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Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon (Xbox)

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Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon Credits

Published by Universal Interactive

VP of TechnologyNeal Robison
External ProductionNeal Robison
Senior ProducerJonathan Eubanks
ProducerJeffrey Karl Barnhart
Production CoordinatorJustin Lees
Sr. Software EngineerGary Lake-Schaal
Vice President of Global MarketingTorrie Dorrell
Director of Product MarketingJeffery L. Nuzzi
Associate Product ManagerLauren Faccidomo-Evans
Marketing CoordinatorAnson Sowby
PresidentJim Wilson
Public Relations TeamAlex Skillman, Sandra Shagat, Erica Dart
Promotions TeamChandra Hill, Virginia Fout, Jason Subia
Creative Services SupervisorMichael Sequeira
Booklet DesignLauren Azeltine
Special ThanksBruce Lee Estate, Kovel/Fuller, Scott M. Johnson, Helen Jorda, Jason Nicol, Suzan Rude, Marcus Sanford, Luc Vanhal, VUIP Creative Services, Todd Whitford, Charles Yam

Developed by Ronin Entertainment

Executive ProducerKalani Streicher
Project Lead/Visual LeadTerrence Masson
Project Lead/Technology LeadEdward Kilham
Project Lead/Character LeadKalani Streicher
Conceptual DirectorHarrison Fong
Project CoordinatorSean Hoessli
Lead DesignersEdward Kilham, James Teal
DesignersTerrence Masson, Troy Dunniway, Kalani Streicher
StorySean Hoessli, Terrence Masson
Lead ProgrammerScott Henderson (Fighting System/Fighting Integration)
Senior 3D Engine ProgrammersBrent Gumns-Hostrawser, Ashish Amresh
Senior 3D Technology ProgrammersJuan Carlos Arévalo Baeza
Senior ProgrammersEdward Kilham (Adventure System), Darrell Dennies (Physics/Skeletal/Collision)
Tools ProgrammerJohn Scofield (Explorters)
RIDE System ProgrammersEdward Kilham, Jonathan Tanner, Juan Carlos Arévalo Baeza
Lead 3D Background ArtistMichael Hall
3D Background ArtistsIsao Kogure, Morgan Hastings, Sean Feely, Joel Emslie
3D Background LightingMatthew Christmann
Conceptual Character ArtistHarrison Fong
3D Character ArtistsAlex Okita, Ramil Laudico, David Hay, Casper De la Cruz, Kui Lee
Lead AnimatorDavid Parsons
AnimatorsTe Wilson, Si Tran, Benjamin Hoyt, Eric Pavey, Jason Rennie, Ted Anthony
Facial AnimationDavid Hay, Eric Pavey
Character SupervisorEric Pavey
Art TechniciansArmando Calpena, Henry Kim, Michael Kenner, Martin Gebhardt, Eric Leive, Jane Ng
Level Designer/ProgrammerMichael Richey
Level Designers/ProgrammersMichael Nelson, Frank Dye, Tim Innes, Marshall Scott
Fighting Asset ImplementationBenjamin Bracamonte, James Teal
Special EffectsJohn Mundy
SFX and MixingTed Anthony
IntegrationMarshall Scott
InternsSoren De La Cruz, Laura Ferber, Sally Fox, Darrel Hoffmann, Mike Kilgore, Eric Leive, Toby Marvin, Jane Ng
Hardware and NetworkDavid Rankin
Office AdministrationRose Lofrano
Programming SupportKevin Shapiro
Design and Art ContributionsJoel Emslie
Enemy Character ModelingDragonlight Productions
Boss Character ModelingMenaceFX
Conceptual Background ArtistRobert Stein III
Head ScanningBrian Guenter, Sashi Raghupathy
Facial SetupKim Van Hoven
Background LightingMark Glaser
3D Character AnimationCurv Studios
Motion CapturePerformance Capture Studios
Original Music Compositions and ScoreRik W. Schaffer (Womb Music)
Voice Over Casting and DirectingMargaret Tang (Womb Music)
Voice Over Recording and EngineeringWomb Music
Credits for Voice Over TalentJames Sie (Bruce Lee/Young Bruce Lee), James Hong (Father Lee/Village Elder/Chai Wan), Sab Shimono (Head Master/Additional Voices), Neil Ross (Novak/Additional Voices), Kevin Michael Richardson (Byong Chu/Nikolai - Sub Captain/Additional Voices), Carlos Alazraqui (Bobby/Izzy Freaks), Tim Lounibos (Wolfgang Heinrich/Additional Voices), Charity James (Natascha/Tsuki), Jennifer Hale (Xialon/Additional Voices), Margaret Tang (Victoria/Additional Voices), Nika Futterman (Rhianna/Additional Voices), Rosslyn Taylor (Cleopatra), Gregg Berger (Cobra/Additional Voices), Ryun Yu (Feng Ha/Additional Voices), Jonathan Eubanks (Tyrone/Additional Voices), April Hong (Tabitha/Additional Voices), Eli Keltner (Kai Sato), Rino Romano (Lance/Additional Voices), Josh Paskowitz (Lao/Additional Voices), Neal Mabry (Oshi), Brian Tochi (Additional Voices), Josh Gerhardt (Additional Voices), Walther Hong (Additional Voices)
Motion‑Capture TalentTed Wong, Taky Kimura, Allen Joe, Tommy Gong, Andy Kimura, C. Jude Ledesma, Chris Bucklin, George F. Harper, Ron Franco, Rommel Franco, Curtis Bush, Adam Pecoraro, Marshall Tipton, Joe Kopshever, Timothy Coen, Jason Perez, Wes Hardy, Heather Hardy, Benjamin Bracamonte, Chi-Hsiu D. Weng (Dr.), Mark Wong, Sonny Umpad, Greg S. Manalo, Tom Reeveley, Jonathan Eubanks
TestingAbsolute Quality

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (75521) and コナン (90961)