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From Russia with Love Starring Sean Connery as James Bond (Xbox)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Ahhh, Pussy Galore?! Well, who taught you judo? lado (28) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.5
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.9
Overall MobyScore (10 votes) 3.2

The Press Says

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007 – Liebesgrüße aus Moskau setzt die Reihe der sehr guten James Bond-Spiele der letzten Jahre gekonnt fort. Wie schon in „Alles oder Nichts“ präsentiert sich der Geheimagent in absoluter Topform. In den abwechslungsreichen Einsätzen wird ein Actionfeuerwerk allererster Güte abgebrannt. Technisch holt das Spiel vor allem bei der Darstellung von Sean Connery als James Bond wohl das Maximum aus der aktuellen Konsolengeneration heraus. Kritikpunkte gibt es aber auch. So lässt sich das Spiel problemlos an einem Wochenende durchspielen und die an sich perfekte Steuerung versagt in den Automissionen kläglich, zudem wird letztlich nichts wirkliche Neues geboten. Doch allein das Herumfliegen mit dem Jetpack entschädigt für vieles und da der nächste Bondfilm „Casino Royal“ eher untypisch leise werden soll, führt für Fans des smarten Agenten kein Weg an den furiosen Liebesgrüßen aus Moskau vorbei.
Als alter James Bond-Fan war ich natürlich lange gespannt darauf, wie der Liebesgrüße aus Moskau-Einsatz des MI6-Agenten wohl ausfallen wird. Glücklicherweise sind meine Erwartungen erfüllt worden, denn das neuste Bond-Abenteuer hat es richtig in sich. Die cineastische Aufmachung, die gelungene Nachbildung von Schauspieler Sean Connery, das tolle Leveldesign sowie das abwechslungsreiche Gameplay sprechen eindeutig für sich und machen klar, dass James Bond-Einsätze aus den 60er-Jahren auch heute noch ordentlich Spaß machen. Nur zu dumm, dass das Spiel linear aufgebaut ist und einen nicht allzu hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad zu bieten hat. Action-Adventure-Veteranen werden das Spiel daher, trotz gelungener gegnerischer Künstlicher Intelligenz, schnell durchgespielt haben.
UGO (UnderGroundOnline)
There have been many Bond iterations in the past and though this game doesn't touch the hem of GoldenEye, it definitely comes close. From Russia With Love is a great movie adaptation, an enjoyable Bond enterprise, and totally worth the 10+ hours of avid single-person game-play. Though the Death Matches are fun, this game does not have the multiplayer replay value worthy of purchase, but is a fantastic rental for fans of 007 and action.
Game Chronicles
Let’s face it. There hasn’t been a defining Bond game since GoldenEye on the N64. Even when they tried to repackage the “GoldenEye” name with last year’s Rogue Agent game the results were less than stellar. In fact, the only Bond game worth more than a casual look would have to be the impressive Everything or Nothing in early 2004.
Come era facilmente immaginabile da chiunque conosca i giochi ispirati a James Bond del post-GoldenEye (Rare, 1997), anche questo episodio è un tie-in discreto (oddio, forse è il migliore finora), che diverte ed intrattiene gli appassionati o quantomeno i simpatizzanti del personaggio di Flaming, ma sicuramente non lo rigiocherete fino allo spasmo nè gli dedicherete troppo tempo. Per i fan si tratta quindi di un 8 pieno, mentre a chi non piace Bond direi di sottrarre almeno 1 punto dal voto globale.
From Russia With Love is een game voor jong en oud. Alles is vrij simpel gehouden, maar voor die spelers die wat meer diepgang in hun spel zoeken, is er ook wel voldoende inhoud te vinden. Het upgradesysteem is een mooie meerwaarde om de levels niet hersenloos te doorlopen, die de speler ertoe aanzet om verstandig te spelen. De moeilijkheidsgraad is voor elke missie vrij in te stellen zodat je steeds opnieuw kan spelen op een niveau naar jouw keuze. Gedaan dus met die aartsmoeilijke missies! De graphics zijn te pruimen en zelfs de multiplayer (splitscreen) is een aardig leuk tijdverdrijf. We kunnen zeker concluderen dat James Bond: From Russia With Love een spel is dat iedereen de nodige uren fun kan bezorgen, en gelukkig maar, als we enkele vorige misklonen uit de James Bondreeks in ons achterhoofd houden.
GamePro (US)
Any moviephile will tell you that James Bond has changed a lot. Preferences range from the suave androgyny of Roger Moore to Pierce Brosnan's squinting smoothie, but for some, none can match the self-assured Sean Connery original.
Younger gamers might think that the king of espionage is Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher. Sure, he has the cool moves and the funky gadgets, but followers of the international intrigue scene know that James Bond was doing the whole super agent thing while Fisher was theoretically still in diapers and a tiny pair of night-vision goggles. And the true fans know who the real James Bond is. Nope, it's not Pierce Brosnan or the old and bloated Roger Moore. Sean Connery is James Bond. Electronic Arts throws gamers back in time to let them play as Connery's Bond in a highly stylized action romp that's a worthy follow-up to last year's Everything or Nothing.
Daily Game
I've insisted for years that as capable as Pierce Brosnan was, Sean Connery was the true James Bond. You just couldn't escape Connery's debonair, his grace, his ability to be believable both as a world-saving super spy and a dream-dashing womanizer. Connery was Bond, plain and simple. So when the latest 007 game was announced, and Sean Connery was providing both his voice and his Bond-era likeness to the game, let's just say I was a tad more excited than I was about the previous 007 games.
Looking into the goldmine of the Bond legacy, Electronic Arts successfully convinced its licensors that bringing Sean Connery into the fold and re-envisioning an older movie license was a good thing. Agreed. The second Bond movie fits the British spy film formula to a tee, with its recipe of shooting action, car chases, and high-tech gadgetry. It's a license that Rare was able to flesh out well with GoldeEye 007, but one that EA has had some difficulty with over the years.
Game Informer Magazine
Even with the man who created the 007 persona back in the starring role, this sequel just can't measure up to the standards of excellence set by the Bond films or by the action game genre in general.
Game Informer Magazine
From Russia with Love is fun, but lacks the vigor that made Brosnan's final game outing a blast.
EA has a mixed history with their James Bond franchise. Rogue Agent couldn't really appeal to anyone but with a topgame like Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo64 as base it's hard to offer more than expected. Everything or Nothing was a step in the right direction and it's the same way they've ran with the newest Bondgame: From Russia with Love.
Digital Entertainment News (den)
I just don’t get this latest trend of games based on old movies. The Godfather, Scarface, The Warriors, From Russia With Love… anyone old enough to have seen these films when they came out likely either doesn’t play videogames or at least knows that licensed videogames have a less than shining reputation. I suppose James Bond has a little more traction here, with films in the series still being released. Still, there have been more memorable Bond films to tap, particularly those starring Connery.
Cheat Code Central
Unless I'm wrong, but I'm usually not, we are witnessing the death of the movie industry as we know it. The future generations will be amazed to learn that we used to watch movies and didn't play them. From Russia With Love may not be unique in many gameplay respects but its accessibility is certain to help shape the future of entertainment.
A well-dressed gentleman steps out of his Aston Martin DB5, walks inside, weaving his way through the crowd like a shark trolling for his dinner. As he steps to the bar, "Shaken not stirred." Seems like the classics never die, and Electronic Arts chose a good one to bring back. For this latest installment of the 007 games, they went all the way back to the beginning of Bond, and hired Sean Connery to reprise his role as the super agent. Like many others, he's my favorite Bond. From Russia with Love is a decent game, but it seems to be aimed at the fans more than the super-elite first-person shooter experts, and you know what, I like that! This one's all about style, that classy old school 1960's Bond style. From the very beginning of the game, it presents itself exactly like the movies do. You're dropped right into the story. Only once you've completed that first level, do you get to see the opening credits. EA went to great lengths to keep the movie style of 007 intact.
The end result is a game that tries too hard to stay out of your way. Everything or Nothing was a game that didn't try to trip you up too much, mostly for the sake of keeping its exciting ride moving at a brisk and enjoyable pace. From Russia With Love lacks much of that excitement, thus making its simplicity stick out like a sore thumb. It certainly has its periodic thrills, but they're interspersed over a lot of shooting-gallery-like combat that doesn't require an ounce of skill on your behalf. Bond fans should find a pretty solid rental in From Russia With Love--provided they're not too sensitive to the rewrites EA made to the storyline--but it's probably not worth taking the plunge as a purchase.
Let me be subtle. This game blows and my disappointment with it is limitless. Just skip it and play "Everything or Nothing" again. But invite a gypsy over to play it with you. Trust me, it will blow your mind. And for the right price, something else too.
Au final, on a quelques pincements au coeur en découvrant tant de possibilités sacrifiées on ne sait trop pourquoi. Ceux qui rêvaient d'un gameplay à la Quitte Ou Double dans une atmosphère oldie en seront pour leurs frais, car si toutes les actions sont là, une seule est utilisée : celle du tir. Un usage curieux d'une licence qui a pourtant l'habitude de faire dans le simple sans pour autant oublier le subtil.
Worth Playing
From Russia With Love is an immersive game, but it's just too bad that the gameplay at the core of it is so ho-hum and bland. If you played Everything or Nothing and liked it, then good. Cherish those memories or replay it because other than its classic setting and Sean Connery, From Russia With Love doesn't have anything that you haven't seen before and seen better.
From Russia With Love is a rather unimaginative Bond title that simply goes through the motions. What it does, it does pretty well, but when the now two-year-old Everything or Nothing boasts a better overall gaming experience, something has gone a little wrong. Fans of the movie will probably object to the butchered plot and you'll often wish for a little more variety in the gameplay, but the package is sleek enough to provide some solid entertainment throughout its short duration.
From Russia With Love lyckas inte leva upp till de lyriska omdömena om den avlägsna släktingen Goldeneye; det är för ordinärt för att spelmässigt frammana betyg i de högre regionerna. Å andra sidan skickar den sköna 60-talskänslan och Connerys närvaro smilbanden ett par grader norrut. Han är dock långt från fornstora dagar; Bond är väl dryga 30 men låter som en gubbe, pratar... nej, sluddrar den grövsta skotskan i karriären. Nåväl, detta är ett stycke duglig underhållning, särskilt om man tycker Connery är den rätta Bond, men sammantaget är jag varken skakad eller rörd.