Written by  :  MegaMegaMan (2285)
Written on  :  Dec 26, 2004
Platform  :  Xbox
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For a cheap cash in on a classic it's not that bad.

The Good

Its Bond. Who doesn't love Bond? If you do there is no need to say more but if you don't it doesn't matter because this whole game revolves around a "Rogue Agent" cast out of MI6 for reckless and violent behavior. The games graphics aren't bad, there not great but there not bad either. The game features two control schemes "Classic" which is basically the Goldeneye 64 controls and "Precision" which is pretty much a direct take on the Halo controls. Being an evil character you get to take hostages and use them as human shields as well as many evil deeds. The game features a number of special abilities using the "Goldeneye". Decent rag doll effects as well. The single player might be short but this game has full Xbox Live features to fulfill anyone evil needs. Even though it's a direct rip off of Halo 2 the duel wielding is great fun. The games A.I is amazing. It uses a new system called E.V.I.L.

The Bad

First thing this game has NOTHING to do with Goldeneye on N64. Its a cheap effort to mooch off the success of one of the greatest FPS games ever made. Although the graphics are decent they are a step down from Everything Or Nothing. The controls are very sluggish and moving the guns around is excruciatingly slow. Any Bond fan will tell you that the plot is all over the place. For starters according to the movies ALL of the villains should be dead. Not to mention they are all from different Bond era's. The back ground of the main character is never explained which is a bummer considering the games idea was very interesting and could have gone farther with the plot.

The Bottom Line

It's decent but is a blatant cash in on Goldeneye 64. It's good enough to buy but not before the price goes down. 6/10