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A new, but very old game. Exodia85 (2133) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Overall User Score (11 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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GameZone (Aug 14, 2002)
Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller is not just the third game in the series. The "three" in the title also stands for the number of courses that are available: Glitter Oasis (a brand-new course developed specifically for Crazy Taxi 3), West Coast (from the first game) and Small Apple (from Crazy Taxi 2). Glitter Oasis is so much fun that most developers would have released it as a stand-alone title.
Consoles Plus (Sep, 2002)
Crazy Taxi 3 reste un excellent jeu, très axé arcade, et toujours aussi délirant. Malheureusement, le manque d'innovation fait que la série s'essouffle quelque peu.
Crazy Taxi revolutionized driving games with its clever delivery-based gameplay and non-linear environments. Since then, we’ve had GTA III take things one step further. While Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller doesn’t do anything different than the first two installments, it’s still one of the best Xbox games to come out this year.
SegaFan.com (May 04, 2004)
Para quienes nunca han jugado en profundidad a un Crazy Taxi ¿a qué estáis esperando? éste es el mejor capítulo de toda la saga, original y muy divertido, una experiencia que ningún jugador debería perderse. Pero aquellos que ya se han pasado los dos entregas anteriores, o no son muy entusiastas de esta serie, no les llamará tanto la atención este título, solo recomendable para quien quiera probar los mejores minijuegos de la saga y correr por las antiguas ciudades ahora con nuevas zonas, técnicas y pasajeros. En todo caso, tenemos al mejor Crazy Taxi de la serie, con las mejores pruebas de Crazy X y bastantes extras, aunque siga siendo, en su esencia, más de lo mismo, pero optimizado.
4Players.de (Oct 17, 2002)
Selbst als verrückter Taxifahrer der ersten Stunde springt auch beim dritten Teil von Segas kurzweiliger Fun-Racer-Serie der Funke wieder über. Die technische Umsetzung ist zwar recht mäßig und die Neuerungen beschränken sich auf ein zusätzliches Szenario, vier neue Cabbies und zwei Dutzend neuer und recycelter Mini-Games, aber das unverwüstliche Spielprinzip und das unkomplizierte Gameplay sorgen nach wie vor für einen hohen Sucht- und Spaßfaktor.
GameSpy (Jul 22, 2002)
Stripped to its barest of essentials, Crazy Taxi 3 offers you the chance to assume the role of a ramped-up superstar cab driver with a distinct and bizarre vocal style (such as the blathering "shut up and moove yo butt!" of BD Joe) as they start their convertible cab, and dash madly around massive fantasy facsimiles of San Francisco ("West Coast"), Vegas ("Glitter Oasis") and New York ("Small Apple"), and attempt to pick up fares within a time limit. Fortunately for the on-duty cabbies, it seems everyone needs a ride to any of the dozens of landmarks across the town, whether it's a quick dash uphill to the helipad, or a weave through windy tarmac to the KFC for some gray processed slab meat.
GamePro (US) (Jul 23, 2002)
Crazy Taxi 3 is something of a "greatest hits" package. The environments from the first two games (West Coast and Small Apple) are joined by the new Las Vegas themed Glitter Oasis, which features the same core gameplay as before: race around town, picking up passengers and dumping them at their destinations as quickly as possible. Before you can really rock at the main game, you'll need to master moves like powerslides, turbo starts, and well-timed jumps. You'll have to run the gauntlet of Crazy X, a collection of challenges that will teach you these techniques, and although the controls feel tight, it takes time to find a rhythm.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Apr 03, 2005)
Crazy Taxi 3 ist ein witziges Spiel und wer die ersten beiden Teile nicht kennt muss hier einfach mal einen Blick drauf werfen. Die Spielidee und die krasse einfache Action bringen viel Fun. Wer die Dreamcast Teile wie ich monatelang ausgiebig gespielt hat, wird schon enttäuscht sein. Man kommt sich vor, als ob man einfach nur jetzt die DC Fassung in die Xbox einlegen kann. Die Grafik ist nicht schlecht, aber man hätte doch mehr aus der Xbox rauskitzeln können. wer dieses Spiel irgendwo günstig abstauben kann, sollte aufjedenfall zuschlagen.
Netjak (Oct 03, 2002)
Crazy Taxi 3 is a darned good game for those new to the whole series. Its got addiction, action, and guys wearing speedos waiting to get dropped off at the clothing store. It has a few minor slowdown problems and limited number of levels, but it is still worth a purchase for the new fans. I cannot speak to those who played the previous games, to them, rent it first, and see how you like it.
The Next Level (Jul 30, 2002)
If you have grown sick of Crazy Taxi or didn’t care for it in the first place, this game will do nothing at all to sway you. However, if you loved the first and maybe even second one and simply can’t get enough, this game will add plenty to tide you over for quite some time. Based on the age-old arcade style of always improving your score, there’s no way to “beat” the game and so there is always a challenge awaiting you: yourself.
Gaming Target (Aug 09, 2002)
The original Crazy Taxi quickly became a Dreamcast classic, offering an addictive and unique arcade-style experience that was unlike anything ever seen on a home console. Then came along the game’s low-key sequel, the aptly-titled Crazy Taxi 2. CT2 brought us two entirely new cityscapes, a cast of new drivers, and the addition of the Crazy Hop, a technique that gave the player unprecedented freedom to explore the city and discover shortcuts.
Gamesmania.de (Sep 23, 2002)
Wer Crazy Taxi 1 kannte, kennt auch Teil 3. Die Änderungen gegenüber dem Vorgänger sind leider mit der Lupe zu suchen, so dass einem fast alles altbekannt vorkommt. Wer daher einen der Vorgänger in seiner Softwaresammlung hat, braucht Teil 3 definitiv nicht. Der Zahn der Zeit hat kräftig am Gameplay gekratzt, ein paar tiefgreifende Veränderungen wären nötig gewesen, um den alten Spielspaß für längere Zeit wieder zu entfachen. Zumindest ein Multiplayermodus hätte drin sein können; "The Simpons: Road Rage" zeigt, dass so ein Spielmodi auch bei so einem Game mächtig Laune machen kann.
VicioJuegos.com (Mar 12, 2005)
Esperemos que la próxima entrega de la saga, quién sabe si ya para las consolas de 256 Bits, veamos ampliadas las posibilidades de una saga, que actualmente se ha estancado, o al menos que las novedades jugables nos hagan ilusionarnos o disfrutar tanto como lo hicimos con el lanzamiento del primer Crazy Taxi.
X-Power (Nov 18, 2002)
Is Crazy Taxi nu de moeite waard om aan je collectie toe te voegen ? Ja en nee. Ja, omdat het ongetwijfeld de beste en meest complete versie van Crazy Taxi tot nu toe is. Voor mensen die nog nooit een Crazy Taxi speelden en eens zin hebben in een arcade spel is dit een goede keuze. Nee, omdat het niets toevoegd aan de reeds bestaande Dreamcast versies. Voor de mensen die één van de eerste twee versies reeds in hun bezit hebben, is deze Crazy Taxi de investering niet waard. Het Xbox-only level Glitter Oasis is leuk maar de West Coast level van Crazy Taxi 1 is nog steeds ongenaakbaar in leveldesign en fun. Aan jou dus de keuze.
Kombo.com (Jan 08, 2006)
In the end Crazy Taxi 3 is a mixed bag and hard to recommend for everyone. It is more of the same, but not in a prettier package. That is not to say it is a bad game, it’s not, but it has its share of problems. Fans of the series will either love it as much as the other original two or feel incredibly letdown by its dated presentation, rushed feeling, and lack of anything really new. Gamers who have not experienced Crazy Taxi will likely find the game to be fresh and fun, and it is for them that I recommend the game for more strongly.
GameSpot (Jul 23, 2002)
Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller for the Xbox has everything from the previous two games. It has the West Coast and Small Apple levels, all the previous two games' cab drivers, the same frantic action, and the minigames from Crazy Taxi 2. It also has a brand-new circuit, the Glitter Oasis (modeled after Las Vegas), four new drivers for that course, and a lot of new minigames. That sounds like a lot of good stuff, but unfortunately, that's about all there is. If you're a huge fan of Crazy Taxi, or if you've never played any of the previous games, you may find a lot to like about Crazy Taxi 3--if nothing else, it's a compilation of the previous two games that improves upon those games' maps and gameplay. However, if you're not a huge fan or a newcomer to the series, you may find that Crazy Taxi 3 doesn't have much more to keep you coming back.
Jeuxvideo.com (Sep 19, 2002)
Sega se repose un peu trop sur ses lauriers et ce qui est finalement le plus surprenant dans ce Crazy Taxi 3 c'est précisément qu'il ne le soit pas. Voilà une chose à laquelle Sega ne nous avait pas habitué. Les fans ne trouveront pas vraiment de quoi étancher leur soif de nouveauté et les newbies qui s'éclateront sûrement devront d'abord surmonter une réalisation indigne de leur machine. Le concept est bon mais ça fait quand même mal aux dents. Une saga qui s'essouffle ?
IGN (Jul 22, 2002)
It's strange how a game can have new mini-games and even a big new level and still feel old. Fans of the Taxi series will probably pick this up no matter what I say. For those who have never experienced Taxi before, the game will likely come off as a fresh new experience. But for us old hats, this one-trick pony is getting a little stale. The mini-games are still the best part of the series, but here they will end up being pretty easy once you have command of your Taxi skills. Plus, some of them are straight from previous versions of the title, which is plain cheap.
Men faktum kvarstår: Crazy Taxi är redan i originalutförandet ett alldeles strålande arkadspel för hemmabruk, och här får vi så många och underhållande taxiresor för pengarna att det är svårt att klaga. Om det här spelet är köpvärt eller inte beror alltså helt och hållet på hur mycket tid du har spenderat med de båda Dreamcast-delarna.
Had Crazy Taxi III: High Roller been released on the Dreamcast, its overall score would have been lower. While the graphics would be more impressive were they the same on that elder platform, the gameplay has shamelessly been recycled. As the series is new to the Xbox, this is a great purchase for those who’ve yet to tackle Crazy Taxi in any form, and certainly a worthwhile party game if you want to have your system running and set up so that it’s easy to learn without becoming the focus of the night. If you’ve rolled down these streets before, be advised that there’s virtually nothing new under the desert sun, and that one new area does not a satisfying sequel make.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 14, 2002)
The clunky XBox controller makes executing special moves harder than they should be. While many Crazy-X challenges are pretty lame (pop balloons, jump through hoops), a few are undeniably fun. I especially enjoyed the one where you need to move down the football field with dozens of cars plowing into you! If you've never played Crazy Taxi before, bump up the grade up to a 'B'. For the rest of us, this taxi is running out of gas.
Game Revolution (Jul 01, 2002)
Crazy Taxi 3 does very little to distinguish itself from its predecessors, which might be its point. Those were successful games, and I guess Sega figured it if wasn't broken, there was no reason to fix it. Unfortunately, that doesn't really cut it for a game that's now about 2 and a half years old. While still fun in certain doses, the seduction is waning, and Crazy Taxi 3 is running on empty.
Meristation (Oct 30, 2002)
Crazy Taxi vuelve, sólo para Xbox, con todos los elementos que le hicieron triunfar hace 2 años: velocidad, osados conductores y una gran metrópoli a la que prestar servicio. Lamentablemente, esta tercera parte repite la explotada fórmula de sus dos antecesores, no añadiendo novedad alguna...
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Dec 31, 2002)
Rather than call it Crazy Taxi 3, Hitmaker would have been more honest if it had dubbed it 'Crazy Taxi - The Dead Horse version'. This time around you get all the moves of the previous games, one new city to drive around in 'Glitter Oasis', based on Las Vegas, and 'revised' versions of West Coast and Small Apple; the two cities featured in the previous incarnations. And that's not all, you lucky, spoiled people. You even get four new drivers, and all eight of the previous drivers.
Crazy Taxi 3 is a bad game. Crippled by an amazingly obvious and horrible audio bug and an utter absence of multiplayer, it would have taken an amazing title to recover from those deficiencies, which Crazy Taxi 3 is not. Incredibly simple and plain normal mode is alleviated only somewhat by a few entertaining mini-games. Either get Grand Theft Auto 3 on PS2 or PC, or give a hundred bucks to a real taxi driver and see if you can encourage him to do some crazy stunts. Just don't buy this game.