Drake of the 99 Dragons Credits (Xbox)

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Drake of the 99 Dragons Credits

Idol FX

Game Design LeadStefan Ljungqvist
Additional Game DesignMarcus Thorell, Martin Eklund, Johan Sjöberg
Programming LeadAnders Åkerfeldt, Martin Eklund
ProgrammingAndreas Thorsén, Rikard Herlitz
Game Program Scripting LeadMarcus Thorell
Game Program ScriptingTobias Andersson, Magnus Johansson, Ivar Dahlberg, Jörgen Strömbro
Character Modelling LeadJoel Sundberg, Ville Fredell
Character ModellingMarcus Thorell, Ivar Dahlberg
Level Design Quality AssuranceHenrik Pettersson
Level ModellingMarcus Thorell, Tobias Andersson, Magnus Johansson, Jörgen Strömbro, Krystof Rebkowski, Ivar Dahlberg, Ville Fredell
Textures LeadJohan Egerkrans, Joel Sundberg, Ville Fredell
TexturesMarcus Thorell, Ivar Dahlberg, Tobias Andersson, Magnus Johansson, Krystof Rebkowski, Jörgen Strömbro
Drake Character AnimationMarcus Thorell, Ivar Dahlberg
Character Animation LeadKristian Ström, Patrick Kling
Character AnimationMarcus Thorell, Tobias Andersson, Ivar Dahlberg
AnimationMarcus Thorell, Tobias Andersson, Magnus Johansson, Ivar Dahlberg, Jörgen Strömbro, Krystof Rebowski
Quality Assurance ManagerAnders Strid
Cinematics AnimationKristian Ström, Patrick Kling
Cinematics EditingTobias Andersson, Stefan Ljungqvist
Cinematics RenderingFredrik Brännbacka
Additional Cinematics RenderingJoel Sundberg
Story and ScreenplayStefan Ljungqvist
Additional StoryMichael Stenmark
Screenplay Language EditingDale Donovan
Sound FXJohan Rask, Martin Eklund, Marcus Thorell, Tobias Andersson
MusicJohan Rask, Martin Eklund, Marcus Thorell, Tobias Andersson
Voice RecordingPang Studios ‑ Mario
Voice Talent of DrakeMonte Reid
Voice TalentsIndy Neidell, Tim Earle, Roger Howard, Helen Arnesen
Drake Character Created byStefan Ljungqvist, Johan Egerkrans, Marcus Thorell
Art DirectionStefan Ljungqvist, Marcus Thorell
Concept ArtJohan Egerkrans, Alvaro Tapia
PackagingJohan Egerkrans
Mission Screen ArtJohan Egerkrans
Development Team LeadersMarcus Thorell, Stefan Ljungqvist
ProducerJohan Sjöberg
AdministrationKatarina Gustafsson
Special ThanksJohan Edfeldt, Ulf Andersson, Odd Ahlgren, Mikaela Edfeldt, Family and friends for your support and understanding


Creative DirectorJoseph Sutton
VP of DevelopmentDavid Elmekies
VP of MarketingKen Gold
Product Development ManagerCatherine Biebelberg
Product Marketing ManagerMark S. Rudolph
Assistant ProducerSean R. Scott
Associate Product ManagerRoozbeh Ashtyani
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
Art and PackagingTavio Castrillo, Chris Moryl
QA ManagerJohn Arvay
Lead TesterKevin Kurdes
TestersRuss Mock, Eric Jezercak, Robert Cooper, John D'Angelo, Nick Verhoski, Anthony Mariquit, Robert Boone, Andrew Bado, Steve Macko, Scott Trager, Randall O. Green Jr., Lucio Barbarino, Erica Claeyssen
ManualHanshaw Ink & Image
Special ThanksMorris Sutton, Jesse Sutton, Joey Sutton, Adam Sutton

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