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    DANCING STAGE UNLEASHED™ is a game that combines quick reflexes and timing with dance music. You have to press the directional buttons or Directional Arrows on the Dance Mat Controller that corresponds to the arrow(s) that appear on-screen. The correct dance arrow must be played when it reaches the permanent arrows inside the Step Zone. The Step Zone for each player is located in the upper part of the screen. Build up your dance meter and continue to the next stage by successfully completing the dance steps. However, if you continually miss dance arrows, the meter level drops. If the meter reaches zero, the game will end.

    • Xbox Live lets players download new songs & dance steps, compete head-to-head, and view player rankings.
    • All-new Challenge Mode offers a completely new dancing experience
    • Choose from over 35 tracks
    • Training Mode is present for those who need some practice!
    • Customize your own dance routine with Edit Mode
    • Get in shape in Workout Mode
    • Compatible with Dance Mat Controller (sold separately)
    • The ultimate dancing game combining fun, excitement, competition, choreography and a great workout!

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22291) on Sep 09, 2010.