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Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (Xbox)

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Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Credits

Headfirst Productions

ProducerChristopher Gray
Lead DesignerChristopher Gray
Lead EngineerGareth Clarke
Lead Technical ArtistRob Steptoe
Lead Creative ArtistTroy Tempest
Lead AnimatorWilhelm Ogterop
Senior EngineersEd Davis, Alexey Kryazhev, Bojan Nastic, Ivan Nevraev
EngineersJustin Andrews, Pelham Arno, Robert Baker, Simon Jefferies, David White
Additional Design & Level ScriptersJames Blackham, Malcolm Grant, Edward Andrew Kay, Robert Masella, Kyra Samuel
Technical ArtAndrew Brazier, Peter Hopkins
Background ArtDeanne Cowe, Simon Gustafsson, Simon Ible, David Linforth, James Walters, Damon Wilson-Hart
Character ModelersTim Appleby, Alexis Liosatos, Yuen Sin Ng
AnimatorsNelle Amsterdam, Nathan Dell, Rebecca Quinn, James Reed, Jesper Skoog, Niel Venter
ScriptwriterChristopher Gray
Music CompositionGreg Chandler
Sound EngineerGreg Chandler
Quality AssuranceMick Sanderson
Creative DirectorSimon Woodroffe
Managing DirectorMichael Woodroffe
Contributing WriterGraeme Davis

Bethesda Softworks

Executive ProducerTodd Vaughn
ProducerJoss Ellis
Quality Assurance ManagerMichael Fridley
Quality Assurance Team LeaderRobert Gray
Quality Assurance TestersRuben S. Brown, Ryan Gerhardt, Michael Jenkins, Christopher Krietz, Michael Mazzuca, Nathan X. McDyer, Jennifer Noland, Louis Riley
Manual DesignLindsay Muller, Michael Wagner
Packaging DesignLindsay Muller, Michael Wagner
Packaging and Marketing ArtCraig Mullins
V.P. of PRPete Hines
V.P. of MarketingPete Hines
Manager, PRErin Losi
Manager, MarketingErin Losi
PresidentVlatko Andonov
Voice CastingAudioGodz
Voice DirectionLani Minella
Voice RecordingBill Corkery Productions
Voice EditingLethal Sounds
VoicesMarc Biagi, Deem Bristow, Brook Chalmers, Scott Dreier, Ryan Drummond, Phil Gerbracht, David Heath, Milton Lawrence, Max McGill, Lani Minella, John Nutten, David Rivas, Jon St. John, Chris Wilcox
Special ThanksSteven Green, Teresa Vaughn, Zoe Vaughn

2K Games

Publishing DirectorRyan Brant
Managing DirectorChristoph Hartmann
VP Sales & LicensingSteve Glickstein
VP New Business & Product PlanningSusan Cummings
Vice President of Product DevelopmentGrĂ©goire Gobbi
Vice President of MarketingSarah Anderson
Director of OperationsDorian Rehfield
Senior Product ManagerThomas Bass, Christina Recchio
Art DirectorLesley Zinn
Operations DirectorDaniel Einzig
Web ManagerGabe Abarcar
Production ManagerJack Scalici
Vice President of Business AffairsDavid Ismailer
Vice President of FinanceDavid Boutry

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