Burnout: Revenge Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Title screen
Profile screen
Main menu
Driver details, statistics
Selecting place and type of race.
As you progress, more cars will be available for selection.
Race type basic info
Music track is set, gear is shifted, and the race is about to start.
The screen easily becomes blurry due to your car's speed.
Catching up with one of the opponents.
You can use speed boost as long as available, which refills as you drive and ram other vehicles.
Switching to first-person view.
Crashed...and it's never just a slight fender-bender.
Proving slow in eliminator race will get you, of course, eliminated.
New locations unlock as you finish prerequisites for new rank.
Starting a race with Prototype M-Series.
There goes some car paint.
Flying is almost as present as driving in this game.
Things like this happen when you're driving recklessly, and that's pretty much what this game's all about.
When an opponent takes you down, vengeance is the only answer.