X-Men vs. Street Fighter Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title screen
Character select
Game bases on team
Claws attack
Chun Li on ground
Special move
Storm & Zangief vs Sabretooth & Dhalsim
So much love
Cammy throws Rogue
Long hand
M. Bison appears!
Similar hairs
Electric punch
Little tornado
Yoga fire!
Wrestling moves
Winners poses
Gambit's natural charm don't work
Charlie's special attack
Gambit uses stick to attakc
M. Bison's special move
Mega power
Claws in face
Two on one? Unfair!
Ken's technique

PlayStation version

Title screen (Japanese version)
Character selection
Versus screen
Ken Masters reaches the ideal distance and uses his 2-hit kickin' move Inazuma Kakato Wari in Rouge.
Chun-Li tries to counterattack Dhalsim, but she is burn-stopped by his long-range move Yoga Flame...
If Gambit was planning modes to hit-damage Cyclops, this possibilities were down with a Strong Kick!
Vega (M. Bison) executes the Dash command while his Psycho Bomb hit-damages Wolverine with 6 hits...
Juggernaut tries to injury Sabretooth with his ground-shaking move Juggernaut Punch, but he fails...
Due to Storm's punch-tornado-counterattack, Nash (Charlie) was forced to assume a defensive posture.
Ryu uses his Hadouken against Wolverine, aiming to finish successfully his claw-based Strong Punch.
Zangief executes his move Elbow Drop aiming to hit Sabretooth successfully: now, he is about to get!
To hit-stop Magneto's Strong Punch, Cyclops takes full advantage of his high-range move Optic Blast.
Cyclops executes a Variable Counter: with this, Gambit gets to hit Ryu using his move Kinetic Card.
Due to Rogue's counterattack strength, Magneto's Force Field move could be activated successfully...
Juggernaut attempts to hit Cammy with a Roundhouse Kick: she's enough fast to strike-punch-back him!
Rogue hit-damaging Sabretooth with a series of straight rushing punches: she marks her first 2 hits!
Cammy tries to hit-damage Gambit using her rising foot move Cannon Spike... and she accurately gets!
In spite of the medium distance in relation to Nash (Charlie), Chun-Li is damaged by his Flash Kick.
Taking full advantage of Ryu's open guard, Zangief approaches him and hit-connects his Lariat move.
Demonstration battle at the exact instant that Wolverine blocks accurately Chun-Li's Kikou Ken move.
Post-match screen.
Ken Masters thinks a bit and performs the next counterattack against Juggernaut: an air Hadouken.
Gambit perceives Cyclops' open guard instant and, quickly, does his Bo staff-based blow Cajun Slash.
Chun-Li being massively blaze-finished by Ken Masters and his non-stopping Hyper Combo Shinryuu Ken.
Due to Gouki's (Akuma's) jump-avoiding maneuver, Sabretooth's Hyper Combo wasn't so effective now...
Gouki (Akuma) using his Hyper Combo Tenma Gou Zankuu to leave Ryu's life meter in "DANGER" state...
Wolverine's Variable Counter was the responsible by Sabretooth's Hyper Birdie Blast hit-dismantle...
Storm performs her lightning ball simultaneously to Cammy White's punchin' attack Axle Spin Knuckle.
After having used successfully her Power Steal move, Rogue takes a time with Ken Masters' Shoryuken!
Magneto executes his Hyper Combo Magnetic Tempest in Dhalsim and gets to connect its first 4 hits.
Suspecting that Zangief was ready to strike back, Chun-Li hit-attacks him using her move Hazan Shu.
Nash (Charlie) attacks Rogue with his move Sonic Boom: she strikes back using the "Advancing Guard".
With a guard posture properly performed, Cyclops blocks accurately Cammy White's move Cannon Drill.
Using his Hyper Combo Sonic Break, Nash (Charlie) hit-damages Ken Masters with lots of Sonic Booms!
It's Hyper Combo time, with Cyclops' Mega Optic Blast and Juggernaut's Head Crush hitting Wolverine!
Even with P1 Ryu doing his Hyper Combo Shinkuu Hadouken in the air, P2 Ryu performs a guard posture.
Sabretooth hit-damaging Cammy with the last claw-slashing portion of his Hyper Combo Animal's Rage.
Nash (Charlie) is being hit-smashed with a Duo Team Attack formed by Vega (M. Bison) and Magneto...
In a forced attempt to strike back Apocalypse's Drill move, Chun-Li uses her Hyper Combo Kikou Shou.
Rogue's offensive stops suddenly, thanks to Storm's electric-waving Hyper Combo Lightning Storm...