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Dead to Rights (Xbox)

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Dead to Rights Credits


Executive in charge of ProductionJesse Taylor
Associate ProducerAlvin Muolic
Lead Programmer Andy Beale
Technical LeadCameron Tofer
Lead Technical ArtistMichael Johnson
Lead World ArtistPierre Roux
Character ArtistsAnthony Mars, Jenny Ryu
Lead AnimatorJason Baker
AnimationYanick Lebel, Pierre Avon, Nathalie Bauilleul, Anne Laure Bataille, Jeremy Delchiappo, Pierre Delrieu, Laurent Helmlinger, Frédéric Kontogom, Emmanuel Linot, Santiago Narveaez, Jean-François Szlapka
Motion Capture TalentLisa Kellog, Chad Stahlski (Smashcut), David Leitch (Smashcut), Justin Reimer (Smashcut)
Voice TalentChristopher Bruno (as Jack Slate), Patrick Dollaghan (as Dick Hennessey), Rebecca Riedy (as Hildy Razwell), Steve Susskind (as Mayor Pinnacle/Cop), Jennifer Griffin (as Gloria Exner), Granville van Dusen (as Fahook Ubduhl/Weight Lifter), Greg Eagles (as Preacherman Jones/Rafshoon Diggs), Christopher Bay (as Kip Waterman/Cop), Jeannie Elias (as Eve Adams), Roger Rose (as Augie Blatz/Tattoo/Fat Chow), Oliver Muirhead (as Patch/Marvin Silt/Gofer/Speedbag Thug), John DiCrosta (as Wireboy/Timmy/Thug), Ed Smaron (as Sickle/Cop/Thug/Pilot), Matthew Kaminsky (as Johnson/Thug), Kevin Killebrew (as Big Arm Tony/Thug)
Intro Cinematic by ATTITUDE STUDIOS
Written and Directed byAntoine Charreyron
ModelingJeremy Delchiappo, Jerome Gordon, Jérôme Brack, Philippe Raoux
Game System ProgrammingSean Chuu, Matthew Gosling, Richard Jobling, Gordon Speirs
Lead CinematicsMichael Hulme, Michael Kennedy
CinematicsDavid Wells
Conceptual ArtKhari Evans
Level DesignStephen Bourdet, Paul Guirao, Kraig Horigan, Mike King, Michael A. Lubuguin, Brian McInerny
WriterFlint Dille
StoryFlint Dille, Andre Emerson
Script AdaptationMichael Kennedy
Project PlannerHeather Thompson
Additional Project ManagementMike Lescault, Robert Zalot
Additional ProgrammingJeff Hall
Additional Level DesignScott Crisostomo, Kyle Mannerberg, Aaron McClay, Mark Sau, Craig Ward
Post SoundFor GDH Digital -
Supervising Sound Editor/Lead MixerGordon D. Hookailo
Sound DesignPaul Menichini, Roy Braverman
ProgrammingDanny Burbol, Gil Colgate, Mike Waltman
Foley ArtistReid Woodbury
Post Sound For Weddington Multimedia -
Executive Director/Supervising EditorBrian Min
Sound Designer/Foley Artist/Field Rifle and Gun RecordingsSteve Lee
Field Rilfe and Gun RecordingsGeorge Simpson
MusicKevin Manthei, KMM Productions
Additional MusicKevin Riepl, KMM Productions
Motion CapturehOuse of mOves
Technology GroupJed Adams, Brian Leake, Roman Scharnberg
Texturing / Lighting / CompositingBruno Baron, Yves Bosson, Jérôme Brack, Philippe Fournier, Eric Frechoux, Bruno Larde, William Ratajczak, Robert Urbanczyk
EditingJean-Jacques Benhamou, Antoine Charreyron
Production DirectorsRisa Cohen, Sandrine Nguyen
Sound: SUPER‑SONIC ProductionsJulien Bonvicini, Jean Holtzman, Tristan Essyad, Bruno Langiano
ATTITUDE would like to thankBoris Hertzog, Jean-Paul Lopez
Quality Assurance ManagerBrian Schorr
Project CoordinatorJames Guirao
Lead AnalystRyan Chennault
Assistant Lead AnalystPhilip Cohen
CQC TeamMichael Peterson, Daryle Tumacder, Christopher Stanley, Matthew Peterson
QA AnalystsDave Asiasi, Ray Barrera, James Barron, Mark W. Brown, Raymond Chung, Jason Cole, Anthony Duarte, Robert R. Ely, Adrian Escultura, Dan Hernandez, Levi Hill, Timothy Johns, Erick Lenfers, Eddie Lockhart, Jesse Mejia, Saul Montes, Josh Riemersma, Eric Rossi, Glen Seward, Michael Stevens, Dan Tovar, Doug Uno, Chester B. Vergara, John Hsia
Director of MarketingStacey Hirata
Product Marketing ManagerJim Atkiss
Public RelationsHugo Reyes
World ArtistsWesley Cann, Fei Cheng, Edwin Gomes, Brian Levy, Behrooz Roozbeh, Joe Salud, Tim Y. Tao
Special ThanksGarry Cole, Robert Ennis, Yoshinori Homma, Berry Kane, Daniela Ruiz, Tim Bradstreet, Joe DeVanon (@ Abrams Artists), Larry Hummel (@ International Creative Management), Jarrod Phillips (and the staff @ House of Moves)
Package and Manual DesignPrice Desgin Team
Additional Character ArtBig Sesh Studios
Tools and SupportCynthia Monter, Lane Terasaki
Lead Artist and Character DesignerHoang Nguyen
Produced byAndre Emerson
Directed byAndre Emerson

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