The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Screenshots (Xbox)

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This is Johns, the man who captured you.
Sneaking up on people allows you to break their neck.
When you snap someone's neck, the screen shakes.
Most guns have an onboard flashlight.
Getting hit turns your screen red, like blood. At least punching is quite satisifying.
You have to hide bodies, or you'll risk being caught.
Most actions, like climbing, hanging or riding an elevator, happen in third person.
If you're hanging and see a guard, you can drop on him for a silent and deadly kill.
As with many first-person-shooter's, Riddick has it's share of vent crawling.
The NanoMed station heals you by jamming metal spikes into your neck. Yep.
Eyeshine allows you to see in dark places, but is useless in lighted areas.
Hmm, a guard's uniform. This could come in handy for sneaking.
How do I get by the retina scanner? With someone else's eyes, of course!
This terminal turns on the power to the rails.
Poor guard. That's never a way to get A HEAD in life. Get it? Huh? *sigh*
A minigun... time to kick some ass!
What's better then a minigun? Controlling a mech with a minigun AND a flame bomb.