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    Amped 2 is the ultimate freestyle snowboarding experience, offering the largest, most varied trick library of any snowboarding game.

    Explore vast areas of wide-open, spectacularly rendered real mountains packed with terrain parks designed by world-famous snow park architect, Chris Gunnarson. Play head-to-head with friends in the various multiplayer modes. When you're ready to take it to the next level, connect to Xbox Live to check rankings and challenge the world's best virtual riders.

    Feel what it's like to live the life of a real professional snowboarder. Travel the globe, and pull sick tricks in front of sponsors, photographers, and fans. Build your fame, and get photos and demo reels in the latest snowboard magazine or video. Climb to the top ranks of the sport, and become a media superstar … all to the sounds of more than 300 killer indie tracks.

    • Multiple multiplayer modes: Via split-screen, LAN, or Xbox Live, Amped 2 offers a ton of multiplayer challenges, both individual and team-based. Go head-to-head with a buddy. Challenge as many as seven other people in a game of Horse, or play a game of 4-vs.-4 King of the Mountain, where each team tries to pull the sickest tricks on different rails and ramps on a run.
    • Whole new bag of tricks: Amped 2 takes all the moves from Amped and adds new aerial tricks; advanced grabs; a full set of styled-out rail slides, tweaks, stalls, and hand and foot plants; and introduces "Butter," the center of a new combo system that allows nose and tail manuals to link tricks together. And, a new tutorial now teaches first timers the basics of freestyle riding.
    • World-wide nation of snowboarders via XboxLive: Who's got bragging rights? Now, gamers will be able to find out by challenging riders around the globe to see who's the best. Track stats and check regional and world-wide ladders to see rankings. Trade replays with friends, or download new content, including mountains, gear, challenges, and music.
    • Deeper career and portfolio: Gamers now have more opportunities to impress the locals and the press with three levels of media challenges: photos, photo sequences, and video demo reels. As fame builds, sponsors award new gear and boards, and banners appear on the mountains, displaying new endorsements won.
    • Ultimate snowboarding environments: Amped 2 goes global with the addition of new mountains, including Laax, Switzerland, Mt. Buller in Australia, and heli-riding Harris Mountain in New Zealand. Fully rendered, 3-D environments bring the mountains alive. Clouds cast shadows that move over the hills, and the runs teem with ambient life and sounds, including other riders, snow-cats, people riding the chairlifts, and working snow machines.
    • Professional snowpark design: World-renowned terrain park designer Chris "Gunny" Gunnarson again lends his expertise exclusively to theAmped 2 park design, improving trick placement, adding more trickable objects, and doubling the size of many jumps, making it easier to land in transition.
    • More than 300 core indie tracks: Gamers can ride to their own tracks, burnt to the hard disk drive, but may never feel the need, with a library of more than 300 original cuts to listen to from the latest up-and-coming indie artists.
    • Greater character customization: Gamers can create and customise their own rider, including hair style, gear, and customized board graphics. Selecting a personality which will come to life as he or she rides.
    • Fourteen of the top professionals: Amped 2 features 14 top snowboarding pros, including Jeremy Jones, Mikey LeBlanc, Travis Parker, and Janna Meyen.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22294) on Sep 01, 2010.

Back of Case (Canada/U.S.):

    Only Amped 2 has Snowskate with kick flips, shove-it's and more
    Amazingly real wide-open 3-D mountains
    Ride with your crew or challenge the world on Xbox Live


    • Become a world-famous freestyle legend with the superstar career mode. Over 200 new challenges take you from famous North American mountains to Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand.
    • Biggest bag of tricks ever, including new aerials, grabs, rail slides, tweaks, lip stalls and more. Combo tricks together for bigger points and more fame with new "butter" tricks.
    • Maximized multiplayer, with modes that let you compete for bragging rights on See where you stand with regional and worldwide stats and rankings.

    Amped 2 means freestyle, and freestyle means riding your way: aggressive with combos or smooth and stylish. Challenge the best in the world or just ride with your friends on the most tricked-out, realistic, online mountains ever created for Xbox.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Nov 06, 2003.