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It's tough to distinguish between this and the PlayStation 2 version I reviewed, and that’s…okay. Mirra 2 is a sweet game, no matter which controller you're holding in your hands. Of course, I'd rather be holding the Dual Shock 2 than the hamburger-like Xbox controller, but this version's lack of pop-up evens things out. It's good enough; it's smart enough; and – doggone it – freestyle fans will like it.
Consoles Plus (Mar, 2002)
Bien qu'il soit vraiment agréable, cette conversion ne propose finalement que trop peu d'innovations pour devenir une véritable référence.
Gaming Target (Mar 15, 2002)
The thing that stands out most in my mind, however, is quite simply the fun-factor. I played this game for hours on end without feeling bored or too frustrated, as though each level is harder than the previous, it widens your trick-arsenal and increases your skill as you go.
GameSpy (Jul 03, 2000)
Although Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 isn't any sort of earth shakingly impressive title for the Xbox's launch, it's a solid, trick based BMX game. Good control, mixed with decent graphics, and a wide variety of truly huge and impressive courses should satisfy any player in search of an extreme sporting fix. If you're looking for an alternative, or accompaniment to Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x, Mirra 2 is just the thing.
78 (Apr 18, 2002)
Dave Mirra 2ist ein ausgezeichnetes "Gute-Laune-Spiel". Viele Moves, Aufgaben, belebte Level und eine angenehme Lernkurve verleihen der stark überarbeiteten Präsentation das nötige Leben. Allerdings ist Acclaim's Extremsport-Spiel auch in der zweiten Generation wieder einen Schritt von der Spitze des Genres entfernt und so besteht keine wirkliche Sucht-Gefahr.
Game Revolution (Feb 16, 2002)
Dave Mirra 2 is very deep for an Xtreme game. The level sizes, moves list, and challenges are extremely expansive. If you decide to give this one a try, be prepared to spend a lot of time with it. It's a pretty fun ride.
GameSpot (Nov 13, 2001)
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 does not suffer from any single huge, crippling flaw; rather, a handful of smaller problems plague the game and keep it from achieving BMX greatness. If you're looking for some BMX action, you could certainly do worse, but Acclaim and Z-Axis could certainly do better.
Gamezilla (Jan 04, 2002)
Boasting a whopping 1,500 tricks to perform, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 pushes the mark on trick quantity. However, the amount of glitches and quirks that occurred became too much of a frustration. The immense levels provided variety and personality to each location but, once again, you still need to control your rider as he moves from section to section, performing tricks along the way. Controls outside of executing tricks were frustrating and views were at times dizzying. With its strong point on quantity, Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX 2 fails on the quality of rider control and in distinct graphics.
65 (Mar 06, 2002)
Mais ne soyons pas trop exigeants. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 n'est peut-être pas le jeu à se procurer en priorité sur la nouvelle console du père Billou, mais il reste tout de même un bon produit qui comblera les attentes des amateurs de la discipline avec son bon mode multijoueur et son éditeur de parks.
TeamXbox (Jan 03, 2002)
Mirra BMX 2 is plagued by many flaws in the control system and in collision detection. Graphically the game gets the job done, and the many modes make the game worth checking out. But the few flaws it does have renders the main mode of play virtually useless. You’ll have a tough time unlocking new tracks and you’ll frustrate yourself to the point of throwing the controller out of a window. It still is a great game for multiplayer, and worth at least a rent to all the BMX fans out there.
The Next Level (May 10, 2002)
These problems are what make the potential of Dave Mirra 2 just out of reach. The creative, mission-based ProQuest mode, huge levels, custom soundtrack feature, and remarkably deep level editor all seem superfluous once the game's flaws get in the way. Had Z-Axis allocated enough time into alleviating the problems herein, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 could have been a serious contender for the extreme sports crown. Until that time comes, Tony Hawk will still be sitting pretty.