Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence Screenshots

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FM Towns version

Title screen
Intro: it rains, it rains...
The legendary hero who must single-handedly defeat gigantic demons still lives with his mother :)
Mom is concerned. Oy, my son, you should've become a doctor or a lawyer... Maybe Latok wants latkes? :)
Exploring the town
Latok in a church. And I thought he was Jewish... Oy :)
Latok's stats. All strength, no intelligence :) Further proof he is not Jewish after all :)
Unlike the previous Xak games, houses can be explored from top-down view
Moving on the map
Somebody has massacred these guards...
It's Zomu Dezae, a ruthless demon
Army camp
Army hospital
Cavalry fight
Fighting giant bugs in the courtyard
This guy attacks me from behind in the palace
I jumped from joy when I saw that treasure chest. The enemies weren't impressed
Look, I'm sorry for the king and all, but are you sure he cared for human rights? The prisoners here were clearly tortured
Latok can swim. The enemy above obviously can't

PC-98 version

Title screen
It's raining over the town of Fearless...
Latok is a great hero, but he still lives with his mother :)
Latok is talking to his mother
Character information
Exploring a house
Every time I visit this church, there are more and more animals here
Magic shop
Movement on the world map - a very limited feature
A really bloody scene. Dizae rips the princess' head off...
The king talks to Dizae
So many wounded soldiers...
Cavalry, attack!
Fighting black bugs in the courtyard
Stepped on spikes and killed
When I saw this treasure chest, I just jumped from joy! :)
Can he jump over this gap?
Battle in the castle corridors
Latok is puzzled by this mechanism...
This looks like the iron maiden, the famous torture device...
Chatting with a prisoner
Latok can walk through water

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
It's raining...
Latok and his mom :)
Conversation window
Character stats
Just a regular house...
Religion rules
Exploring the town
Magic shop
World map navigation is very limited
Dizae and king
Brutal murder scene
Latok arrives at the camp
Let's talk strategy!
Cool cavalry! :)
You have to jump over those spikes
Found a treasure chest and got scared by this dude...
Latok falls into a prison and is imemdiately attacked
What is this, torture?
Latok is walking through water