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Game Chronicles (Mar 04, 2003)
The Xbox is about to get hit with a wave of racing titles. Project Gotham 2, Midnight Club 2, and Pro Race Driver are all slated for a 2003 release, and while they will all offer their own unique racing experience, APEX is here now and offers its own original vision with a bit of business mixed in with pure racing pleasure. While the actual racing doesn’t stray too far from genre norms, the emphasis on fun vs. overbearing physics and realism combined with the sheer scope of tracks, cars, and racing events makes this one of the most competent and comprehensive racing games you can play.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Feb 24, 2003)
At the end of the day, the effect RE's flaws have on the game's worth is subjective, and for us they fail to outweigh its visual and physical excellence. We can put up with the sound of someone smacking a tin sheet with a hammer whenever we nudge a competitor (which is roughly what it sounds like), we like the trumped up 'Dream Mode', and we've overcome our dissatisfaction with the AI. We firmly recommend Racing Evoluzione to people who can do the same - other than that, it's only a few lengths behind Project Gotham (which offers slightly more variety), and perhaps, dare we say it, Ridge Racer Type 4.
Gamesmania.de (Feb 12, 2003)
Racing Evoluzione macht ausgesprochen viel Spaß. Die Idee, seine eigene Fahrzeugschmiede nach oben zu bringen, ist innovativ und ansprechend. Hätten wir noch ein bisschen mehr Einfluss auf die Entwicklung bekommen, wäre die Wertung sicherlich noch höher ausgefallen. Grafisch ist Racing Evoluzione eine Augenweide und geizt nicht mit seinen Reizen.
My only complaints are the fact that Apex doesn't have a wide variety of racing styles like Pro Race Driver and the fact that car damage doesn't seem to affect handling. Overall, though, this is really good stuff.
4Players.de (Feb 05, 2003)
Außer der grundlegenden Wahl des Fahrzeug-Typs hat man keine Möglichkeit, in die Entwicklung einzugreifen. Daher kämpft man sich irgendwann relativ uninteressiert von Rennserie zu Rennserie, hat schließlich ein neues, stärkeres Fahrzeug und macht sich an die nächste Serie. Sehr sehr schade, denn hätte man beispielsweise den Spielern Möglichkeiten gegeben, z.B. einen neuen Motor oder sonstige Teile zu entwickeln, die man in die Chassis einbaut, wäre man der angestrebten Idee eher gerecht geworden. Angesichts der makellosen und detaillierten Grafik sollten Rennspiel-Fans Racing Evoluzione trotzdem eine Chance geben. Denn auch wenn die Umsetzung der Eigenentwicklungen weit hinter den Erwartungen zurück bleibt, bietet RE ungezwungenen und rasend schnellen Arcade-Rennspaß.
Worth Playing (Feb 18, 2003)
With the world of racing games getting more and more crowded, it's becoming harder to stand out from the pack and bring something new to the table. Infogrames is hoping to do just that with their new Xbox exclusive racer, Apex. Promising a lot of new features and a new take on the tried and true formula, Apex is trying hard to really stand out, but are these new features enough to help push Apex over the average racer bar?
Jeuxvideo.com (Jan 21, 2003)
Une très bonne surprise que ce Racing Evolzione qui devrait accrocher la plupart des amateurs de jeux de courses sur Xbox. On lui reprochera une technique de conduite un peu trop arcade mais on se félicitera toutefois de son gameplay attractif et assez original pour le genre, le tout accompagné bien entendu d'une somptueuse réalisation.
Gamesdog (Nov 10, 2003)
When it comes to racing the cars, this game is rather similar to every other racing game, giving you enough of a chance to qualify, but rarely win. Yes there are plenty of times when you will be ahead, only to be beaten in the final stages. To me, this is a good thing, as this game certainly kept me coming back for more as I tried in vain to get that ever elusive win. The storyline of building up your car brings a nice touch to the game. Rather than just be about racing cars, it manages to bring a "want to do better" mentality to it all, so your car and your little make-believe company will do better. This might not be the best racing game out there, but it is certainly one of the more gratifying.
Extreme Gamer (Mar 05, 2003)
Apex is a trying something new with the racing genre of games. They are giving us two roles to play within Apex. One half of the game is a racing game and the other half is a building simulation game. This all operates in the competitive world of car manufacturing. You make sales, win races and perfect your concept car to become a world renowned racer in the vein of Porsche and Ferrari. Apex is a well balanced game, with some stunning graphics.
GMR (May 09, 2004)
For some, playing racing games without real car licenses is a bit like wearing a Rolix watch with your Calvin Kleen taper-legs; it looks just like the real thing but, imagined or not, something feels incredibly cheap at the core. It doesn't matter how good the racer is; without licensed vehicles, the game stalls at the starting line.
Making a game that allows players to manufacture and race their own cars can be risky. While it's a cool idea, a lot of videogame racing junkies won't look at a title that doesn't feature licensed cars from the likes of Ford, Toyota, or Mitsubishi. So, Milestone went the extra mile and created a game that should please all racing fans. Apex is an addictive driving game that's unique but not so high-concept as to scare away the masses. Basically, all you have to worry about is finishing well in each race, and your car company will more or less take care of itself. It's kind of fun to watch your headquarters expand from a grimy garage to a massive factory, but the real entertainment begins when you get your cars out on the track. Apex is fast, pretty, and controls almost perfectly. The balanced opponent A.I. won't let you lap the field, but you also won't suffer from any surprising bursts of speed from the second-place car.
GamePro (US) (Feb 21, 2003)
Apex breaks new ground in some gameplay innovations, but this speedster still doesn't capture the checkered flag when it comes to the core mechanics of racing.
GameSpy (Mar 09, 2003)
For a console that is struggling to find an identity, there sure are a lot of Xbox racing games. A cursory look on the Internet found nearly three dozen, which translates to roughly 15% to 20% of the entire software library for the console. Only a few of the racing games are standout titles though, and thankfully, Apex is one of them.
IGN (Feb 28, 2003)
Milestone, the developer behind Apex has taken an interesting route in solving the dilemma of including licensed cars and vehicle damage in a racing game. Most of the cars you'll race against are the fastest and finest from Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Lotus etc., but the car you'll be handling in the game's career mode is an original design by your own self-made car company. And it's more than able to take all kinds of nasty dents and scrapes that those other fancy rides can't.
Some of my gripes are undoubtedly from a more hardcore racing perspective, but I'm sure that anyone who likes to get behind the wheel will find that this just the kind of game that you've been waiting to sink your teeth into.
GameSpot (Feb 27, 2003)
As we start to see more and more racing games hitting the market, it isn't merely enough for a game to be a solid racer in either the arcade or the simulation categories. Apex attempts to differentiate itself from the pack by putting you at the head of a new car manufacturer and challenging you to race your concept cars against similarly powered licensed cars from a handful of real-world carmakers. While this new twist is a welcome one, it isn't nearly as fleshed out as it could have been, and the game's generic approach to the actual driving doesn't pick up the slack terribly well, either. It's still a good all-around arcade-like racer, but it's definitely not one the Xbox's best.
X-Power (Feb 17, 2003)
Racing Evoluzione is een voortreffelijk racegame met een hoog arcade gehalte. Grafisch behoort de game tot de absolute top. De controls zijn prima en de moeilijkheidsgraad ligt niet te hoog zodat ook de minder getalenteerde gamers zonder al teveel problemen het einde kan halen. De levensduur zit ook wel goed want de 39 events samen bieden je heel wat uurtjes gameplezier. De beperkte tuning mogelijkheden zijn voor sommige gamers misschien een teleurstelling en ook het catch up systeem zal ongetwijfeld z'n voor en tegenstanders hebben. Toch mag niemand om deze redenen de game links laten liggen. Eén boodschap aan alle racefreaks: Buy this game!
GameZone (Mar 09, 2003)
Apex is a fairly solid title, but has some nagging points keeping it from greatness. The physics need major work, the AI seems a little funny, the sound is terrible, and frankly, the racing just isn't that exciting. On the other hand, the Dream Mode is very cool, there are lots of tracks to keep you busy, and the graphics are often stunning. Give it a rent to see if you like it, and if you do, follow up with a purchase. But not everyone will be able to stand the game's flaws.
Game Revolution (Mar, 2003)
Ever dream of manufacturing your own line of race cars? Well, here's your chance. Atari brings every Matchbox kid's dream to life with Apex, the racing game that goes beyond the track. You'll start up your own line of performance cars and race them against some of the biggest names in auto racing. Do well and your cars will sell like hotcakes, allowing you to expand your auto empire. Perform poorly, though, and your creations will be destined for the junkyard. Which will it be? Only your skills at the wheel can decide!
Games TM (Feb, 2003)
In all honesty, there's nothing terribly wrong with Evoluzione bar some very questionable handling early on. Unfortunately, there's also little to shout about here either - we've come to expect huge mounts of licensed cars and varied tracks so it's the extra features we look to for ingenuity. Sure enough, we get it too - but Dream mode should have been so much more. Think of it not so much as managing the car company, more looking after the place while the owner is away. Sure, it's fairly enjoyable and lengthy once you get into it, but we can't help feeling that it's a whole lot simpler than the idea behind it would have you believe.
Ultimately, Apex is a good idea with no attempt to implement correctly, a below average arcade racer and for the most part, a joyless experience. The graphics are however, virtually flawless.