Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Title screen.
Inside C.J.'s house.
C.J.'s neighborhood.
Pedal bikes have been added to San Andreas.
Fun with a SWAT tank.
Gunning down hoods with ma AK.
C.J.'s stats shift based on actions performed.
Evening run.
Inside an indoor bar.
Playing the pool minigame.
Purchase new clothes for C.J.
Hit the gym and play a minigame to bulk up.
Driving through GTA's L.A.-a-like.
Hit the highways connecting San Andreas' three cities.
Welcome to fabulous Las Venturas.
Out on the Las Venturas casino strip.
Out on the desert highways.
Heading in to San Fierro.
Ride bikes to get better at, well, riding bikes.
Streets of San Fierro.