Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon (Xbox)

Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon Screenshots

Xbox version

Bruce displays some of his well known moves
Main Title (from the opening movie)
Main Title (pre-menu screen, changes pictures)
Main Menu
Few general loading screens show some of Bruce's movie stills
Player info screen shows your current hit power and health which are upgradable
Something's fishy on this boat and it ain't me
Talk to the hand, man, and I may yet let you live
The name's Bruce and I don't play well for truce, on guard you fake ninja
Coming to Hong Kong (the game takes place in several different cities across the globe)
Dealing double damage is cool, but quadruple is cooler
The only thing that's hot in this kitchen are my fists, and don't turn your face when I'm talking to ya
Seems I underestimated the chef... luckily, I still have couple more lives left to continue
Destroy crates to find dragon coins, health packs, or extra lives
The Black Lotus lady, who kidnapped your father and thus, condemned her cause to failure
You can activate fire kicks (which are limited and you collect coins for them) to help you deal with tougher enemies
When you lock on to the enemy, your controls will become easier for mano-a-mano fight
Finishing kick always uses slow-motion to enhance the effect
Bruce is as eloquent as always, saying only the right things
Boss battles require patience, but there's a trick to pass them all without losing a life
Bruce getting acquainted with different cultures
Alas, badguys have a bad habit of coming in packs
Nunchaku training
Bosses always do a short power demonstration before a fight
Mastering advanced moves will let you intercept enemy kicks and use them to your advantage
Multiple hurricane kick works better against multiple targets, but looks good as a finishing kick just as well