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Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding (Xbox)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding Credits


Program ManagerCarl Schnurr
PlannerBrenner Adams
Original ConceptNathan Larsen
Art LeadBrian Johnson
ArtJared Bastian, David Christenson, Steve Cotton, Carson Davidson, Corey Day, Ian Gilmore, Adam Ingleby, Rhaelene Lowther, Mike Snyder, Douglas Vandegrift, Stephanie Welch
Additional ArtPaul Johnson, Gavin Vaden
Software Development LeadLynn Eggli
Graphics Engine LeadHao Chen
Software DevelopersJohn Adams, Brad Edwards, Dave Haslam, Joshua Jensen, Sandeep Kharkar, George Manousakis, Richard Moore, James Stanard, Scott Turner
Marketing LeadDarren Steele
Test LeadNick Perkins
TestersSeth Behunin, Chris Okelberry, Kelly Peterson
Testers (Volt)Paul Ashby, Ryan Bisson, Ricardo Godina, Kelly Murphy, Tyler Pendleton, Zach Woolf
Sound DesignJon Clark
User Testing LeadThomas Fuller
User TestingMark Burdick, Jerome Hagen, Sonny Hoe, Randy Pagulayan
Localisation LeadClare Brodie
User Education LeadSteven Barnes
User Education EditorJohn Pecorelli
Print DesignerKarin Jaques (ArtSource)
Special ThanksSina Amedson, Mike Bagnuolo (Bags), Bradley Beck, Shane Carter, Roger Chamberlain, Nate Christenson, Charlie Condie, Digital Voo Doo, Chris Gunnarson, Sam Howard, Shinichiro Ishihara, Dan Malstrom, Sonny Mayugba, Kazuo Masuki, Catherine McNamara, Mike Nusenow, Timmy Ostler, Chris Riddle, Andy Riordan, Robert Scott, Scott Sorensen, Clark Spencer, Angela Strong, Adam Tolman, Yasutake Tsunoda, Karen Wadsworth, Nobuyuki Watari, Keith A. Wilson (TM5), Travis Wood, Brandon Wright, Scott Wright, Yuki Yamazaki, Keiko Yanagisawa, Mike Yurth, Pam Zamoscianyk
Record LabelsBlackliner Records, Cornerstone R.A.S., Ewax Records, FreedomZone, Fusion 19, Initial Records, Insanity Void, Invisible Records, Lab Records, Lobster Records, Mr. Pen Ink, Revelation Records, Sessions Records, the Sinista Pushaman, sweetpurple, Terraform Records, Vagrant Records, Victory Records, Volcom Entertainment

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