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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.2
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.8
Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.0

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TalkXbox (Nov 11, 2004)
BloodRayne 2 is a sequel that surpasses the original is every way, it looks, sounds, controls, moves and most importantly, plays better. The game is a blast to play and has a ton of unique and wildly designed enemies for you to dispose of. The game’s story is better and you’re more motivated to play, as things move faster and there is more for you to do in the game overall. Rayne herself is a great character and much better in this game and with all the popularity she’s been gaining recently, it’s a good thing that her game doesn’t suck (well Rayne does, literally). This is a great action game and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a bloody good time.
Next Level Gaming (Nov 12, 2004)
The original BloodRayne was a cool game when it came out two years ago, but it had several shortcomings that left it short of being a must-have game. The game wasn’t one of the best looking games, there were some camera issues, and the game got rather monotonous after a while. Now we have BloodRayne 2, and it looks to be much better than the original. The developers listened to what people had to say, and took the necessary steps to try and correct them. Were those steps enough to make BloodRayne 2 a must-have game? Read on to find out.
Gaming Target (Nov 05, 2004)
Around 2 years ago Majesco released one of the bloodiest guilty pleasures to ever hit a console (that I’ll play, at least) - BloodRayne. You took control of the sensually-charged "dhampir" (half human, half vampire) title character, with a variety of super-human abilities and a whole whack of Nazis and monsters to kill. The game most unfortunately suffered some inherent problems, unbalanced gameplay and a certain unfinished feel not the least of them. And although Bloodrayne 2 still has some of those same issues, the game’s even better than the first and still has me pumped, even though I’ve already been through it.
Not for the faint of heart, BloodRayne 2 surprised me with both its gratuitous violence and its several highly worthwhile gameplay ideas. A poster-child for why we need the M rating, this title fully embraces its adult content through frequent dismemberments, excessive gore, and a heroine who quite literally gets off on the pain and death of her victims. Many aspects of the game have been vastly improved since the original, most significantly the lustrous graphical veneer over everything and the notable flexibility of the combat system. Still, this sequel continues to fall short of gaming brilliance when everything starts to feel the same after a while, and advancing through the levels becomes equal parts chore and enjoyment.
Game Over Online (Oct 28, 2004)
BloodRayne 2, while not a huge leap for adventure gaming or even the franchise itself, is a good action title that will amuse players for a while. You’re not really going to find a lot of replayability with this game, but for the story and the action itself, it’s entertaining. If you’re a vampire or action junkie, you’ll probably dig this, but other gamers might want to look at this one as a rental before picking it up.
BloodRayne 2 improves on the original in many ways. Though it could use some refinement and variation in gameplay, it remains a thrilling action romp. It’s a game worth checking out if you like strong, sexy female anti-heroes and gratuitous bloodshed, and aren’t hoping for an experience heavy on plot and social relevance.
IGN (Oct 13, 2004)
Everybody has a game they consider a guilty pleasure, and the original BloodRayne was mine when it came out two years ago this month. It had a hot chick slicing and dicing Nazis with huge blades attached to her arms, a host of weaponry, and a great B-movie horror style about it. Unfortunately, monotonous combat eventually ground down the fun factor and kept it from true greatness, though it sold well. The sequel has gone far to improve the variety of the combat model, but BloodRayne 2 can't quite escape some trappings of the original.
MS Xbox World (Dec 09, 2004)
Blood Rayne 2 is a pretty decent action game, featuring a sassy heroine, cool moves and powers make the action very hot indeed. The gore is suitably over the top but remains fun all the same. The linear nature of the levels do not help and perhaps something more free roaming would have been a better route to take with the series. As it stands the lack of any true extras or multiplayer means that the game will probably gather dust once you have beaten it. For those of you looking for a change from first person shooters then this might be worth a look. Anyone else I suggest renting first. A solid game marred by its linearity and lack of substance.
GameSpot (Oct 13, 2004)
Underneath BloodRayne 2's problems is a stylish and gory action game with enough kills and thrills to keep you entertained. Stop us if you've heard this one before. A half-human, half-vampire antihero, along with a long-haired, trench coat-sporting associate, goes to war with the largely underground society of vampires who are looking to come up in the world and turn the human race into their slaves. No, they didn't make another lousy Blade game.
70 (Jan 27, 2006)
Au final Blood Rayne s'en sort mieux que son aîné sans pour autant nous arriver exempt de défauts. Un peu trop radin sur les combos et l'originalité, il compense par quelques actions contextuelles divertissantes. Sa réalisation mi- figue mi-raisin n'empêchera pas les amateurs de la première heure de trouver là un petit jeu agréable.
GameDaily (Dec 14, 2006)
Even with a few nagging flaws, Bloodrayne 2 is a fun little thrill ride with enough guilty pleasures to make you go to confession for weeks at a time. The new combat system has been nicely tweaked, and the game series has never looked better. Give it a rental this Halloween, and leave the TPing to the drunks.
GamePro (US) (Oct 13, 2004)
If you?re a man of many tastes, you may have noticed BloodRayne, heroine of 2002?s hyper-violent action game, pop up a lot more often lately. On MTV2, for example, lopping heads off to the tune of Evanescence?s ?Everybody?s Fool??or perhaps in Playboy, showing off some of her more interesting assets. It?s all part of the push Majesco is giving the sprightly little lady for her big sequel?and while BloodRayne 2 borrows all of its new features from other, more successful games, it?ll still likely keep the hormones of her fanbase raging for months to come.
GameSpy (Oct 27, 2004)
For a lot of players, the excellent graphics and high levels of violence and sex appeal will be more than enough to keep Bloodrayne 2 spinning. It's really a shame that the A.I. is so daft, and even with all the acrobatics, the very linear levels don't truly captivate. This is a game of bloodshed, pure and simple, and anyone out for more than superficial thrills will be disappointed. Bloodrayne 2 gets points for its pretty face; just don't expect to go more than skin deep.
57 (Mar 16, 2006)
Falls ihr mit dem ersten Teil glücklich wurdet oder einfach nur auf das Charisma eines brutalen B-Movies abfahrt, dann seid ihr bei BloodRayne 2 richtig: Die vielen Fatalitys und das Harpunieren machen zum Ausklang eines politisch korrekten Tages immer wieder Laune. Allerdings endet das Vergnügen jedes Mal dann, wenn man alle lässigen Tötungsrituale zwei- oder dreimal gesehen hat. Wo sich Spieler außerhalb Deutschlands immerhin an der überzeichneten Gewaltorgie ergötzen können, bleibt hiesigen Zockern nur das eintönige Knopfdrücken, um die einfältigen Gegnerscharen zu beseitigen. Selbst die reizvolle Protagonistin kann nicht vom langweiligen Geschehen in spröder Umgebung ablenken: Auch wenn Rayne noch so viele gut inszenierte Moves beherrscht – der spielerischen Flaute können ihre Reize leider keinen Einhalt gebieten.
50 (UK) (Feb 21, 2006)
You know there's no place for subtlety in a game when the training level instructs the player to 'harpoon enemy and throw onto rhino horn'. Later, a chap is strangled with his own intestines. Our vampiric heroine surfs down banisters in six-inch heels while firing a gun powered by human blood. Limbless stumps spurt crimson across the floor accompanied by a sound effect like a racehorse pissing on wet grass. BloodRayne 2 is as subtle as a kick to the nads.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 14, 2006)
Bloodrayne 2 offers plenty of splattering blood, but it can be hard to tell who's doing the hurting during the mayhem. The environments are detailed and highly destructible, but they're often reused, which is lame. The audio is solid, and I especially like the Prodigy-style music that kicks in during major fight sequences. The difficulty level is about right but the checkpoint spacing is woefully uneven. At one point the game completely locked up on me - a cardinal sin for any console game. Bloodrayne 2 isn't the worst sequel I've played, but I don't think many gamers will be begging for a follow-up.
Factornews (Feb 11, 2006)
Pratiquement un copié/collé du premier épisode, Bloodrayne 2 ne corrige pas les défauts de son grand frère, propose assez peu de choses nouvelles si ce n'est un scénario assez obscur et une mise à jour technique déjà dépassée. Tout juste fun dans son aspect beat'em all, Bloodrayne 2 est loin d'être indispensable, si ce n'est pour mater la jolie donzelle. Il n'y a plus qu'à attendre le film pour définitivement enterrer la licence.