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TeamXbox (Nov 05, 2003)
Bionicle is more likely to appeal to fans of the Lego line and its spin-offs in comic and movie form. They should be right at home with the entire story and cast of characters. Unfortunately, gamers new to Bionicle may find the story uninteresting or burdensome and the gameplay short lived. With a deluge of other platformer titles available, Bionicle doesn’t stand out as anything special and will at most be a rental for the majority of gamers.
GameSpot (Dec 16, 2003)
When it comes right down to it, Bionicle is more marketing ploy than a game. It's as blatant as a billboard. Argonaut has done a great job for Lego in getting the franchise name front and center, but that's about it. Beyond promoting brand recognition in advance of the busy holiday shopping season, there really aren't any good reasons for this title to exist. And when you consider the many design flaws, there are even fewer reasons for you to buy it.
IGN (Mar 29, 2004)
Bionicle continues showing you vignettes of gameplay. You'll encounter "grinding" on tree limbs and soaring through the air with the air Toa, riding in a mine cart with the earth Toa, a boss fight with the stone Toa, lava surfing with our fire guy, and then the final boss battle with the Toa of Light. Each segment is so short that they can hardly be called levels, but if they were any longer than you wouldn't be able to stand playing through them.
35 (Nov 17, 2003)
Quel bel objet marketing que voici. On trouve entre autres, en bonus, une bande annonce du film qui sort justement en dvd. A la fin de la notice, une pub pour les jouets Bionicle s’est subrepticement glissée, bref c’est la joie. Dommage que LEGO ait un peu oublié de proposer aux joueurs un titre avec une durée conséquente, un gameplay évolué et un tout petit peu de plaisir de jeu. Il y a des jours franchement où on ferait mieux de ressortir ses boîtes de Playmobil.
Om det förmodan skulle finnas Bionicle-fans i vårt avlånga land är detta spelet för dem. För oss andra är det ett bra spel att undvika.
AceGamez (Oct, 2004)
There is nothing to recommend Bionicle and very few, if any, good points to be found in this travesty of an excuse for a game. I doubt that fans of the series will even get much enjoyment from playing as their favourite characters and with so many superior titles to purchase this Christmas don't even think about buying this.