Written by  :  MAT (179129)
Written on  :  Mar 23, 2004
Rating  :  3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars

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Capcom Strikes Back

The Good

|personal opinion - what I like about this game|
I was impressed by the level of details in Dino Crisis 2 already, but this one takes all the cake pieces. Not only is the graphic so top-notch and high-poly (if it ain't, believe me, you won't notice so it doesn't matter), but you can switch to first-person view similar in MGS2 (which means, you cannot walk in first-person mode, shoot, of course, you can try) to see all the details you may otherwise miss. And the textures are really clear. May be the fact there isn't much open space, but then again, in which horror-survival game is it? Game takes place both indoors and outdoors and space textures are quite alright to boost up the feeling you're nowhere near the solid ground. The game's speed is astonishing, and be this 3D, it still looks amazing and just proves that japanese developers can easily conquer a foreign console just as easily. Battles are quite fun yet not too hard with the right reflexes ability. Carefully designed plan gives you only a handful of different enemy types, no more than you will fight different bosses, which present innovative and intriguing challenge. As a fan of cinematics, I can assure you there's plenty of those in this game, almost to be able to compete with MGS2, and some of them are quite neat and dynamic, achieving the feeling you're watching a sci-fi movie with some ability to interact. Physics in this game are nice and extras such as zero gravity levels and jet pack are quite neat touches.

Overall opinion: 0/1/2/3/4/(5) stars.

The Bad

|personal opinion - what I don't like about this game|
The final boss battle does feel very out of place. No matter the experiments and such, but seeing an alien dino that can function in vacuum really makes no sense at all. It was quite expectable to battle that one in the end, but still, it ruined what could've been a truly terrific experience.

The Bottom Line

|general opinion - what other players can expect to find in this game|
It's a horror-survival and it comes from Capcom. The third in the Dino Crisis saga, this time we don't follow the story of Regina (alas), and the game is set onboard a long-lost ghost ship that is heading towards Earth. Your task - stopping it by any means necessary. Due to proceeding further, you'll encounter various logs and notes that will explain you whatever has happened onboard the ship, and what are all those dinos doing onboard this ship. With feeling like in action movie on a level of Aliens, you will get ahold of controls that will be almost as fast as those in DMC, which means - more action stunts, really quick thinking and most attention to reflexes when the battle takes place. Technically, this game doesn't have more action than Dino Crisis 2, but nothing less either, so whoever enjoyed the prequel and owns an Xbox has no restrictions to try this game out.

The game features:
  • on the fly switchable 1st/3rd-person perspective (inability to walk in first-person view, though)
  • shiny looking graphic with high level of details (don't count on proper looking character shadows, though)
  • lots of action and fast-responding controls for a horror-survival game, getting very close to DMC
  • handful of cinematics extending the story and creating a theatrical feeling (really lots of cinematics)
  • only a few different enemies, and a few bosses that you will most likely have to fight twice each
  • ambient suspense music during gameplay and orchestral symphony during ship-formation cutscenes