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Championship Manager: Season 02/03 (Xbox)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Championship Manager: Season 02/03 Credits

Sports Interactive

ChairmanOliver Collyer, Paul Collyer
Managing DirectorMiles Jacobson
Head of DevelopmentMarc Vaughan
DesignPaul Norman, Kevin Turner, Svein E. Kvernoey, Keith Flannery, Sam Deane, Grant Appleyard, Ammaniel Araia
ProgrammingPaul Norman, Kevin Turner, Svein E. Kvernoey, Keith Flannery, Sam Deane, Grant Appleyard, Ammaniel Araia
Research Co‑ordinationMark Woodger, Peter Sottrel
Internet DevelopmentMarc Duffy
Office ManagerAlex Bell
Sound EffectsGraham Miles
Manual & Written HistoryAlexander Deacon
Special ThanksBardi Golriz, Marlon Davidson, Nick Habershon, Rose Montgomery, Paul Fox, Clive Gorman, Ciaran Brennan, Sandy Duncan, Michael Newey, Rebecca Vaughn, Simon Bryon, Ray Houghton
QAJoe O'Reilly
More thanksJames Binns, Mark Sutherns, David Maher-Roberts, Lee Hall, Matthew Pierce, Brent Manchester

Eidos Interactive UK

ProducersAndrew Norman, Andy O'Dowd
Executive ProducerGary Moore
QA Co‑ordinatorLawrence Day
QA ManagerChris Rowley
Assistant QA ManagerJohn Ree, Ghulam Khan
QA TechniciansAdam Lay, Andrew Standen, Martin Spencer, Anthony Peterken, Daryl Bibby, Phil Kelly, Jonathon Redington, Marlon Grant, Minh Vuong
Localisation QA ManagerMarco Vernetti
Localisation CoordinatorArnaud Messager
Localisation QADario Scimone, Antonio Failla, Lars Carstensen, Pan Schröder
Head Of LocalisationFlavia Timiani-Dean
Localisation ManagerEmma Timms
Marketing ManagerJonathan Rosenblatt
Product ManagerNick Robinson
PR ManagerSteve Starvis
CreativeMatthew Carter-Johnson
Head of MasteringJason Walker
Mastering EngineerPhil Spencer
Compatibility EngineerRay Mullen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Walker (1744) and formercontrib (159530)