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Disney's The Haunted Mansion (Xbox)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Disney's The Haunted Mansion Credits

Published by TDK Mediactive, Inc.

Executive Producer Vincent J. Bitetti
Executive Producer in Charge of Production Steve Ryno
Senior Producer Tim Goodlett
Producer Gabriel Jones
Assistant Producer Ryan Kaminaga
PD Coordinator Adeline Petros
Brand Director Chaz Fitzhugh
Senior Brand Manager Stephanie Ackerman
Quality Assurance Director Donn W. Nauert
QA Lead Tester Erik van Rooy
QA Senior Tester Greg Manley
QA Team Derek Bly, Joshua Brass, Michael Chang, Jimi Doss, Kevin Faubert, Nam H. Kim, William Kus, Chris Lee, Shawn Mayer, Mariano Merino, Mischa Pollack, Andrew Schmidt, Ryan Schwarz, Shannon Schwarz, Jeff Sferra, Brandon Sherman, David Yasno
PresidentShin Tanabe
COOShin Tanabe
CFO Martin Paravato
Executive VP, Sales & Marketing Michael Devine
Executive VP, Business Development Daniel Kletzky
Director, Business Development Andy Babb
VP, Operations Lorena Billig

Licensed from Disney Interactive

Senior Producer Chris Takami
Producer Keith Hargrove
Assistant Producer Jaime Serrano
Senior Clearance Administrator Tamira Webster
Marketing Manager Nichol Bradford
PR Director Angela Emery
Marketing Director Robert Picunko
Promotions & Synergy Manager Deborah Lawson
Special ThanksDon Haun, Sanae Barber, Christine Cadena, Nancy Cho, Brett Dicker, Chris Drews, Ryan Fons, Steve Gilbert, Graham Hopper, Tom Kier, Sanjeev Lamba, Susan Lambert, Angelica Lassiter, Sasha Lord, Cherise McVicar, Georgia O'Conner, Jack Pan, Lance Porter, Jeff Powers, Claudia Ross, Scott Seifert, Mark Tucker, Dan Winters, Dave Wong

Developed by High Voltage Software

Producer Tim Shymkus
Lead Programmer Jerome Karaganis
Lead Artist Cary Penczek
Lead Designer Sean Riley
Programmers Enrique Conty, Brant French, Mark McNeill, Pradyut Panda, Jason Petersohn
Artists Damion J. J. Davis, Gray Ginther, Jorge Hernandez, Bill Jacoby, Thomas Robins, Angel Ruiz, David Seabaugh
Designers Josh Bear, Sean Lynn, David B. Pellas Sr.
Sound Michael Caisley, Timothy D. Schlie, Tim Stasica
Tools & Technology Cory Bloyd, Todd Kuehnl, Christopher McCue, Kevin Meinert
Quality Assurance Andrew Cundiff, William Golz, Jonathan Krusell, Eric Stoll, Chris Tarczon
CFO/Founder Kerry J. Ganofsky
President John W. Kopecky
VP of Software Development Jesse Helton
VP of Creative Content Eric Nofsinger
Director of Technology Brett Bourbin
Executive Producer Kevin Sheller
Design Director Tom Smith
Audio Director D. Chadd Portwine
Office Manager Margaret M. Bohlen
IT Director Raymond E. Bailey
IT Specialist Ryan Kellerman
Motion Capture Red Eye Studio
Special ThanksJason Baysingar, Brad Bowling, Ryan Cashman, Jessa Carlson, Patrick Dolan, Mark Gants, Mike Henry, Carlos Mendieta, Corey Stisser

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