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A great first person shooter! BogdanM (1197) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars
Why does Hell need first aid kits? Jordan Owen (15) unrated

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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.7
Overall User Score (32 votes) 3.7

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I don't know how they did it, but Vicarious Visions deserves accolades for their hard work. Not only does DOOM 3 equal the standards brought by the PC version, it ranks up there with Halo 2 (despite that game's horrid ending) and Return to Wolfenstein: Tides of War as the best 1st person shooters available on the Xbox. My only request is that they will also release the recent PC expansion Resurrection of Evil as a possible Xbox Live download. It will be well worth the download cost.
GameSpy (Apr 03, 2005)
Although DOOM 3 is, by and large, the same game that appeared on the PC a few months ago, the developers at Vicarious Visions (and, by extension, id Software) seem to understand the differences between PC and console gamers, and they managed to craft a game that is more about blasting demons than exploring dark hallways. This might sound like a bad change, but it actually makes for a more streamlined game, barely offering the player time to catch his breath. Everything about the game looks great, especially the amazing lighting engine and realistic textures. Ultimately, however, it all comes down to the seamless world the title creates. It's so engrossing that you may just find yourself looking over your shoulder when it's time to turn off the lights and go to bed.
1UP (Apr 01, 2005)
I watched the intro, so I know the following: There's an evil-looking, possibly totally nuts scientist running the labs here on Mars, and there are some government types coming to visit—and they're not happy with the "progress" because people keep turning up dead. Or worse. And believe me, as the game goes on, you get to see a lot of fates worse than death.
Game Chronicles (Apr 04, 2005)
At its core, Doom 3 is nothing more than a twitch-fest for the reflexes and an assault on your senses. It might not break new ground or explore new facets of gameplay, but Doom 3 does deliver the scariest ride of your life, wrapped up in one of the nicest presentation packages of any Xbox game to date. This Game of the Year contender is a must own title for any action-horror fan.
Deeko (2005)
A brilliant amalgamation of gameplay, graphics and sound, Doom 3 is a terrifying journey into the unknown, an adventure fraught with peril and horrifying moments that will make the manliest of men shriek like a twelve year old girl. Folks, games really don't get much better than this and I highly recommend picking this one up (especially the Collectors Edition).
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Apr 10, 2005)
DOOM III ist ein absoluter Meilenstein der Videospielgeschichte und ist jetzt schon ein Klassiker im Ego-Shooter Genre. Die Atmosphäre ist unübertroffen und noch nie in einem anderen Spiel wurde sie auch nur annähernd erreicht. Die Grafik lässt sogar HALO 2 alt aussehen und die Spielbarkeit ist extrem genial. Für alle Xbox Besitzer ist DOOM III ein absoluter Pflichtkauf. Nur Angsthasen lassen das Spiel im Rega stehen!!!
GameZone (Apr 04, 2005)
Be afraid of things that go bump in the night. But if the thing bumping is you, then be even more afraid of the things that chase the things that go bump in the night.
IGN (Apr 03, 2005)
With developers taking their design cues from Half-Life and Halo in the past few years, it's curious to see id Software revert to its roots with Doom 3. The very first Doom, sitting on the shoulders of Wolfenstein 3-D, which launched the first-person shooter craze in 1993, was a simple yet brilliant game in many regards. It had no manual Y-axis, so you couldn't look up or down. Enemies cheaply popped out of hidden doorways as you passed them. Very little of the environment was interactive. And the visuals, while maybe good then, are distinctly painful to view now.
DarkZero (Oct 07, 2005)
Overall, this game is a technical masterpiece, although it doesn’t bring anything new to the first-person shooters genre. My advice would be to sit on your own, close the door, turn the lights off, put on some headphones and prepare to give hell a visit.
DOOM 3 has lost little in its translation from the PC to the Xbox. Some of the original complaints will continue to be heard, as this game's still dark as hell and full of the same monster-spawning tricks. The multiplayer modes are plentiful, though, and the total package is very high quality. Add the classic DOOM ports in the Collector's Edition version and we've got an excellent game ported masterfully to the Xbox, and it's got plenty of action for you and your friends to blast through.
Daily Game (Apr 17, 2005)
Vicarious Visions and id Software have achieved a technological feat, one that ensures Doom 3 fans who just happen to own an Xbox can have that devilishly delicious cake and eat it too. Translating the PC game’s graphics and audio, plus adding an online cooperative mode, may in the end make Doom 3 on Xbox the Doom of choice for most gamers. Considering the PC version required a supercomputer to run, Doom 3 on Xbox is more approachable, more robust and, ultimately, a more-complete game. If you missed out on Doom 3 the first time around, and if The Ring 2 didn’t give you quite the scare you were looking for, Doom 3 is calling your name.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Apr 01, 2005)
Doom 3 till PC hade massor av skön teknik, men någonstans fanns det ett glapp mellan det gamla hederliga röjarupplägget och den överläbbiga omgivningen som tvingade spelet ner i snigelfart. Ensamläget på Xbox höjer farten ett steg, co-op ytterligare ett par. Då handlar det inte längre om att fly för livet, utan att tillsammans med en kompis och en hagelbrakare röja upp i Helvetet. Precis som det ska vara. Det här är helt enkelt hysteriskt kul. Doom 3 har blivit det spel det förtjänade och efter att sänkt ett par Cyberdemoner fruktar jag inte längre någon sorts flygande bröd överhuvudtaget.
90 (GAF) (Apr 08, 2005)
Overall, DOOM 3 is a great game. It can get a bit repetitive, and you often find yourself saying “you can’t fool me, game, I know there’s gonna be something popping up here;” but overall it is a fun experience that no FPS fan should miss. DOOM 3’s old school FPS savvy and new school graphics make for an entertaining experience, and the online co-op mode that was not in the PC version helps add to the value immensely.
PlayDevil (Aug 22, 2005)
"Doom 3" is a masterpiece, for PC and for X-Box! If you have a bit more money to spend, I would definitely go after the 'special silver edition' of the game since then you'll get Ultimate Doom and Doom II too! A 'hell' of a game!
Xbox Gazette (Apr 16, 2005)
Doom 3 est une réelle réussite, par ses graphismes fabuleux, son ambiance unique et terrifiante. Malgré son gameplay très simpliste, la recette fonctionne admirablement. Avec son mode Xbox Live et surtout la coopération exclusive à cette version, nous ne pouvons que vous conseiller de goûter à ce titre. Le portage sur console est donc d'une très bonne facture, malgré le raccourcissement des niveaux par rapport à son homologue PC, en raison de la puissance respective des machines. Nous n'avons donc pas grand-chose à reprocher, bien au contraire. Il vous faudra bien évidemment vous adapterà cette vision de jeu, tout le monde n'accrochera pas; mais une expérience vécue dans le noir le plus total aux heures de minuit avec un casque sur les oreilles vous offrira certainement une montée d'adrénaline conséquente. Demandez donc un peu d'aide à une âme charitable via le Xbox Live si cela ne vous convient pas.
90 (Sep 08, 2005)
Doom is back - looking and sounding better than ever. This first-person shooting sci-fi horror masterpiece features a dramatic storyline, heart pounding action, terrifying sound and truly incredible graphics. Doom 3 also features online play via Xbox Live, which includes the eagerly-awaited intense 2-player online co-op. Great single player campaign, but not for the faint hearted.
Doom 3 is like experiencing Doom for the first time. If you're a first-person shooter fanatic you will not want to pass up this opportunity to live or relive the Doom experience the way it was meant to be experienced.
90 (Apr 20, 2005)
August 2004. Die texanische Spieleschmiede id Software bringt nach fast vierjähriger Entwicklungszeit das ambitionierte Ego-Shooter Projekt DOOM 3 auf den Markt. Neuartige Licht und Schatteneffekte und hohe Hardware-anforderungen machten das Spiel schnell bekannt. Und auch die ungemein düstere Atmosphäre konnte viele Kritiker rasch überzeugen. Doch Konsolenspieler gingen bis dato leer aus. Nun endlich ist die schon länger angekündigte Xbox-Version aber fertig und wartet auch gleich mit Xbox Live Unterstützung auf.
TeamXbox (Apr 03, 2005)
PC Gamers have had their hands on what has been called the most horrifying shooter ever created since last year, and now Xbox players will be able to take part in what is easily id Software’s best first-person shooter to date. With the PC version having been released last August, console players have had to remain patient as the Xbox version developed by Vicarious Visions is just now hitting the store shelves. At first thought, we might have been too eager to play, hoping to have both versions of the game released at the same time. As it has turned out the extra time not only allowed Vicarious Visions to fine tune and design the Xbox version of DOOM 3 to run optimally on the console platform, but it has also enabled Xbox players to experience id’s Hellish nightmare with all the ferocious intensity of the PC version along with a few new features and gameplay modes that are exclusive to our big black box.
Purely in terms of gameplay, Doom 3's lack of ambition is astonishing. Id Software's latest first-person shooter doesn't just remind you of its infamous decade-old forefathers—it is the same damn game. Demons spawn ahead of you or suddenly pop out of "monster closets" behind you as you cross invisible lines. Locked doors wait for you to find keys or kill all nearby enemies before opening. Bad guys beeline at you with all the intelligence and subtlety of a charging bull. Every weapon in your huge arsenal is straight out of the FPS handbook, save one novelty item at the end of the game and the series' trademark chain saw. None of this is necessarily a bad thing, mind you—the classic guns and timeless twitch gameplay are the reason Doom went on to define the genre after all—but in this age of Riddicks and Halos, it's a bit disappointing.
GamingExcellence (May 11, 2005)
At the end of the day, while DOOM 3 may be a contradiction in every sense of the word, it does more things right than it does wrong. The game exudes quality and you can easily see that it was a labor of love. Fans of past DOOMs will appreciate the effort and enjoy every step of the journey. New gamers, not previously initiated to the DOOM Universe, can do a lot worse than picking up the Collector’s Edition and discovering where FPS’s started and seeing first hand what the blueprint to greatness really is. As it stands, DOOM 3 is a brilliant game that refuses to be modernized. DOOM 3 is about running and shooting and taking a breath-taking journey through Hell and back. While the flashlight gimmick runs a little old after a few hours, it doesn’t lessen its effectiveness. Hours spent on DOOM 3 are some of the most nerve racking imaginable.
ActionTrip (Aug 04, 2004)
Players who are expecting a Halo killer will be disappointed as the action here is not quite so frenetic and the maps are much more claustrophobic. However, that being said, Doom3 for the Xbox should be a title that all FPS fans should add to their library. Thanks to a few new features like the co-op play and some in game tweaks, like the streamlining of some of the slower parts of the game, it turns in a solid performance.
XBox Front (Apr 03, 2005)
„It´s done!“ Nach mehrjähriger Entwicklungszeit und etlichen Verschiebungen liegt uns endlich die Finale Version von „Doom 3“ für die Xbox vor. Schon nach der Veröffentlichung der ersten Screenshots, frohlockte die Spielergemeinde; so zeigten diese unglaublich atmosphärischen Grafiken, welche ein Spielerlebnis erster Güte versprachen. Kurze Zeit darauf lies „id Software“ die Katze aus dem Sack und kündigte eine Umsetzung für Microsofts Xbox an. Informationen zur Umsetzung wurden nur sehr spärlich preisgegeben, was die Neugierde der Konsolenspieler ins Unermessliche schürte.
GameSpot (Apr 04, 2005)
Extremely impressive from a technical standpoint yet behind the times from a first-person-shooter design standpoint: This is the dichotomy that is Doom 3, the long-awaited sequel from well-known Texas-based developer id Software. Less than a year after it exploded onto the PC in the dead of summer, the game is now available for the Xbox, boasting a new two-player cooperative mode that really helps round out the experience, and which probably should have been in the PC version to begin with. Perhaps more importantly, those amazing good looks survived the translation to the Xbox well intact--along with pretty much everything else.
84 (May, 2005)
So while Doom 3 is an ultra-sexy diversion with enough substance to fill the id nay-sayers' mouths, I don't see it standing the test of time the way Doom does. The mod and online communities will ensure the game's longevity, and a well-earned buzz will likely continue on for a half of a decade or so. But after the smoke has cleared, I still see myself going back to Doom. Doom 3 has an undeniable hedonistic appeal, but Doom brings me a deeper level of pleasure. Doom 3 is glamorous, but Doom cooks a better breakfast. Doom 3 is an exciting fling, but Doom is the game I see myself waking up to ten years from now.
84 (Apr 29, 2005)
“Beauty is skin deep”, they say. The ugly ones believe this in all their hearts and the hot momma’s use such a statement to proof that they do have some brains. Whatever you think about it, there is a certain truth in it. Doom 3 however tends to be part of the hot momma’s like Paris Hilton; blond, hot but oh so stupid. But sometimes a man wants nothing more but pure enjoyment without any complications, just action all the way and Doom 3 certainly delivers on that factor.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 03, 2005)
The surround sound is impressive; the crystal clear moans and footsteps build a sense of paranoia (are those footsteps mine?) There's no auto-save feature, but you can initiate a save at any point, and there's even a handy "quick save" button. My biggest disappointment came when I attempted to play the much-ballyhooed two-player cooperative mode with a friend. Sadly, there's no split screen version, so you'll need two copies of the game. Otherwise, I really enjoy playing Doom 3. It may lack the variety and long-time play value of Halo, but you can't question Doom 3's sheer intensity and top-notch production values.
Game Revolution (Apr 14, 2005)
Doom 3 for the Xbox might not do much new, but it still does what it does very well. It looks great, plays good, takes a nice 20 hours or so to complete and it's genuinely scary, which is all you really need to have a good time. I wouldn't swap it permanently for Halo 2, but it's perfect for a weekend romp. Just don't let Master Chief find out you've been messing around.
82 (Apr 16, 2005)
Genau wie bei der PC-Version entfesselt Doom 3 auch auf der Xbox ein Wechselbad der Gefühle. Die Jagd durch den marsianischen Stahlsarg ist anfangs enorm spannend, verkommt aber nach einigen Stunden zu einer eintönigen Ballerorgie. Die gruselige Atmosphäre wird zwar oft von clever inszenierten Schockmomenten aufgelockert, aber Gänsehaut stellt sich nicht mehr ein, wenn einem immer das gleiche Konzept serviert wird: Raum betreten, Licht geht aus, Monster erscheint, Monster ist tot, Licht geht flackernd wieder an. Zwischendurch wird diese Monotonie immerhin dank einprägsamer Erlebnisse durchbrochen, aber trotzdem fehlt die Abwechslung, die Riddick z.B. so einzigartig machte - auch Halo 2 bietet bessere Unterhaltung für Einzelspieler. Unterm Strich bleibt Doom 3 auch auf der Xbox ein unheimlicher, aber recht monotoner 3D-Shooter mit tollen Schockmomenten und klasse Grafik.
80 (UK) (Apr 12, 2005)
And that, for me, is one of the things that even people who like it will admit is principally disappointing: it's pretty much a one-way trip, and probably a bit too long with too much faffing before it all goes red. Riddick, Halo, Half-Life 2 - these are games you can play again and again and find new things. In Doom III it's hard to find anything fundamentally new on the second level. It does bigger and redder, but it doesn't do much in the way of variation. Whether you should buy it or not is a question of whether you like what it isn't varying.
Console Obsession (May 31, 2010)
Doom 3 definitely deserves full points for atmosphere and graphical polish, as a faraway hellish planet is the only place we found ourselves in during the course of the title. The game only suffers during the campaign, which may be a little too long-running for its own good, or perhaps we just got a tad sick of all those dark corridors. Either way it’s still a great, and absorbing game with a creepy atmosphere.
80 (Apr 15, 2005)
Je pense que l'on peut être déçu par Doom 3. À part des graphismes de toute beauté et une bonne ambiance, il ne révolutionne pas le genre. Il se contente simplement de nous resservir le même plat mal réchauffé. On avance, on tire et … c'est tout. On est donc devant un FPS sans surprise qui contentera les joueurs avides d'action pure. Sa réalisation à la hauteur de la puissance de la Xbox permet toutefois d'en faire un titre impressionnant.
Factornews (Apr 11, 2005)
Au delà des pertes logiques dues au hardware de la Xbox, le jeu d'Id est toujours aussi efficace. Alors certes, on pourra gloser sur la définition des textures, le nombre de polygones des models et la taille des maps, mais le fait est que ce Doom III Xbox délivre exactement la même expérience que la version PC, ni plus ni moins. De la flippe à couper au couteau, des kilos de tripaille à étaler sur les murs et une ambiance étouffante à souhait... Que demander de plus ?
JeuxActu (Apr 19, 2005)
Attendu par un grand nombre de fans, Doom III ne déçoit pas. Cependant, malgré une très bonne réalisation graphique et sonore, le jeu pêche par son manque d’originalité. La succession de couloirs interminables, des armes déjà vues dans la série, un gameplay sans finesse et un mode Xbox Live perfectible l’empêchent d’atteindre des sommets, comparé à un Halo 2. Et pourtant malgré ses défauts, Doom III est une expérience à vivre grâce à son ambiance terrifiante et sa réalisation visuelle épatante.
GamerDad (Nov 20, 2005)
Doom III is surprisingly conservative. Sure, it's always going to be controversial when you pit the player against the forces of hell, litter rooms with blood stains and dead bodies, and render zombies out to tear flesh but, well, Id Software didn't really use inverted crosses this time and you aren't rewarded for killing innocent people (like in Quake 2). Id is growing up and obviously imitating Valve and Half-Life here and the maturity helps the game feel more cohesive.
X-Power (May 02, 2005)
Al bij al is Doom 3 is nogal simpel te noemen. De game bestaat voor het grootste gedeelte uit een patroon van donker kamertje in, verschillende monsters die overal vandaan komen verslaan, ammo, health en PDA's zoeken/pakken en dan de volgende kamer binnen gaan, waar dit patroon zich weer herhaalt. Dit patroon van kamertje in, kamertje uit wordt af en toe aangenaam onderbroken, vaak door eindbazen, kleine minigames of korte levels die zich in de buitenlucht afspelen. De makers van Doom hebben dus duidelijk niet gekozen om een revolutionaire shooter te maken. Dit geeft niet, aangezien niet elke game baanbrekend hoeft te zijn en in dat opzicht doet Doom 3 wel wat het beloofd heeft. Een enge, claustrofobische shooter afleveren waarbij je nooit het gevoel hebt veilig te zijn. En als het je niets uitmaakt dat dit effect bereikt wordt doordat de game donker is en dat vijanden vaak opeens te voorschijn komen omdat ze worden "getriggered" als jij langsloopt, dan is Doom 3 een game voor jou.
80 (Sep 04, 2005)
Doom 3 is almost perfect in so many crucial categories- amazing graphics, excellent sound, and one of the industry’s greatest engines. Perhaps that’s why it’s so disheartening to see the piss-poor Campaign and Xbox Live competitive modes nearly ruin the entire package. I’m not quite sure how Doom 3 was as a PC title, but this version does not feel like it bears the fruit of six more months of work. Doom 3 came with a level of anticipation that suggested it would occupy a spot next to Halo 2 in the annals of Xbox greatness. Turns out they’re not even on the same planet.
80 (Apr 08, 2005)
Cette version Xbox de Doom 3 n'a pas grand-chose à envier à son homologue sur PC. Certes, elle reste évidemment moins aboutie graphiquement mais c'est tout de même superbe. Les développeurs ne se sont pas contentés de faire un simple copié-collé de l'opus PC puisqu'ils ont ajouté un tout nouveau mode coopératif à 2 plutôt sympa. Décidément, ce Doom 3 a bien des atouts à faire valoir et séduira à n'en pas douter les amateurs de FPS. Mais de là à dire que c'est le jeu du siècle, il y a un pas que nous ne franchirons pas. Le titre n'est en effet pas exempt de quelques défauts : les niveaux sont répétitifs, le gameplay semble dater et le problème de la lampe torche que l'on ne peut pas combiner avec une arme agace vraiment.
Good but not great, Doom 3 lacks the epic settings of Halo 2 and whilst it never failed to entertain and scare me right until the end, I found that after a couple of hours play I’d had enough and had to go play something else to “chill out”. This could be a credited to the game’s intense atmosphere, or that I don’t actually like the dark all that much - Halo 2 and Far Cry managed to be plenty scary enough in bright sunshine and Doom 3 just overdid the dark thing to the point of repetition, it’s an awesome game engine but needed a few less dingy and claustrophobic settings to break things up and give the intense gameplay some much needed variety. A game you really should see just to appreciate what your Xbox is capable of graphically, visually it will at times amaze you, whilst noisily scaring your pants off at others.
Gamezine (May 09, 2005)
En conclusion, Doom III peut se vanter d'être le FPS le plus terrifiant et le plus performant graphiquement a l'heure actuelle sur console. Malgré la déception du mode coopératif, il subsiste « l'expérience Doom III » à laquelle tout joueur doit être confronté.
80 (Jun 22, 2005)
Doom 3 is a game that is good in the shooting department and excellent in the making realistic looking monsters that frighten department. Online co-op mode will add replay value, as will the average deathmatch modes, although a little innovation and more players (4 doesn’t cut it anymore, if it ever did) would have added a lot more longevity to them. It comes down to whether you're into getting thrills from aliens popping out of dark corners or not. If you fall into the first category, you can’t do much better than Doom 3.
Extreme Gamer (Apr 21, 2005)
Doom 3 is a visually suspenseful ride that will have you exercising that trigger finger. If you enjoy first person shooters you will dig Doom 3, but overall it doesn't have impact you might of expected. We love Doom 3; but the stories been told. Let's hope the demons finally stay in hell.
Netjak (May 05, 2005)
For the potential that it had, there is no way that it should have turned out like this. I will still take it online for a fun romp now and then with some co-op, but all in all I found myself bored between the scares of monsters trying to kill me. Redundancy is NOT a gamer’s best friend, or a favorable game trait for that matter. Rent it first to be razzled and dazzled by its look and feel, then you’ll realize if this game’s for you. Most of you will be like me and see all they want within that rental period, but that is not to say that some will love this game flat out for its name. Purchase with caution.
To put it bluntly Doom 3 is not a game for deaf gamers as it makes no attempt to cater for deaf gamers and it's a slap in the face for fans of the series that have waited patiently for the game to arrive on the Xbox. Whilst some pieces of information have been given in text the omissions are truly damaging to the game experience and it's these omissions that kill the game as far as deaf gamers are concerned. In short then it's a game best avoided.
HonestGamers (Oct 01, 2008)
Doom 3 doesn't want you to fear for you life: they want you to fear that tile falling off the ceiling for the umpteenth time, or jump at the same clip of scary ambient noise being rehashed over and over. It desires your fear, but is only willing to obtain it cheaply. It doesn't wish to work for it. In my mind, there’s a very clear line dividing the world. On one side stands the people who point to Doom 3’s commercial success and laud it as a triumph. People who don’t mind the lack of challenge, the general dumbing down of the gameplay and the dialling up of the graphics. It’s just another mindless shooter, they say. The people on the other side agree. Doom 3 is nothing more than another mindless shooter, but it’s clear it wanted to be so much more. And it’s not. It's pointless cosmetics-first-gameplay-last software at its worst.