Deathrow Credits (Xbox)

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Deathrow Credits

SouthEnd Interactive

President / Producer / Programmer / Co-founderAnders Jeppsson
Lead Programmer / Co-founderDaniel Jeppsson
Lead 2D Artist / Co-founderPeter Ekstrand
Lead 3D Artist / Co-founderMagnus Bergholtz
Lead Texture Artist / Co-founderLenny Olsson
AI ProgrammerJohn Mancine
Lead Animator / 3D ArtistRodrigo Cespedes
2D/3D ArtistWilly Bartels
Sound DesignerMagnus Jansén
Engine ProgrammingDaniel Jeppsson
Game Play and Additional ProgrammingDaniel Jeppsson, Anders Jeppsson, John Mancine
Arena ModelingMagnus Bergholtz, Lenny Olsson
Arena TexturingLenny Olsson, Rodrigo Cespedes
Character Modeling & TexturingPeter Ekstrand, Willy Bartels
Character AnimationRodrigo Cespedes
Sound Design / Recording / EditingMagnus Jansén
Intro MovieMagnus Bergholtz, Lenny Olsson, Rodrigo Cespedes, Peter Ekstrand, Willy Bartels

3rd Party Project Management

EMEA Director of DevelopmentAnne Blondel-Jouin
ProducerMatthieu Boulard
Game Content ManagerMichel Momcilovic

Ubisoft Quality Assurance

Worldwide QA ManagerÉric Tremblay
Lead TesterPascal Gauthier
TestersYan Charron, Jean-François Dessureault, Ahmad Jamous, Patrick Melançon, Ludovic Murat, Yann Provencher, Hanz Tabora, Antoine Thisdale


DirectorCoralie Martin
Project ManagerLoïc Jacolin
Voice acting Artistic DirectorEddie Crew
CastAndy Chase (NukeHeads/First Blitzers), Bruce McEwen (Sand Raiders/Protectors/Disciples), David Gasman (Announcer/Crushers/Marines), Lee De Long (Seacats/Marines), Gay Marshall (Sand Raiders/Black Dragons), Matthew Geczy (Convicts/Demons/Black Dragons), Derrick Brenner (Blitzers/Mercs/Sentinels)

Music & Sounds

Sound ProducerSylvain-Luc Brunet
Creative ManagerManuel Bachet
Sound EngineerMartin Dutasta
Music byNovocaine.p
JinglesLionel Payet Pigeon
Mixed byJeff Ginouves, Pedja Babic

Other contributors

Gameslab ManagerLionel Raynaud
Game AnalystsAlexandre Debrousse, Frédéric Duroc
Ambience ConsultingXavier Penin
Europe 1st Party Approval ManagerRoman Vazeille
US 1st Party Approval ManagerDavid Costello
Data ManagementGuénaëlle Mendroux, David Picco

Publisher: Ubi Soft Entertainment

CEOYves Guillemot
International Production DirectorChristine Burgess-Quémard
International Director of DevelopmentAlexis Godard
International Content DirectorSerge Hascoët
International Content ManagerFabrice Pierre-Élien


European Marketing DirectorLaurence Buisson-Nollent
Brand Group Manager EMEALaura Hatton
Brand Manager EMEAVincent Munoz
Brand Manager EMEA AssistantJulien Galou
Brand Management U.S.A.Tony Kee, Karen Conroe, Sarah Ohring, Randy Gordon, Jag Kanda, Alison Moy, Pete Jacobs, Melissa Wilks
Brand Management FranceClémence de Bailliencourt
Brand Manager UKDoug McConkey
Brand Manager GermanyRonald Kaulbach
Brand Manager ItaliaChristian Born
Brand Manager SpainOriol Rosel
Brand Manager NetherlandsMichiel Verheijdt
Brand Manager Nordic countriesAlice Miethe
Brand Manager AustraliaMichael Gale
Brand Manager BelgiumVanessa Leclerc
PR Manager U.S.A.Sean Kauppinen
PR Management FranceSophie d’Almeras, Emmanuel Carré, Pascal Lecointe
PR Manager UKLouise Gabriel
PR Manager GermanyNiels Bogdan
PR Manager NetherlandsMichiel Verheijdt
PR Manager SpainNatalia Garcia Leaniz
PR Manager ItaliaDavide Latina
PR Manager Nordic countriesLene Hovej
PR Manager AustraliaOwen Hughes
PR Manager BelgiumVanessa Leclerc

Special Thanks to

Axelle Verny, FKGB, Ludi Factory

Motion Capture

Services byMoCap Copenhagen
Motion Capture ProducerHenrik S. Fog
Mime ArtistStephen James Back

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