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Brutal and mundane in one, it's a bag of tired clichés, and little more. Really not worth bothering your arse about.
49 (Jan 18, 2006)
So, what’s left to say? With a simple yet wholly deficient control mechanic that renders fighting anything but entertaining, a supposed free-roaming environment that’s somewhat limiting, poorly executed graphics and characters, and laughably bad sound, Crime Life: Gang Wars is barely worthy of the bargain bucket—and with its reduced price tag, it’s almost there already. A more attuned and original storyline, defined and accessible controls, subtle attention to the rudiments of animation, and a genuinely talented voice cast could have seen the emergence of a far better game. As it is, Crime Life: Gang Wars is probably best avoided.
Cheat Code Central (Dec 12, 2005)
The cutscenes are among some of the worst acted I've ever seen. The writing is equally as amateurish as the acting. Never mind the bad grammar, but the whole hip hop vernacular is just cliché after bad cliché. The tunes aren't bad but like the game they lack originality and polish. Don't let the Xbox Live fool you, there is no multi-player mode - no one would want to play this game that long. Instead, you just log on to the network to tell the world what a damn fool you are for buying this game.
Worth Playing (Feb 16, 2006)
If the game's tone makes it seem that it's confused about its own approach to its gangsta subject matter, Crime Life: Gang Wars manages to clarify one point: Whether you're supposed to chuckle at the writing or take Tre's quest at earnest face value, either way, it's not too much fun to play. With the simplistic, repetitive missions and a story that frequently assaults even the least-demanding ideas of what makes sense, Gang Wars is just one more unfortunate reason to be wary the next time you approach a game that uses street justice as an excuse for some thin, ill-conceived action.
Darkstation (Nov 29, 2005)
You all know I don’t normally rate games at this low of a score, but Crime Life: Gang Wars is a game that just couldn’t be placed in any other category. Even at the budget title price, this game would be a complete waste of your hard earned cash. If the developers do go for a second shot on this franchise, I would hope that they would go away from being a budget title and do this game the justice that it could have had.
TeamXbox (Dec 07, 2005)
Looking for a videogame title that showcases urban street life in all of its glory? If so, please look elsewhere. Anywhere else. The “is it so bad it’s funny, or just that bad” vibe runs rampant throughout this title, from the ridiculous “fighting” engine, to horrendous visuals, and absolutely laughable dialogue. There are few redeeming qualities about this title, as its in-game quotes about the rise of gangs in America become ridiculously mute after someone actually experiences the game, and the source material, when dealt with in a less slapstick manner, could be ripe for an awesome game. There is no reason to rent or purchase this title, even at its reduced price tag, as the combat leaves far too much to be desired, the visuals are perhaps the worst on the Xbox, and the overall production value is nil. Can ya dig me playa?
IGN (Nov 29, 2005)
Following in the vein of recent releases on the Xbox like Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance and 187 Ride or Die, Crime Life: Gang Wars continues the tradition of overly thugged out games being less than stellar. Granted, Crime Life isn't the same kind of game as 187, which was a driving combat game. It's more akin to Beat Down in that you'll spend most of your time roaming around city streets and engaging in random fights with rival gangs, innocent pedestrians, and pesky police officers. You'll get missions, get money, take over new territory, and command gang members. Unfortunately, the fighting system is so boring you'll likely never bother to progress very far.
Crime Life: Gang Wars is not a good game. It’s not even a good bad game, like the ones you tell jokes about at parties or the ones that cause the downfall of companies. If you ever have the misfortune of playing this game, you will want a way to erase all traces of it from your memory, but unfortunately that technology isn’t around yet. You have been warned.
35 (Nov 23, 2005)
Loin de se percher sur l'avant-poste du jeu de gangster/chef de bande, Crime Life : Gang Wars reste dans les arrière-boutiques du monde vidéoludique tant ses fondements manquent de crédibilité. Pauvre, répétitif et limité, le titre de Konami ne parvient pas à exploiter ses quelques bonnes idées et semble afficher une violence purement gratuite dans l'espoir de se créer un public rompu à du matraquage basique, et une sorte d'aura de subversion usurpée. La rue est trop petite pour tant de monde.
GameZone (Dec 14, 2005)
The gangster life has certainly been getting a lot attention from game designers this year and with so many urban hip-hop flavored gang banging games already available they’re becoming a dime a dozen. Most recently we have seen some bad gangster games (like 187 Ride or Die and Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance) and a really good one (The Warriors), so now Konami throws in their very own take with Crime Life: Gang Wars. Trust me when I say that this war really isn’t worth fighting.
I have no idea how Konami expects to sell more than six copies of this game. The members of D12 might buy it to put it in some self-idolizing shrine, but nobody else should go anywhere near it. It’s the kind of bad game where you wonder if the developer didn’t even come up with the idea, but it was pushed upon them by D12, who likely paid them to make a game about the band. Who knows, but it’s crap, and I ask all of our readers to stay away from it (even at its $20 price) to send a message to game studios that we don’t want any more of this crap arriving on shelves.
I am so very sick of “gangsta’” games. Oh, it’s not that I’m averse to the topic matter. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a solid game, and even dating back to the NES days games like River City Ransom married themes of gang warfare with great gameplay. Unfortunately, the gangsta’ thing has become the new WWII in videogames, in that titles like these are a dime a dozen, most are completely lacking originality, and only a select few are any damn good.
GamePro (US) (Dec 21, 2005)
The mind numbs along with your thumbs. Though the streets fill with indistinguishable enemies, clogging the frame rate, you'll never find the excitement you crave amid the mechanical melee, only a dull realization that you can't tell which thug is yours, and that you don't much care.
Game Chronicles (Mar 11, 2006)
If you like tasteless "edgy" games that have mind numbingly repetitive gameplay, then Crime Life: Gang Wars is right up your alley. If you're looking for an exciting, controversial game about urban violence, stick with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or The Warriors.
GameSpot (Dec 08, 2005)
The only word is "wow." Crime Life: Gang Wars is one of those rare games that is so mind-blowingly terrible that seeing it action is enough to make you crazy. With Crime Life, several questions immediately come rushing to the front of your mind. How did this game get approved for release? Didn't anyone realize that it looks like a slightly filtered PlayStation game? Does Konami actually expect to turn a profit on something so terrible? But while the questions come easily, the answers are hard to come by. There's more detail to be found in this review, but really, the only thing you need to know about Crime Life: Gang Wars is that you shouldn't play it.
GameDaily (Dec 15, 2005)
As for, yeah right. Look, let me sum this up. The only reason I even wasted my time with Crime Life: Gang Wars is because it's Christmas, and I felt it would be a gift to you if I endured this piece of crap and warned you of its total lacking ability. It's sad to see a game get released that has zero appeal, or, for that matter, a point. What's even sadder is that it comes from the house that Kojima-san built. Sigh. This is the worst game of the year and one of the most unappealing games of this generation, and it'll take a lot for Konami to climb out. But not to worry, Metal Gear Solid 4 is on the rise, and you know damn well that Snake is going to put piss-poor Tre and his Headhunterz in their place of oblivion.
Just imagine for a second that you wanted a GI Joe action figure for your birthday, but instead someone bought you that shoddy, odd-looking doll dressed in army fatigues with a Spider-Man head from the dollar store. Crime Life is the bargain bin version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
GameSpy (Dec 05, 2005)
There are a multitude of reasons why kids should avoid the gangsta lifestyle, although Grand Theft Auto clone Crime Life: Gang Wars makes a compelling argument that the best reason to stay off the streets is that they're just so -- boring. Indeed, if this game is representative of rap posse D-12's actual standard of living, we'd assume keep ourselves planted firmly on our couches, where it's more exciting. Not that Crime Life doesn't feature its share of bloodshed, but the action itself is so dreary and jumbled, it's hard to get worked up over it. The haphazard implementation of the few good ideas in here, combined with ugly production values, makes looking for any diamonds in this rough a worthless endeavor.
Crime Life: Gang Wars is one of those classic “me-too” games that tries to copy everything a successful game has done, and yet completely botches it. There’s just nothing even slightly likeable in the game – players are more likely to have fun banging their heads against a wall or cleaning rubbish on a highway than they’ll have with Crime Life.