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Colin McRae Rally 3 sees the series become a serious simulation and yet it still retains it's excellent gameplay. Some people might be upset at the withdrawal of the arcade mode and the ability to decide what parts of the car are repaired etc. but at the end of the day Colin McRae Rally 3 sees the series becoming more realistic and these features shouldn't really feature in such a game.
Next Level Gaming (Feb 15, 2003)
Ok, i must admit, I have been playing this game for a long time now. When NLG got the review code, it was almost 3 months ago. I put this review up when the game was coming out in November. But now that the game actually shipped today, it was time to bring it out again for those that missed it.
93 (Nov 19, 2002)
CMR3 osuu kultaiseen leikkaukseen, jossa yhdistyvät kohtuullisen alhainen oppimiskynnys, minimimäärä turhaa näpertelyä ja erinomainen tunne oikean auton kuljettamisesta. Pidätkö rallista? Osta tämä.
The Next Level (Mar 21, 2003)
All in all, Colin 3 is without a doubt a worthy successor to an already excellent series. There is no equal in terms of realistic rally racing. The control is perfect, the physics are perfect. The game is utterly addictive, and incredibly fun, and despite not packing the sheer technical merit of some other racers, the underlying gameplay tears most competitors to shreds, spits them out, and kicks them while they're down.
games xtreme (Nov 05, 2002)
CMR3 delivers an unbeatable sense of realism and gameplay that makes you sweat, trying to complete the 3 year Championship is edge of the seat stuff!
More jaggies than Xbox owners are used to, and flat 2D spectators also show up the game's multiformat origins, although the highly believable settings for the stages still somehow manage to outclass the much prettier Rallisport Challenge's panoramic ones. Some nice road and stone textures and time of day lighting effects are the non-car related visual highlights. A rather chunky looking 4 player split screen allows 4 at a time racing against the clock, or stages may be driven by multiple players taking turns, but CMR3 is best played solo, in a quiet room so you can hear Nicky Grist's vital pace notes. A good, pleasing sequel, but not the truly great game we were hoping for.
ActionTrip (Jul 03, 2003)
In a nutshell, Colin McRae Rally 3 will capture the hearts of many fans of the Colin series, while rally newcomers, will surely enjoy the game's challenges and realism. One of the most disappointing aspects of the game was the lack of a proper display of background textures, which the game obviously deserves. Also, the sliding syndrome may put off certain gamers, who haven't had the right chance to practice in previous Colin installments. Apart from that, you can be sure that CM3 has sufficient gameplay depth, making it truly worth your tough-earned buck.
GamePro (US) (Apr 04, 2003)
Huge in Europe, rally racing hasn?t made a dent in the thick bodywork of NASCAR?s popularity in the United States, but Colin McRae Rally 3 is such a high-quality game that serious race fans simply have to take it for a spin.
IGN (Feb 28, 2003)
There are few greater sensations than pure, unadulterated speed. Whether it's by skiing down a hill, flying in a jet plane, or by pressing your foot down on the acceleration pedal of a powerful rally car, the experience of traveling fast is downright irresistible. I like my speed, and I like it dirty, which is why rally racing appeals so much to me. And someday that might be my downfall. The worldwide sport of rally racing has never, and may never, fully bloom in the US, but until then it appears publishers are perpetually willing to haul their great rally efforts over from the UK for the few US fans who simply can't get enough of this extremely explosive, dangerous and incredibly dynamic sport. I consider myself lucky.
88 (Dec 18, 2002)
Ok, got myself a drink and put on the newest Missy Elliot album and I’m ready to review one of the hottest games of the moment which my girlfriend got me for my birthday: Colin McRae rally 3.
GameZone (Mar 11, 2003)
If the lengthy Indy 500 is comparable to running an exhausting marathon, rally racing is comparable to competing in a triathlon. Whereas America’s most popular NASCAR drivers drive around in a manmade oval bumper-to-bumper at insane speeds, rally drivers tear through some picturesque landscapes against the clock through all sorts of weather conditions. Rally drivers are the postmen of the auto world; they race through rain, sleet, and snow in addition to mud, dirt, and gravel.
GameSpot (Mar 17, 2003)
Colin McRae Rally 3 isn't necessarily a game that should replace Rallisport Challenge in your collection, but it's definitely one that deserves a space right alongside it. If rally racing is your thing, you're almost certainly curious to find out if Codemasters' latest Colin McRae-endorsed racer is on a par with Microsoft's Rallisport Challenge, which recently celebrated its first birthday. In truth, Colin McRae Rally 3 isn't necessarily a game that should replace Rallisport Challenge in your collection, but it's definitely one that deserves a space right alongside it.
85 (Oct 23, 2002)
Un excellent titre mais qui souffre malheureusement de quelques défauts et lacunes. On s'attendait à un truc tellement gros que fatalement on est un rien déçu, mais quoi qu'il en soit Colin McRae Rally continuera à faire partie des pointures dans la catégorie. Les fans du second volet trouveront peut-être cette nouvelle mouture moins radicale et exigeante, CMR 3 est un excellent titre mais Codemasters passe malheureusement à côté de la simulation ultime qui aurait du tout déchirer sur son passage...
Game Over Online (Jun 02, 2003)
All in all, perhaps I was premature in comparing Tony Hawk and skateboarding with Colin McRae and rally racing. The former always cranks out titles that everyone, novices and fans alike, can enjoy. It also consistently garners top marks in the 9s and 90s from critics. Rally 3 is not this title though. With what I’ve seen in Rally 3, it would appear the true fans, a small niche of the general gaming population, will truly appreciate it. But when it comes to sheer variety, an easier learning curve and exotic game modes, I’d pop in something else other than Rally 3.
82 (Nov 27, 2002)
Dank fehlender Konkurrenz übernimmt Colin auf der Xbox den angestammten Thron der Rallye-Simulationen. Doch die nachfolgende Konkurrenz hat es mittlerweile nicht mehr ganz so schwer, an der Pole Position zu kratzen. Denn insgesamt bleibt Colin hinter den Erwartungen zurück. Sicher: Fahrphysik-technisch hat Codemasters wieder einmal ein Meisterstück abgeliefert, doch ob Standardspielmodi und gerade mal sechs Rallyes reichen, um sich die Konkurrenz vom Hals zu halten, wage ich zu bezweifeln. Selbst das Arcade-lastige Rallisport Challenge ist dem Xbox-Ausflug des Schotten in einigen Punkten voraus. Trotzdem können Rallye-Fans gefahrlos zugreifen, denn Colin Mc Rae Rally bleibt Colin McRae Rally.
Game Chronicles (Mar 18, 2003)
Colin McRae Rally 3 is definitely a niche game targeted to a specific group of racing fans, mainly hardcore rally racers. With its ultra-realistic driving and damage model combined with a distinct lack of game modes and content, this may not be the game for everyone. The solitary nature of rally racing may turn off the more traditional racing crowd, but anyone looking for a serious racing sim, look no further. CMR3 rivals anything you can play on the PC with perfect physics and a stunning audio/visual presentation that puts you behind the wheel and in the racing suit of the undisputed leader of the sport, Colin McRae.
80 (UK) (Oct 24, 2002)
To sum up, Colin McRae Rally 3 has everything for the discerning driving fan. It's handling, damage system, and realistic feel is untouchable, without ever allowing it to get in the way of being a fun game. If it weren't for the lacklustre visuals, this would get an even more enthusiastic response - but if the looks don't bother you, then CMR3 is pretty much an essential purchase for Rally fans, and well worth checking out even if you're not.
ESC Magazine (Jun 26, 2003)
For the most part Colin McRae Rally 3 proves to be an enjoyable experience that delivers the best rally racing game on the PS2, PC, or Xbox. If you make the lack of gameplay options out to be a greater focus on the awesome racing, then CMR3 excels. Yet, if you are looking for a tweaking, customizing rich racer in the same vein as Gran Turismo 3 you may want to give CMR3 a rental and see if it is up you alley. Either way the game stands out in an overly crowded racing genre from both a technical and realistic standpoint. If you like racing games, you will love Colin McRae Rally 3, there’s no doubt about that.
MS Xbox World (Oct 24, 2002)
Although not a perfect title Colin McRae Rally 3 does recreate the world of a Rally driver exceptionally well, overall the game is not as visually impressive as the Microsoft title Rallisport Challenge yet is a much more realistic driving experience.
Factornews (Dec 18, 2002)
Même si les puristes seront peut-être un poil déçus, ce Colin McRae 3 s’impose comme la référence en matière de simulation de rallye sur consoles par son gameplay inégalable.
Extreme Gamer (Apr 16, 2003)
The easy comparison on the Xbox for Colin McRae would be RalliSport Challenge. RalliSport was a more exciting game for me, but didn’t have the realism that Colin McRae Rally 3 has. So if you want faster action and a wider car selection go with RalliSport or if you would rather have less cars, but more realistic car physics and rally feel go with Colin. Both games are excellent in there own right. If you are a rally car fan by far you need to check out this RalliSport and this title.
GameSpy (Mar 12, 2003)
To be honest, CMR3 can't hold a candle to Rallisport Challenge graphically, but betters it with phenomenal collision detection and handling. If you're itching for a racing challenge, love deformable cars, and don't mind Nicky Grist's codewords for corners, Colin McRae Rally 3 gradually becomes a seminal piece of software. Ignore those graphical foibles, and let's off-road!