WWF War Zone Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Start menu
Main menu
Character selection screen
The Rock
The Rock model
Training options
Training mode
Creating a wrestler.
The Rock biography
Goldust biography
The Undertaker biography
Game modes
Custom character
Loading screen
Mosh entrance
Custom character vs. Mosh
Thrown out of the ring.
Neck breaker
Mosh cornered against the ropes.
Mosh choking the opponent.
Moves list
Versus mode
Kane vs. Triple H
Kane lifting Triple H.
Arm twist
Tag team character selection
Tag team models
Tag team loading screen
Tag team mode
Top angle
Four outside the ring
Cage loading screen
Cage mode
Weapons mode
Shawn Michaels hitting Goldust with a spotlight.
Goldust armed with a 2-by-4.
Mankind hitting British Bulldog with a bell.
Mankind wins