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Armed and Dangerous Credits (Xbox)

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Armed and Dangerous Credits


Created & Developed byPlanet Moon Studios
Published byLucasArts

Planet Moon Studios

Conceived and Designed byTim Williams, Bob Stevenson, Nick Bruty
Additional DesignAaron Loeb, Scott Guest, Dave Aufderheide, Martin Brownlow, Jim Mazrimas
Produced byAaron Loeb
Executive ProducersBob Stevenson, Nick Bruty
Lead ProgrammerScott Guest
ProgrammingDave Aufderheide, Martin Brownlow, Jim Mazrimas
Art DirectionNick Bruty, Bob Stevenson
Character DesignBob Stevenson, Nick Bruty, Tim Williams
Art & Additional Character DesignKen Capelli
Movies Written and Directed byTim Williams
AnimationShawn Nelson
In-game Dialogue Written byAaron Loeb, Tim Williams
Additional ArtHeather Capelli


ProducerDan Pettit
Lead Sound DesignerMichael Frayne
Sound DesignerEllen Meijers-Gabriel
Associate Sound DesignerJim Diaz
Foley SupervisorNick Peck
Foley ArtistMarnie Moore
Foley IntentBen Hayes
Foley Recorded atPerceptive Sound Design
Original Music Composed byAnna Karney
"Save the Last Pint" Written byTim Williams
Performed byTim Williams and The Timtones
Music, Score and Arrangement byAnna Karney
Associate ProducerShara Miller
Level DesignersXiang Dong Zou, Greg Sarjeant, Quentin Westcott, Chris Hockabout, Jeffrey Sondin-Kung, Michael Cheng
ModelersYurik Riegel
Character and Set ModelerMartin Yee
Texture ArtistsAshot Melkumov, Kevin Evans
AnimatorsJoe White, Karin Nestor
Concept ArtistIan Berry
Technical ArtistsRaven Alef, Nicholas Harter
Post Production Effects ArtistEric Antanavich
Technical DirectorNick Pavis
Localization ProducerHiromi Okamoto
Voice DirectorDarragh O'Farrell
Senior Voice EditorCindy F. Wong
Assistant Voice EditorsG. W. Childs, Harrison Deutsch
Voice and International CoordinatorJennifer Sloan

Voice Cast

Brother ZoltanDaniel Riordan
Captain 1Patrick Fraley, Rob Paulsen
Captain 2, Monk 1, Old Man PeasantPhilip Proctor
Goliath, StigDavid Boat
Grunt 2Lewis Macleod, Rob Paulsen
Grunt 3, Peasant Boy, Peasant Man 2Anthony Green
HenryDarren Norris
Indian Peasant, Q, Russian CaptainPatrick Fraley
JonesyJeff Glenn Bennett
KatoRob Paulsen
KingTony Jay
Leper Boy, Leper Woman, The Lady of the PondMichelle Arthur
Lily, MotherKath E. Soucie
Mayor, MessengerJeff Glenn Bennett
Old Woman Peasant, Peasant Man 2, VindalooLewis Macleod
Peasant KeeperCorey Burton
Peasant Woman 1Carolyn Seymour
Q1‑12, Shrub Patrol #1Darren Norris
RexusJohn Mariano
RomeBrian George
Shrub Patrol #2Corey Burton
Voices Recorded atAdvantage Audio, Screenmusic Studios

The Rest

Lead TesterDavid Silverstein
Assistant Lead TesterBertrand Reyes Estrellado
QA TestersDavid Ong, Orion Tiller, John Shields, Ahmad Abbott, Catherine Sheu, Zak Huntwork, Justin van Alstyne, Troy Sims, Eric Marriott, Welbon Salaam
International Lead TesterPhillip Berry
Director of MarketingLiz Allen
Product Marketing ManagerSam Saliba
Senior Marketing CoordinatorMatthew Shell
Public Relations ManagerEllen Lynch
Internet MarketingJim Passalacqua, Chris Adams
Package DesignBLT & Associates Inc.
Manual WriterMatthew Keast
Manual EditorBrett Rector
Manual DesignCassia Dominguez
Sales & Channel MarketingMeredith Cahill, Alyxandra Huynh, Greg Robles, Katy Walden, Mike Maguire, Tim Moore
Director of Sales OperationsJason Horstman
Product Support SupervisorJay Geraci
Hint Line SupervisorTabitha Tosti
QA SupervisorChip Hinnenberg
Manager of Quality ServicesPaul Purdy
Manager of ArtMatthew White
Manager of Technical ArtMike Swanson
Special Effects SupervisorKen Henderson
Burning GoddessesWendy Kaplan, Kellie Walker

LucasArts Thanks

LucasArts Would Like to ThankSimon Jeffery, Robin Dyer-Pettit, Christian & Meghan, The Harter Family, Ann Becker, Vanessa Jardin, Larissa Twardy, Jason Lauborough, Sheep and Penguins and Moles everywhere, Jessica Scianna, Scott, Nick, Chelsea Taylor, Allison Zimmerman, James Miller, Mike Minahan, Mark Subotnick, Maria & Zac, Lisa, Olive, Gus, Scritch, Gi, Daniel Atkins, Jersey Jim Nestor, Tyler

Planet Moon Thanks

Planet Moon Would Like to ThankNeil Young, Simon Jeffery, Natashia, Milo, Lola Stevenson, Doug, Rory Stevenson, George and May Stevenson, Allyn Bruty, Angelia & Elliot Bruty, Tony and Inje Bruty, Helen, Jack, Steven Murray, David & Linda Welty, Fran & Hubby Scout, Maggie, Angelika and Lily Williams, John, Mel, Livvy, Tamzin, Sorcha, Clarinda Williams, Jane Heber, John Williams, Hannah Heber, Wally and Betty Tompkins, Claire Guest, Holly Guest, Jack & Ann Guest, Hannah, Robert, Katie Jackson, Andrea Aufderheide, Andie Brownlow, Rozanne, Heather Capelli, Eva Capelli, Ragged Robin, The Philosopher L.K., Roberts, Michael Evans, Doctors Greg Zeschuk & Ray Muzyka, Travis Williams, Matt Firme, Katie, Blake, Maggie Nelson, Roo Nelson, Little E. Hutchens, Sausalitto Bike Path Commission

Very Special Thanks

Very special thanks toGeorge Lucas

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Credits for this game were contributed by JPaterson (9102)