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    Kidnapped by the ruthless Emperor Velo and forced to race in his galactic coliseum, Crash must race his way to victory in order to save the Earth from destruction. But, it won't be easy ... He must compete against foes both old and new before a final showdown with Velo himself!

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22294) on Sep 09, 2010. - N-Gage (German):
    Der Imperator Velo und die vergnügungssüchtigen Aliens seines Reiches haben Crash und seine Freunde entführt, damit sie in ihrer galaktischen Arena an Rennen teilnehmen. Doch sie werden nicht allein sein, da er auch Dr. Cortex und seine Gefährten erwischt hat. Beide Teams machen gute Miene zum bösen Spiel, da sie die Zerstörung der Erde befürchten. Dr. Cortex und seine üblen Gefährten planen, Velo in einem klassischen Showdown zu bezwingen und als Eroberer zur Erde zurückzukehren. Doch erst müssen sie es mit Crash und dem Bandicoot-Team aufnehmen, deren Ziel es ist, die Bösen zu stoppen - und nach Hause zurückzukehren, um endlich mal wieder auszuschlafen.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Nov 12, 2005. – Nintendo GameCube:

    Who stole the bacon?

    The ever-grinning Crash Bandicoot drops the hammer and roars around the track in Crash Nitro Kart, a classic Kart-style combat racer for the GCN.

    The legendary Crash and his lead-footed marsupial teammates, Coco and Crush, have been kidnapped and imprisoned by the evil Emperor Velo. To earn their freedom and save the planet Earth, they'll have to race their karts across several worlds to appease the Emperor and a coliseum packed with odd aliens.


    • Choose between racing with Team Crash or Team Evil, each with 3 unique racers.
    • Open-ended design allows you to unlock and travel between 17 tracks on five worlds.
    • Light up the competition with a fearsome array of weaponry you can snag while whizzing around the track.
    • Defensive shield powerups defend you against enemy assault.
    • Pick up fruit around the track to supercharge your Kart.
    • Grab a group of friends (or enemies) and check out the multiplayer mode. Smoke your foes in Race Mode or clash with them in Battle Mode, which offers battle types like Last Kart Driving, Crystal Grab and Steal the Bacon.

    Gameplay in Crash Nitro Kart follows the same addictive formula that has made the Kart-racing genre so successful and fun, although several features give it unique appeal. The course design is average, but the environments have a lot of interactivity--creatures grab at your kart from the sides of the course, jets of flame shoot out from traps and the tracks are packed with jumps, shortcuts and secrets. In addition to the ability to power slide around corners, karts can hop to collect floating item boxes and leap over pits and obstacles. The adventure mode features 17 tracks spanning five worlds, giving the game a good amount of replay value.

    Bottom Line

    Kart racing freaks, Crash Bandicoot fans and casual weekend racers looking for more addictive kart competition will appreciate Crash Nitro Kart's fun gameplay, pretty environments and wide selection of tracks.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Jul 17, 2005.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:


    Crash hits the track in his most fast-paced adventure yet! Kidnapped by the ruthless Emperor Velo and forced to race in his galactic coliseum, Crash must race his way to victory against foes both old and new to save the Earth from destruction.

    "... looks amazing..."
    - PLAY Magazine

    Speed your way over 18 incredible raceways and arenas

    Race as virtually any character in the Crash universe

    Bumper-to-bumper multiplayer action for up to 4 racers

    Dust your opponents with devastating weapons

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69437) on Mar 01, 2005.
    Crash makes like Jeff Gordon.

    Crash makes like Jeff Gordon.

    The ruthless Emperor Velo as bandicoot-napped Crash and forced him to race against enemies old and new. The stakes couldn't be higher: if Crash fails, he can say good-bye to planet earth.


    • 12 tracks
    • Four unique worlds, including jungles, volcanoes and space stations
    • 19 characters, including Crash, Crunch, Coco and Dr. Cortex
    • Each racer rated for speed, acceleration and turn
    • Three difficulty levels
    • Mode 7 graphics
    • Two- to four-player multi-Pak action via Game Boy Advance Game Link Cables
    • GCN connectivity
    • Solo players can advance through tracks in Adventure mode, compete for cups in Arcade mode or race against the clock in Time Trial mode
    • Turbo boosts, TNT, homing missiles, invisibility and more power-ups
    • Soundtrack features bouncy music and comical comments from rivals

    The tracks may be flat but they're well-designed, with lots of big jumps, branches, hazards and sharp turns. The backgrounds and racer sprites look great, but the tracks themselves tend to be pixelated. Success depends on catching as many of the plentiful zippers as possible.

    Bottom Line

    It was only a matter of time before a character named Crash got his own kart game. The result is a fast, fun GBA racer that the bandicoot's fans will enjoy.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Dec 25, 2004.

Press Release:

    Top character-based video game franchise returns to the racetrack in latest installment from Vivendi Universal Games

    LOS ANGELES (November 11, 2003) – Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) today announced that Crash Bandicoot®, one of the top character-based franchises in video game history has returned to the racetrack, as its newest title, Crash Nitro Kart’, ships to retail stores today. Showcasing beautiful next generation graphics, Crash Nitro Kart combines the best elements of classic kart-racing games by offering an excellent combination of gameplay, speed, characters, weapons and story. Developed by Albany, NY-based studio, Vicarious Visions, Crash Nitro Kart is available on PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube’ and Game Boy® Advance video game system.

    "With Crash Nitro Kart, our development team has created new gameplay dynamics, while maintaining the quality and innovation that has made this $700 million franchise* a huge success," said Luc Vanhal, President & COO, North America, Vivendi Universal Games. "The new Crash title introduces team play to the kart racing genre, along with injecting more strategy into the Adventure Mode, providing gamers with a truly invigorating racing experience."

    In Crash Nitro Kart, the irrepressible marsupial is kidnapped by the ruthless Emperor Velo and forced to race in his galactic coliseum. Crash must race his way to victory in order to save the Earth from destruction. This won’t be an easy task, as Crash must compete against foes, both new and old, before a final showdown with Velo himself.

    Product Features: Speed over 18 incredible, high-speed raceways throughout four unique worlds including jungles, volcanoes, futuristic cities, space stations and more Multiple modes of intense multi-player action allows up to four gamers to race against each other Arena Editor function lets gamers create fully customized Battle Arenas for action-packed multi-player battle Awesome single player action over Adventure, Arcade and Time Trial modes offer hours of rousing game play Devastating weapons including Homing Missiles, Mines, Tornados and more allow gamers to turn enemies into dust Play as virtually any character in the Crash universe Transforming karts that adapt to their environment

    Rated "E" for Everyone, Crash Nitro Kart is currently available on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube for a suggested retail price of $49.99; and on the Game Boy Advance for a suggested retail price of $29.99. For sales and ordering information, customers can visit

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