Written by  :  MAT (179171)
Written on  :  May 07, 2004
Rating  :  2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars

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How Crazy Are You?

The Good

Dark and dangerous looks, deadly weapons, enemies to be feared, and fight to the death... Dead or Alive 4!!! Or so the girls have thought ;)) No, no tournament at all this time, not deadly one anyway. One of the reasons for my getting Xbox was Shenmue II... the other one was this beauty. As new as I could possibly be in this, I entered the world of DOA franchise with only one thought in mind... "this has gotta be some relaxation or pleasureful game"... and believe it or not, 'tis exactly what this game is. There is no real goal to it, no real fighting, no deadly arenas to enter, but a far away remote tropical island with the known contestants of Dead or Alive tournaments. Only this time, the better half of our gender, only. Soundtrack includes various artists and it fits quite nice most of the way, and ability to play your own tracks is really great. The voice acting was perfect... and so cute, left fully japanese with subtitles. And views... well, views are exotic alright, in every sense of the way. It is a perfect game to play over the hot summer, when you're out of air conditioner, with nothing but a cold beverage to cool you off, not to mention it's far more affordable than a ticket to Hawaii.

The Bad

The opening cinematic alone is so tempting and beautiful that one (and that very one am I in this case) may assume he can find such things in a game. But no, no seduction, no provocative scenes, and nothing of a sort are you to find in the game, sigh. This makes you wonder why is this game rated for mature since top it basically has (one assumes you didn't master the "topless" mode) is a pack of beautiful girls sunbathing, swimming, and playing volleyball.

The Bottom Line

Xtreme Beach Volleyball features:
  • extreme beaches with lots of volleyball
  • Kasumi, showing you just how cute volleyball can be
  • Hitomi, showing you just how shapeful volleyball can be
  • Ayane, showing you just how determined volleyball can be
  • Tina, showing you just how hard volleyball can be
  • Leifang, showing you just how fast volleyball can be
  • Helena, showing you just how fierce volleyball can be
  • Christie, showing you just how deadly volleyball can be
  • Lisa, showing you how you can easily forget about volleyball
  • a two week vacation on Zack's island, with lots of exotic views
  • abilities to change angle, zoom in/out, and rotate camera during Gravure movies
  • hot bikinis and accessories to buy, making your, ahem, character enviable by any girl in the room
  • a really detailed textures, and breathtaking ingame graphics
  • nice moves during volleyball or jumping game
  • very nice moves during resting time
  • ability to see various tapes containing various DOA concepts
  • various artists soundtrack with ability to use custom soundtracks