendo 64Jeuxvideo.com
Allons droit au but, WWF WARZONE est une grande réussite. Sa jouabilité parfaite et sa réalisation technique sans faille font de lui le meilleur jeu de catch disponible sur consoles. La grande diversité du jeu (nombre de coups incroyable, nombreux modes de jeu, 4 joueurs simultanément) confèrent à WARZONE une durée de vie très élevée. Enfin, l'humour est très présent dans les combats, ce qui ne gâche rien !
PlayStationConsoles News
Il faut vraiment être un fan de catch pour apprécier ce titre. Si vous adulez les catcheurs de la WWF et si vous aimez les jeux "bourrins" vous adorerez ce jeu.
PlayStationEntertainment Weekly
Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Undertaker, and other famed, lovable gladiators bring their signature moves (Stone Cold stunner! Tomb Stone piledriver!) to the ring in WWF War Zone. If that isn't enough testosterone-laced mayhem for you, there's a create-a-player feature with which you can make an animated version of yourself, then pick your very own fight with a professional wrestler. Do try this at home. Do not try this in real life.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Power Magazine
The options and Create-a-Wrestler mode are excellent, as are the graphics and sound. To get the most out of it you need to study your moves. The best thing to happen to video wrestling.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy
Basically, this game is the best, and it gives players so many inventive ways to beat on their friends. It's really quite wonderful, especially because it even requires some skill to be good at it.
Nintendo 64Just Games Retro
Let’s face it, WWF War Zone isn’t great. It’s not the worst wrestling game, by any stretch, and being the only WWF game for the N64 definitely bought it some time, but the control scheme definitely takes a lot of wind out of its sails. It does have some advantages over World Tour, what with the actual voice commentary and Create-a-Wrestler feature, as rudimentary as it is, but THQ’s offering was clearly the superior effort. Alas, the wonky engine Acclaim started here would make three more appearances, with only some minor tweaks, so N64 wrestling fans would have to wait a while to see the definitive 64-bit WWF experience, but War Zone is worth a look if you’re a huge fan of this era of wrestling or you want to see why plugging a tourney fighter’s controls into a wrestling game isn’t a great idea.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
Overall, WWF War Zone makes a great first impression, but its shallow gameplay eventually wears out its welcome.