DOOM³ Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

The title screen awaits you!
Your first stop will be the departure lounge?
Some info panels can be downloaded to your PDA. Others cannot.
Your first mission is to fined a missing person in this area.
This little skull is going to cause havoc.
Havoc with the missing scientist!
You need to use lift panels to advance to the next level.
One of the level loading screens
Some Door Access Panels Are Damaged And Are Unusable.
Security terminals can unlock doors and storage lockers.
Info can be found on workers PDA's witch you can find throughout the game.
These robots will help you on certain levels.
Just one of the many zombie workers you will encounter.
Some zombies even have half their heads ripped off!
Even your fellow marines cannot escape the clutches of hell!
Blood and death play a big part in this game.
The kitchen holds more than death.
It holds this jewel of a game! (Looks familiar!)
Some rooms have witnessed a massacre....
While others are just dark and foreboding.
There are lots of dark shafts you will enter (Thank goodness for your torch!)