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A mixed bag of a TC. DOS erc (484)

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Amiga 5 2.6
DOS 12 2.6
Macintosh Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 17 2.6

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MacintoshMac Game Gate (1998)
For years I have dreamed of killing the X-men, and now I am just one step closer to punching Cyclops' fat head. If you are like me and enjoy killing rejects of society, like the X-men, buy this game. If you like the X-men, but wouldn't mind shooting a clone of one of them, buy this game. If you want a great time killer and 3D shooter that never gets old, buy this game. If you have a Mac that is chugging along as you attempt to frag another Grunt in Quake, buy a new Mac.
DOSElectric Games (1998)
Much of Ravages of Apocalypse was done right. Level design is great. The characters look and move wonderfully, exactly the way you would expect. A comic book is included in the box, giving you some background information on Apocalypse. More care should have been taken with the weapons, and I'm sure it would have been a simple matter to eliminate the horrendous pause that exists in a couple of them. Bottom Line: Fantastic character animation, these enemies almost seem to have personalities. Level design is great, but there are too many extremely difficult deathtraps late in the game. The musical score is just amazing, some of the best music I've heard in a game. Weapons need some work, and the X-Clones don't fight as a team.
DOSAll Game Guide (1998)
X-Men is not a game that is going to be replaying tons of times. However, there are enough secrets and cool stuff for the player to run through at least a couple times. The fun of the game combined with the thrill of killing the X-Men on the Quake engine provides a lot of replay value.
When I look at X-men: Ravages of Apocalypse in comparison to some other Quake add-ons I've tried, I find it lacking in a few areas. It's not just didn't hold my interest. The graphics are great, but the gameplay seems way too easy and the sounds are annoying (though that should be fixed soon). If you like Quake and the Uncanny X-men, X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse should be a sure winner for you, but if you're not a big fan of the comic book superheroes, you may be disappointed with it.
Despite the fact that WizardWorks has tried to increase the value of this title by adding a basic level builder and an Internet game search program, this is not top-dollar software. If you are a fan of the current, blood-drenched X-Men milieu and can get this expansion at a bargain price, you might come away happy. For the rest of us, who want more than dressed-up QUAKE goons of X-Men clones, the wait for a true superhero game goes on.
DOSComputer Games Magazine (Feb 19, 1998)
Once the smoke has cleared, X-Men is left standing as an uneven product whose generally unoriginal gameplay isn't consistent with its superhero mythmaking or humorously overwrought comic-book repartee. At once a repetitive shoot-em-up and a surreal, dramatic assault on the senses, X-Men is exactly what you'd expect from Quake - and therein lies its problem.
DOSGameSpot (Jan 15, 1998)
Fans of the X-Men comics series might very well enjoy this game. But if you are just looking to prolong the life of that Quake file sitting on your hard drive, your money could be better spent.
MacintoshMacNN (1998)
X-Men represents another flawless port on the part of MacSoft, although their efforts seem to have gone to waste with this title. Network play is always enjoyable, but QuakeFinder turned up no X-Men supported servers. The graphics are nice, especially in the 3Dfx version, but I experienced numerous stability issues when loading it under Quake 3Dfx 1.09. Die-hard Quake users who don't have a speedy enough connection to experience network play of regular Quake, or prefer single player games, may get some enjoyment out of X-Men, but otherwise you're better off sticking with the original.