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But all the gripes really seem insignificant when you consider how much we enjoyed the game and how well it plays whether it's with 1, 2, 3 or 4 players, in large deserts, hilly canyons areas or interior sections, C:DS is an amazingly playable, adaptable and atmospheric game, and we can't wait for the sequel due later this year (Desert Sabre).
PGNx Media (Oct 13, 2002)
Some missions sometimes have alternative routes so when you’re playing it doesn’t have to be exactly the same as last time. There are also many medals to be won, including the Victoria Cross (SAS) and Medal of Honor (Delta Force). Getting them all for everyone will be quite a challenge. The game also offers three difficulty levels. But co-operative is where a lot of the life span lies. Conflict: Desert Storm is currently the ultimate co-operative game. It should keep you going for awhile.
Consoles Plus (Sep, 2002)
Des graphismes plus aboutis que sur PS2, mais une jouabilité un peu moins instinctive et précise. De grands moments, lors des attaques.
Game Chronicles (Nov 09, 2002)
Conflict: Desert Storm is an acquired taste. The opening movies hooks you and the training missions make the game seem innocent enough. Once you start playing however, the true nature of just how difficult this game really is become quickly apparent. This is not a game to be approached by the casual action gamer. There is a lot of strategy, planning, and even some character building required to achieve maximum effectiveness and mission success. For those of you prepared for the challenge, Desert Storm delivers an excellent combat simulation experience set against an historic event that many gamers will be able to relate to either directly or indirectly.
81 (Sep 09, 2002)
Trotz der prekären Thematik kann ich Conflict: Desert Storm allen Action-Fans bedenkenlos empfehlen: Die Mischung aus Taktik und Ballern ist gut gelungen und im Konsolenbereich äußerst selten. Hinzu kommt die beklemmende Kriegsatmosphäre, die euch mitten in die spannenden Feuergefechte hineinzieht. Cool auch die Interaktion mit der eigenen Truppe und das Gemeinschaftsgefühl: Wenn mein KI-Kamerad verwundet neben mir liegt, mache ich mir ernsthaft Sorgen um ihn und verarzte ihn fürsorglich. Was mich jedoch nervt, sind die wenigen Speichermöglichkeiten. Warum kann ich während einer Mission nicht beliebig oft sichern? Auch die KI eurer Gegner ist teilweise etwas unausgereift; dafür agieren die eigenen Jungs ziemlich clever. Die Xbox-Version ist dank besserer Technik und Vierspieler-Modus die bessere Wahl, aber auch PS2-Spieler werden gut bedient.
Conflict: Desert Storm is without a doubt, the best war game on Xbox so far. It is very strategic, and levels are supposed to be based on what actually happened in the war where Iraq invaded Kuwait. So if you're a war fanatic, give this game a hire at first. And make sure it's at a time when you have 1, 2, or 3 friends over. Conflict: Desert Storm has set a new standard for multiplayer war games, and I can't wait to go over to my mates place to compare the Xbox version to the PS2 version. I think this is just another game that will prove that the box has got more grunt!
80 (Oct 01, 2002)
Je ne saurais vous dire si CDS tiendra face à ses futurs concurrents (on verra ça plus tard, y a le temps) mais en attendant il reste, malgré ses quelques défauts, un jeu bien sympathoche, idéal pour qui veut s'initier à l'art de l'action/tactique. Il crée presque un genre avec sa visée bourrine : l'action/tactique/arcade. Un bon entraînement pour préparer l'arrivée de SOCOM. Et puis les titres du genre sont tellement rares sur console.
IGN (Sep 26, 2002)
It occupies a special place in the Xbox library as the first game of its kind on Microsoft's console and for this reason is definitely worth a long look for those of you with money to spare before the big holiday rush of games. But the truth is, there are bigger name bigger budget titles just around the corner for those of you who can wait to get your tactical shooting on and it won't be too late to go back and get Conflict Desert Storm if we see they all measure up evenly.
Game Over Online (Nov 06, 2002)
The problem Conflict: Desert Storm is going to face is that it really won’t be able to find an audience. Though the game has some fun slow-paced gameplay, it isn’t really intense enough for hardcore FPS fans, and it’s not as strategically built for fans of squad-based mission games like Rainbow Six. But if you think you’d like Conflict: Desert Storm’s slow-paced gameplay, and you think you can deal with some minor discrepancies, then go ahead and check out Conflict: Desert Storm. Who knows? Maybe you were the audience Pivotal Games was thinking of when they created this wayward title.
Conflict Desert Storm is a solid single player game, with an exceptionally good 2 player co-operative mode. The unwieldy inventory system and the poor enemy AI do not detract from the overall experience, but the lack of link-up or Xbox Live support stop the game from being in the upper echelon of the Xbox library. With this game being amongst the first on Xbox to attempt to deliver a deeper, more tactical combat game than the more run of the mill first person shooters, it is a notable achievement but it isn't a must have.
GamePro (US) (Oct 02, 2002)
A solid graphics and sound package does help Conflict?s theatre of operations, though. An armory of nice-looking authentic weapons that Delta Force and SAS handled during their desert battles can be used, while character animations are fluid and lifelike. Gunfire effects and intense background music play well with the game, too. Though Conflict: Desert Storm doesn?t compare to other warlike games in the same genre, the title is still worth a weekend rental.
Game Revolution (Oct, 2002)
Conflict: Desert Storm is a dangerous mission, but I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. Despite its flaws, it certainly puts up a good fight...though I'm sure you'll find it to be just another mission among the many you've completed before. That's all for now. Dismissed.
GameSpot (Oct 07, 2002)
Desert Storm has a couple of neat ideas, and it's among the first Xbox games to attempt to deliver deeper, more tactical combat than, say, your standard first-person shooter. But the interface and poor control are bigger enemies than the game's Iraqi soldiers ever are, and in the end, this is a game you can surely live without.