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XBox Solution (XBS) (Feb 12, 2004)
Majesco Games has taken a normally 2D style of playing and given it improved graphics with 3D character models and, objective based game play that only build upon the wonderful roots of titles like Contra. While I think it desperately needed more levels and a two player mode, for the price you pay the game is more then worth it. Currently available for as low as 9.99$ and upon first hitting retail store at 20$ the title is a great buy and offers loads of game play value. Fans of titles like Contra and the old side scrolling days will more then appreciate a new take on their favorite type of game; the added freedom, 3D models, secret areas and numerous weapons all blended nicely to create a wonderful experience for the price. I definitely recommend Blowout for any old school fan with 10$ to spare.
In the end, if you grew up playing shooters like Contra or Metal Slug like I did, you'll probably like this game to a degree. It's not an instant classic like most installments of those two franchises, but it offers some nostalgic good times. And, hey, it's 2D! Come on, show your support for this style of gaming! I firmly believe 2D games can survive in this modern age of free-roaming, open-ended gameplay if we keep supporting them.
IGN (Nov 05, 2003)
While this game isn't quite as fun as any of ours, it is a worthwhile experience, especially at the budget price point. If you're a fan of this kind of shooter, you owe yourself at least a rental. It's lamentable that there's no co-op, as Lance and I had to keep switching the controller back and forth between levels. And the level designer that was rumored to be attached to this game would have been a joy to mess around with. As it stands, though, Blowout is better than we thought it would be, and definitely worth a once-through.
TeamXbox (Nov 30, 2003)
As a side scrolling shooter, Blowout does a decent job, but as a next-generation title, it just doesn’t cut it. There’s something to be said for linear, simplistic gameplay, but for most gamers, this takes it a little too far. Old-school gamers craving some classic side scroll action in the vein of Contra will want to check this title out. The game is well put together, and well designed, but it’s just not that impressive on the black box. Admittedly, as a budget title, there’s only so much you can ask for, and the game provides enough fun for a one-night gaming session, but it won’t be an addition to most player’s libraries.
GameSpot (Jan 09, 2004)
There is something to be said for what BlowOut tries to do, but that statement doesn't make up for the fact that the game just isn't interesting for very long. Originally, the game was set to include a level editor, which may have provided some lasting value, but that appears to have been omitted in the final product. BlowOut may seem enticing to any of you classic shooter fans looking for a quick trip down memory lane, but to be perfectly frank, BlowOut probably won't instill any feelings of pleasant nostalgia and will sooner frustrate or bore you to the point of noninterest. In addition, the Xbox version of the game actually costs more than the near-identical PS2 version, and it doesn't provide any better visuals or additional modes to back up the higher cost. Ultimately, unless you've already played every other game available in this genre, you should look elsewhere for your gratuitous action needs, as BlowOut doesn't deliver.
1UP (2003)
Mission objectives boil down to simply getting one colored key after another to advance, and controls are too cumbersome for a game of this type. And despite the 2D format, there are issues with the camera—it's either too far or too close, making enemies hard to see and resulting in cheap hits. Factor in the lack of two-player action and all that's left is a tepid experience.