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X-Men: Children of the Atom

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SEGA Saturn

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Capcom takes on the X-Men and a new era of ass-kicking 2D fighters dawns DOS Zovni (9360)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 2 4.0
DOS 6 4.2
PlayStation 6 3.6
SEGA Saturn 6 4.6
Combined MobyScore 20 4.1

The Press Says

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DOSComing Soon Magazine
For those of you who have been waiting with baited breath, or outright holding your breath, BREATH! It's finally here! The arcade version of X-Men is finally available for the PC market. Originally a Capcom project that was supposed to be ready a year ago but ran into technical difficulties, Acclaim took over and managed to finish it. The beauty of the thing is that they did a really great job. I would have to say that this was probably worth turning blue and passing out a few times.
SEGA SaturnHobby Consolas
Capcom no parece atender a modas ni a corrientes, lo cual no deja de ser un acto de valentía. Lo que ocurre es que sigue apostando por un estilo que lleva muchos años en el cartel y eso siempre desgasta un poco. «X-Men» es un muy buen juego, un gran juego que incorpora algunas novedades interesantes, pero que queda reservado a los incondicionales del género, o mejor dicho, a los seguidores del estilo marcado por dos compañías como Capcom y SNK. Si sois fieles a él, este título es una buena opción. Si no, ya sabéis que en esta máquina hay otras alternativas para luchar.
SEGA SaturnHigh Voltage Online
X-Men: Children of the Atom is one of the greatest games Capcom has done. It beats Street Fighter Alpha by a long run and it totally trashes any of the Darkstalkers games. The game has the options, the moves, and best of all the comic sheer pleasure. Get yourself this brawler.
SEGA SaturnGame Revolution
If you liked the arcade game, you'll love this seamless Saturn translation. All the characters, all the backgrounds, all the sounds, all the moves: everything is here. You don't have to feed quarters into this one. What more is there to say?
SEGA SaturnGameFan Magazine
Capcom proves again, that they are the kings of coin-op translation. Although X-Men isn't Capcom's best arcade to home port (frames of animation are missing in the game) you would have to put the two side by side to tell the difference. The gameplay is perfect, the control is spot-on and the sound is...well, it is the arcade sound. Whether you're a fan of the arcade game or just enjoy good fighting games. X-Men is for you. "Great Game".
SEGA SaturnVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Many hardcore gamers out there in video-game lollipop land had a low opinion of Capcom's arcade fighter X-Men: Children of Atom, but I'm one reviewer who thought it was the bee's knees. Your reaction to the arcade version will determine how much you like the Saturn adaptation because it's virtually identical to it's arcade pappy.
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US)
What's not to love? Colorful, fast and fun, X-Men is a blast and a half. If you own a Saturn and have already mastered Virtua Fighter 2, then check out what's happening in the mutant world of the X-Men. Who says we don't need another (super)hero?
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Wenn Sie eine Schwäche für gnandenlos schnelle und komplexe 2D-Prügelspiele haben, dürfen Sie hier bedenkenlos zugreifen. X-Men ist zweifellos das beste Spiel dieses Genres. Gegen die 3D-Konkurrenz kommt die altbackene Grafik natürlich nicht an, und wer realistischen Kampfsport schätzt, wird sich schaudern von den Raketen-, Laser- und Tentakelattacken abwenden. Alle anderen werden ihren Spaß an der bunten Prügelorgie haben.
DOSPower Play
Acclaims “X-Men“ bietet jedoch exzellenten Spielspaß in klassischer “Street Fighter 2“-Manier und hält erfolgreich die 2D-Prügelflagge hoch. Im Vergleich mit Automat- und Saturn-Umsetzung müssen technisch und spielerisch zum Glück keine Abstriche gemacht werden. Zudem offenbaren die wirklich schön animierten Charaktere grundsätzlich verschiedene Eigenscheften und unzählige Moves bzw. Combos die zusammen mit den tollen Effekten und der atmosphärischen Musik für knackige Motivation sorgen. Man merkt es dem Spiel an, daß die “Street Fighter“-Macher (zumindest beim Automaten) am Werke waren. Mit etwas zeitgemäßerer Optik (SVGA) wäre „X-Men: Children of the Atom“ problemlos in den Prügelhimmel aufgestiegen, so gibt‘s leider nur mein zweitbestes Gesicht. PC-Prügler kommen an den X-Männern jedoch nicht vorbei — es gibt zur Zeit nichts besseres.
Cuando Capcom está de por medio en un juego de lucha, eso significa calidad y jugabilidad y este juego no iba a ser la excepción de la regla. En este apartado es totalmente idéntico a la recreativa de superhéroes de Marvel, la cual gozaba de una forma de lucha muy estética para el jugador y totalmente divertida.
SEGA SaturnDefunct Games
And even though the X Men is limited by design, it does offer enough new for Street Fighter II fans that "have to have it all". It can't stand up against other Saturn fighters, but it's a worthy import. Good show.
Graphically, COTA is arcade perfect, which isn’t that amazing as the coin-chomping version is getting on for three years old. There are four modes of play: One Player, where each stage has three rounds. Versus, where player can either battle against each other or can play with the same fighter. Survival mode (randomly chosen opponents are thrown at you in a set of one round win-or-lose scraps). And Group Battle mode where each player selects from one of five fighters for elimination matches. There are hundreds of offensive moves, special attacks and energy sapping X-Moves as well as full auto-blocking, interactive backgrounds, and digitised voice-overs by actors from the animated series. Each character also has a three level power meter that builds up as more hits are dished out. COTA is still fun to play and looks crisp, but is by no means the best in Capcom’s extensive repertoire.
SEGA SaturnGame Players
So what do you say about X-Men: Children of the Atom? It's far from revolutionary, but it's a really good example of the 2D fighting game formula.
DOSElectric Playground
But if you aren't really crazy about fighting games in general, or you own a console system, there's more exciting and intriguing products being released for the PC, ones that were better designed to utilize its unique features.
SEGA SaturnAll Game Guide
Even though it's the old Street Fighter in a new, Marvel Comics sponsored bottle, X-Men: Children of the Atom is a fun -- if frustrating -- fighting game. If you're a fan of the mighty mutants, you certainly can't go wrong with this game.
SEGA SaturnThe Video Game Critic
Children of the Atom may be old, but it's spry.
As is, X-Men: Children of the Atom serves up some killer one-on-one martial arts action that's more than enough to tide over those looking for a quick fix of fists and foul play. Fans of the arcade game will be disappointed by the missing chain combos, but others won't mind for even a second, as they'll be enjoying X-Men's slick visuals and cool character designs and wondering all the while as to why the PC doesn't enjoy more games of this category.
El típico, típico, típico juego de lucha que no requiere de más de 1 hora para pulverizarlo en todos sus niveles. Lástima que sólo tenga un único modo y encima tan fácil.
DOSComputer Games Magazine
The glaring problem with the game is that it remains DOS-based. While it will use a six-button controller, you can't use two of them. Basically what this means is that Acclaim has turned a traditionally head-to-head two player competition into a one-player game. If you can get past the DOS interface, though, it's still an excellent 2D fighting game.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Wer auf realistisches Kampfgeschehen steht, wird den Phantasiebewegungen der Marvel-Helden wenig abgewinnen. Da können die flachen Arenen noch so bunt und die Sprüche noch so großmäulig sein. Aber im Zeitalter von Virtua Fighter und Co. kaufen ohnehin nur noch Sammler oder abgebrühte Comicfans diese Relikte einer vergangenen Epoche.
We're not going to waste too much time on this game. The character animation bites, the loading time is horrible, what more do you need? Children of the Atom would've been a 16-bit phenomenon in older times, but in our day in age, however, Children of the Atom... bombs.