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Aside from a huge number of cars you can climb into -- including the challenge of tackling open-wheel vehicles that feel very different -- Forza Motorsport 5 takes advantage of Xbox One's power to provide stunning graphics and smooth animation. The career mode is deep and fulfilling -- with artificial intelligence-controlled vehicles tough to race against -- whereas online play tests your skills against other human racers in cyberspace. There isn't much to complain about with this next-generation racing simulation other than fewer tracks than Forza Motorsport 4, and it's perhaps a little on the difficult side, but overall this is a fine racer for the Xbox One.
Gamegravy (Feb 23, 2014)
If you like racing games in any way I highly recommend Forza 5. Not only is it gorgeous and contains smooth gameplay but it’s for beginners and advanced players. Forza 5 has such a high replay value that it will keep you busy for quite some time and will most definitely be a go to game for Xbox One.
TrueAchievements (Nov 27, 2013)
With all of the visual improvements, additional feedback, and streamlined career system, Forza Motorsport 5 makes a compelling case for the best edition of the franchise to date. While the exclusion of Nürburgring Nordschleife may be a disappointment to some of the long-time fans of the series, the new and updated details of the included tracks help ease the pain of losing this long-time friend. This iteration, like previous games, is very content deep. You can easily lose yourself for countless hours in the game progressing through the career, getting that absolute perfect tune for Laguna Seca, or even designing the best Ken Block livery clone out there. As always, you can spend time enjoying your favorite aspect of virtual racing to its absolute fullest. Forza 5 is not only a must-own title for racing enthusiasts, it is also a must own title for those looking to experience the next-generation vision Microsoft has for the Xbox One.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 15, 2014)
The only major oversight is the lack of CPU racers in the split-screen mode. It's clear Microsoft put a lot of resources into Forza 5. This should be standard issue for all Xbox One owners, and car fanatics will consider it to be in "A" territory.
Softpedia (Dec 09, 2013)
Forza Motorsport 5 could easily be the best launch title for the Xbox One console if the economic structure of the game were changed to make it easier for gamers to get access to all the cars included by the title. The graphics are beautiful, the sound design impresses at every point and Turn 10 has created a game that can feel very arcade or like a full-fledged simulation based on the choices that the player makes regarding assists and Drivatar. Car lovers will find plenty to enjoy in Forza Motorsport 5 as long as they have the time and energy to learn its concepts, master the cars and unlock all the content it has to offer.
XboxAchievements (Nov 20, 2013)
Bearing the weight of Xbox One's launch day racing hopes entirely on its own, Forza Motorsport 5 is a more than worthy addition to the storied racing franchise's history, and a strong first crack at next-gen. However, it's a game that's so in love with its own style that it forgot to bring the substance. Drivatar is a brilliant innovation, but where's the weather, night racing and improved damage model? Turn 10 has a lot of room to improve with the next Forza Motorsport game. For now, Forza Motorsport 5 will do.
79 (Nov 27, 2013)
Die Boliden fühlen sich fantastisch an und das neue Reifenmodell, das mit Daten von Calspan gefüttert wird, ist der Hammer! Dank der Impulse Trigger stellt sich außerdem ein phänomenales und ganz neues Fahrgefühl ein, das ich in dieser Form mit einem Controller noch nie erlebt habe. Die sehenswerten Kulissen, aufwändig modellierten Fahrzeuge samt Tuning- sowie Lackierungsoptionen und die flüssigen 60 Bilder pro Sekunde bei einer nativen FullHD-Auflösung lassen mich ebenfalls jubeln. Eigentlich wäre Forza 5 ein klarer Award-, wenn nicht sogar ein Platinkandidat! Doch hauptsächlich die massiv abgespeckten Inhalte mit ihrem mageren Streckenangebot und dem halbierten Fuhrpark sorgen zusammen mit der dreisten DLC-Politik und der stärkeren Einbindung von Mikrotransaktionen dafür, dass die gewohnten Award-Gefilde für Turn 10 und Microsoft trotz besagter Qualitäten dieses Mal unerreicht bleiben.
HonestGamers (Dec 01, 2013)
Is that enough? For some, sure – I've talked to several people who have never played a Forza game before and are having a blast with the new one. But given the high standards that Turn 10 has set for itself, I can't help feeling that this latest entry is merely a sampler. A week or two ago, Forza 4 was the best racing sim I'd ever played, and now... it still is. The series is mechanically perfect, and it's undeniably getting prettier and prettier. But the flagship title for a very expensive piece of hardware really shouldn't be thinner rehash of an experience that's already been available for years, should it?