Brute Force Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

The start screen
You can choose your game type on this screen
Campaign missions can be re-played once you have completed them
Complete missions and you get paid!
This is the guy who sets you up with missions
Welcome to the 23RD! Have fun!
Tex is the only guy that can disarm mines
Some guns can only be picked up & used buy certain members of your Team
Simple commands can be given to your team with the X,Y,A,B buttons
Tex getting a grenade in!
All team members can snipe to a degree
Flint always has the edge when it comes to sniping though!
Mutants have a habit of exploding when killed
When you are close to something your character will become see through!
The sparks really do fly in Brute Force!
That was a very close shot!
The mini gun makes short work of most bad guys
Now that's what i call a tree!
The graphics are great in this game
That menacing sky sets the tone for this level
Getting ready for an assault on that chemical plant
You will be seeing a lot more of this guy on the later levels!