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Gaming Age (Oct 14, 2005)
For $19.99, Cold War gives stealth fans something to do until Snake or Sam come out of hiding. If anything this may be the last stealth/action title on this generation's Xbox, so soak it up. Even with the laughable A.I., the game is under a twenty spot, and is quite enjoyable if you love stealth, action, and gadgets. If you want the game for the PC on the other hand, it'll cost you forty dollars, which is a little harder to swallow. Get it for the Xbox.
Cold War may not be revolutionary, but it is fun at times. If you're a big fan of the stealth genre and you've already played all the Metal Gear and Splinter Cell games, then you may want to check this out. Otherwise, I would recommend getting one of the aforementioned games first.
The Next Level (Oct 21, 2005)
Just like your average summer blockbuster, Cold War doesn't last long and doesn't leave much of an impression when it's all over and done with. All of its good ideas, the retro conspiracy, the homemade gadgets, the X-ray camera, wow you at first, but end up just wearing thin by the time its over, and the multiple difficulty levels really don't alter the game enough to justify another run. If it were a full priced title my expectations would have been higher, but for $20, Cold War a fun romp through a bygone era of espionage. Just don't expect the next Splinter Cell.
The bottom line is that while Cold War does offer an exciting new twist to the stealth/espionage genre of game, it is at best a generic clone of a former hit title. It's a very cleverly put together clone, but none the less a clone indeed. One simply can't ignore the lack of “innovation” over such excessive “renovation.” This game is ALMOST worthy of 4 GiN gems, but even with a very cool item creation system there's just not enough original content there and we all know “almost” doesn't count. An above average 3 + GiN gems is my final say.
I didn’t expect much from Cold War, but it surprised me with some innovative ideas and a compelling story. You might like this game if you're a fan of games such as Splinter Cell. Just take heed of the coarse language and thematic violence.
GameSpot (Nov 07, 2005)
Cold War does a reasonable job of copying conventional stealth action gameplay while presenting a few twists and a story that's got some payoff at the end. If this style of tactical trial-and-error gameplay is what you're into, then Cold War can be worth the eight-or-so hours it takes to play from start to finish for the first time. But there are much better stealth games available, making this one suitable mostly for those who've played them all and want more.
Believe it or not, this isn’t quite the adventure of a lifetime. The fact that the game feels it necessary to explicitly tell the player such obvious advice as "don’t step into the red beam coming off of the security camera" is a good indicator of the quality here. Cold War’s third-person stealth/action gameplay manages to meet a minimum bar of competency, and the hero’s MacGyver-esque ability to make useful gadgets out of cans, plastic bottles, and rags serves to add a bit of spice. However, your astonishingly slow movement speed and the lack of a checkpoint system (although you can save at any time, it gets annoying nonetheless), along with the merely mediocre action, clearly destines this title for the bargain bin.
Game Over Online (Oct 19, 2005)
Of course the thing to remember here is that Cold War is a value-priced title. At $19.99 USD, it's the equivalent of a poor man's Splinter Cell, though the first title in that series can be bought now at the same price point, and it's still a much better game. The gadget creation system in Cold War is by far it's best feature, with the X-ray camera coming a close second, but the game can be frustrating at times, repetitve at others, and there's just not enough tension to drive the story to its conclusion. Unless you prefer the MacGyver approach to your stealth affairs, I recommend you stick with Sam Fisher.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 07, 2005)
Cold War is a clear rental unless you a dedicated freak for stealth games. It's really too bad Cold War falls short in the actually gameplay because everything else in concept is rocking. Curious minds will be enticed by the cool features in the game, just lower your expectations because you won't find a Fisher here.
GamingExcellence (Nov 28, 2005)
Is Cold War a bad game? No. It just tries too hard to be Splinter Cell (with all SC’s meters, gadgets, sprawling story-line, authenticity, etc) and fails to be original on its own merits. When Cold War is trying to be something it’s not; the game is terrible. When Cold War tries new things (gadget building, x-ray camera, etc) it’s hard to deny how fun it can be. If you’re a fan of stealth action and want to try something new, Cold War is at the very least worth a rental. Just know what to expect from it.
50 (Oct 31, 2005)
Sam Fisher peut dormir sur ses deux oreilles car Matt Carter ne risque pas de lui voler la vedette. Cold War est en effet inférieur à Splinter Cell sur tous les plans : l'IA, la réalisation, les possibilités offertes par le gameplay, le scénario... Au final, le soft de Mindware Studios est un titre moyen, trop moyen pour faire face à la concurrence féroce dans le domaine des jeux d'infiltration.