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The Video Game Critic (Aug 09, 2010)
Offering a metric ton of gaming on a single disk, Capcom Classic Vol. 2 is hard to resist.
Worth Playing (Dec 02, 2006)
These titles aren't all forgotten classics, but enough are (Quiz and Dragons, notably) that the package is worth it. With so many good games available, I cannot complain about having mediocre and bad titles on a collection like this. Some of these are games that won't appear anywhere else, especially not on a service like Xbox Live Arcade, where money has to be spent to upgrade the games for online compatibility! Even though Avengers and Speed Rumbler make me twitch with anger when I play them, it's still fun to show to friends how bad some games from the "old-school" era really were, and then load up Super Turbo to purify ourselves. The emulation on every title is much improved over the original collection, which had longer loading times and numerous graphical glitches. The Super Turbo tutorial videos are worth the price by themselves. Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 is the best compilation I've ever owned, plain and simple.
If you’re worried about how a bunch of games made for the arcade control on the Xbox controller: don’t. Not that it’s terribly difficult to handle a game which consists of an “attack” and a “jump” button to begin with. Finally, the $30 cost (versus the at least $100 cost of downloading 20 Wii Virtual Console games) makes Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 both a fun and economically-smart game to buy.
GameSpot (Dec 11, 2006)
Of course, this collection isn't for everyone. Many of these games work only on a nostalgic level--if you were to pick up and start playing something like Captain Commando for the first time in 2006, you'd rightly realize that it was just a less-interesting take on what Capcom did with Final Fight. Also, this collection is shorter on hits than some of Capcom's other compilations. So unless you were spending a significant amount of time in arcades throughout the '80s and '90s, you might not have even known that some of these games existed. But if you're interested in these sorts of retro compilations, Capcom's second installment in the series is a solid choice, thanks to its interesting extras and quality emulation.
1UP (Dec 04, 2006)
Capcom's recent compilations have been impressive slices of history, preserved with utmost care, and this latest volume maintains the trend. Sure, not everything here is a winner, but there's enough good stuff that the flops are a sort of bonus rather than a nuisance. Fairly meaty, but ultimate a godsend for retro-junkies rather than general audiences.
TeamXbox (Nov 20, 2006)
Playing some of the games on this disc is nostalgic, and reminds me of what I was doing in those years. However, due to the complexity and gorgeous graphics of modern games, I just can’t stay interested in any game on Capcom Classic Collection: Volume 2. I am sure that fans of old-school games will find something to like with this anthology, but I will take Gears of War over this entire compilation any day.